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Electric Adjustable Beds

Electric Adjustable Beds

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Electric Adjustable Beds

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  1. Electric Adjustable Beds From Beds For Everyone

  2. Electric or Adjustable Beds Come in various styles Firstly, there are deep base and shallow base. The shallow base leaves room underneath for a small amount of storage and enables the user to stand closer to the bed

  3. And Different Types Damask, Faux Leather, and different style bases and with different actions, Sizes are singles, three quarter, doubles, king-size, and super king, and unlike normal divans most ajustable beds tend to be 6ft 6inch long

  4. Different Types Of Adjustment The general standard is the 5 part frame which allows either the top half of the body or the lower parts to be lifted independently or both at once And the 3 part action which only allows the top part of the body to lift

  5. Different Materials There are all foam pocket Memory foam or Visco is a material that was developed for NASA. This type of foam slowly reacts to body pressure so helps eliminate pressure spots as the mattress forms to the shape of the user Pocket Sprung mattresses have a softer feel and also tend to be cheaper but still offer value for money

  6. Different Mattresses

  7. Different Mattresses

  8. Different Materials Cont. Latex And Remember Mattresses containing Latex are also available. Latex is a natural rubber that has a firmer feel than both Memory foam and Pocket sprung mattresses and is also at the top end of the price range A normal mattresses are not compatible With electric beds as normal mattresses are not designed to bend

  9. In Addition Add-ons are available for electric adjustable beds.

  10. In Conclusion I hope this information has been useful and I hope that if you need anymore information such as prices and availability that you will call us. Tel. 0113 2641215

  11. Thank You For Your Interest Swinnow Grange Mills Stanningley Road Leeds LS13 4NN Telephone 0113 2571385 Press Esc To Finish 126 to 128 Crossgates Road Leeds LS15 7NG Telephone 0113 2641215