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MAT Dirtbikes

MAT Dirtbikes. Tyler McCauley & Molly McCray . Company Background.

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MAT Dirtbikes

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  1. MAT Dirtbikes Tyler McCauley & Molly McCray

  2. Company Background • The three of us met in a college class and our assignment was to create a fake business. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to actually go into the business. Tyler knew a lot about dirt bikes so that was the most natural choice. Molly had the accounting skills and Andrew was good at marketing so it was a good money making idea.

  3. Titles • CEO: Tyler McCauley • CFO: Molly McCray

  4. Company Info. • We build four different types of dirt bikes. The models are the MAT 450F; MAT250; MAT Trail250; MAT Trail450 • We sell and install parts for all four different models such as suspension, exhaust, tires, wheels, and whatever else you might need. • We have a test track at our workshop and offer classes to show you how to run your new bike.

  5. Online Products and Services • You can order all the parts online as well as preview the models that we offer. • You can order a custom bike using any of the parts we sell to fit your specific needs and pick it up at the store closest to you.

  6. Storefront Operation • Open floor with all the bike models on display as well as parts hanging on all walls. We will also order whatever you need if we don’t have that product in stock. • We are based in Moab, Utah but are preparing to open our next store in Palo Alto, California.

  7. Demographics • Our customers are a wide range of people interested in racing or just in leisure riding. • We appeal to the top of the line racers because we have our own parts and can customize bikes. • We are catering to a larger population with different likes and interests. • Because we have customizable parts we have a special kind of customer who can only get our parts online. • Storefront operations are for the customers who want to see their parts or bike before they buy the product.

  8. Marketing - Online • We will have our own store app that directs the customer directly to our online products and services. • Any purchase over $300 will come with free shipping. • If you decide to order a custom bike you get a full range of accessories to pick from for free.

  9. Marketing - Storefront • Local and statewide television commercials. • Advertisements in a dirt bike magazine. • With the purchase of two tires, in the store, we will mount and balance the tires for free. • A ten punch card system saying that with every hundred dollar purchase you get a punch. With the tenth punch you get a free specialized lesson with a professional dirt biker that will come in every month.

  10. CRM System • We decided to go with Microsoft Dynamics for our CRM system. • We chose CRM over ERP because we are most concerned with how to best serve our customers. • CRM systems are also geared more for smaller businesses while ERP works better for large enterprises looking to become more efficient.

  11. Microsoft Dynamics • Microsoft Dynamics allows users to configure their places of work to meet certain roles and needs. • It also lets users compile multiple dashboards to monitor how business is going. • The online system costs $44 per user each month.

  12. Pros and Cons • Cons: Microsoft Dynamics wasn’t born in the cloud so it just added social functions recently. It is a very sophisticated system so if you don’t have the right software it can be costly. If you don’t use Microsoft for everything it can become expensive as well. • Pros: It is integrated with Microsoft Office so it has a very familiar look and feel. It also gives users an instant view of a record without changing screens. Users are able to access Microsoft Dynamics marketplace to search for downloadable applications and get in touch Microsoft partners.

  13. E-Commerce Revenue Models • 1. Sales Revenue Model - We will use the sales revenue model by selling our goods in store and online. More specific to this revenue model we will be using it online. MAT Dirtbikes can use the sales revenue model to sell our bikes, bike parts, and our extensive line of customizable items.

  14. E-Commerce Revenue Models • 2. Free/FreemiumRevenue Model - MAT Dirtbikes will be using the free/freemium revenue model to promote our store and brand name while also provoking customers to buy our product. The free/freemium product we will offer is an app that will give you tips on how to ride better. This list will be say 20 tips long and to get the premium 100 or more tips you pay a small fee.

  15. Web 2.0 Technologies • Facebook http://www.facebook.com/home.php Facebook is a good tool for connecting with people and getting your business name out. Facebook features include uploading pictures and sending notifications to our customers. By having a Facebook page our customers would be able to like our page and be notified when we are offering specials or sales. Our business plans to use Facebook as a tool to stay connected with our customers in the online world.

  16. Web 2.0 Technologies Cont. 2. PollSnack http://www.go2web20.net/site/?a=QuizSnack This technology is an online poll website. It’s features include embedding your polls into Facebook or Twitter, modifying the style or language of your poll and viewing the results of your poll in real-time. This would be a great tool for our business to get input from our customers by easily embedding a quick poll into Facebook so our online customers can tell us what they like and what they don’t like about MAT Dirtbikes.

  17. Web 2.0 Technologies Cont. 3. BrandMyMail http://www.go2web20.net/site/?a=BrandMyMail This website allows us to put our own personal information of brand name into our emails so all of the emails that our customers or producers receive from us have our brand name on it. This product is integrated with Gmail which is our primary email source. We will use this to help our business by making sure our business name is on everything and that our emails always look professional.

  18. Web 2.0 Technologies cont. 4. Beetailer http://www.beetailer.com/ Beetailer allows companies to integrate their online stores with Facebook. This way companies can display their products and Facebook users can buy, share or comment on the products. Beetailer could be useful in our company so we could show what products we offer to a greater audience and we could also get feedback on what we do well and what we need to work on.

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