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Explorers of New Spain (Texas)

Explorers of New Spain (Texas). Exploration. The act of searching or traveling to places for a purpose (resources, information, conquest, etc). Explorer: Columbus (1492). Year He Discovered the West Indies Known for West Indies/New World Why in Texas? He wasn’t!!!

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Explorers of New Spain (Texas)

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  1. Explorers of New Spain (Texas)

  2. Exploration The act of searching or traveling to places for a purpose (resources, information, conquest, etc).

  3. Explorer: Columbus (1492) Year He Discovered the West Indies Known forWest Indies/New World Why in Texas?He wasn’t!!! Impact ofFailure – he didn’t discover a fasterExpedition route to India Success – he opened up the “New World” to Europe Impact Started Spanish exploration on Texas in North America (Texas)

  4. Explorer: Cortez (1521) Year He Conquered the Aztecs Known forMexico/Aztecs Why in Texas?He wasn’t!!! BUT his purpose for exploring was to get GOLD, GLORY and GOD for Spain Impact ofSuccess - conquered the Aztecs and became Expedition the first “governor” of New Spain (Mexico) Impact Inspired others to explore more on Texas territory in North America

  5. Hernan Cortes Important Dates 1519 Arrived in Mexico 1521 Conquered the Aztecs

  6. Columbus Cortes The two explorers that we just talked about were NEVER IN TEXAS!!!! Pineda De Vaca Coronado Moscoso La Salle All of the rest of the explorers WERE in Texas at some point!!!

  7. Video – Texas’ First Explorers • Texas’ First Explorers

  8. 6 Flags of Texas1st Flag

  9. Explorer: Pineda (1519) Year TX History began (the year he mapped our coast) Known forMAP Why in Texas?The governor of Jamaica ordered Pineda to explore this new area in order to find a route to the Pacific Impact ofSuccess (he mapped the coast) ExpeditionFailure (no route to the Pacific) Impact on Texas1st to observe and map the Texas Coast

  10. Explorer: Cabeza de Vaca (1528-1536) Years he was stranded in North America Known forSHIPWRECK Why in Texas?Oops… it was an accident… shipwrecked (looking for GOLD in FL, Narvaez was killed) Impact ofFailure – no GOLD, no GLORY… but he did… Expeditionmeet the Karwankawas, Texas’ 1st explorer, 1st surgeon, 1st author with Relacion Impact on TexasTold tales of cities of gold – led to more exploration www.texasbeyondhistory.net Click on “Prehistoric” Choose “South Texas Plains” Click on “Kids Activities” Choose the “Journey with an Explorer”

  11. Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca Cabeza de Vaca met Estevanico and the two of them wandered much of Texas and the Southwest before going back to Spain.

  12. Years he explored the Great Plains Known forPANHANDLE Why in Texas?Looking for the 7 cities of GOLD Impact ofFailure – No gold, no settlements Expeditioncrossed the “Sea of Grass” (TX Panhandle) Impact on TexasTold about buffalo, villages, TX LAND in the Panhandle Explorer: Coronado (1540-1542)

  13. Cibola (Seh-bo-la) A mythical city of gold rumored to be found in the Americas Coronado (above) was looking for Cibola in Texas.

  14. Hernan de Soto Explorer: Moscoso (1542-1543) Years he was in charge of the expedition Known forEAST TX Why in Texas?Hernan de Soto was looking for GOLD, when he died, Moscoso took over and took the expedition to East TX Impact ofFailure – no goldExpedition Impact on 1st European in East TX Texas

  15. Years he was in charge of the expedition Known forNew Mexico Why in Texas?To colonize north of the Rio Grande and convert Indians to Catholicism Impact ofCruelty to Indians Expedition Impact on explored much of New Mexico Texas Explorer: Juan de Oñate (1595-1598) First European to describe the tall grass prairie.

  16. 6Flags of Texas2nd Flag

  17. Years Fort St. Louis was in Texas Known forFrench Why in Texas?He was LOST!! Looking for the Mississippi River Impact ofFort St. Louis (settlement) – claimed TX for the Expedition French for two years – murdered by his own crew Impact on Made the Spanish paranoid – the Spanish got Texas more serious about settling TX and not just exploring it Explorer: La Salle (1685-1687)

  18. La Salle’s ship La Belle

  19. Conquistadores Meaning “conqueror” Used to describe the Spanish explorers, soldiers, and adventurers, who brought the Americas under control of Spain.

  20. Horses/Mustangs “Sacred Dog” The Spanish first introduced horses to the Americas when they were exploring the “New World”. Later, Native Indians, like the Comanche, Apache, and Wichita would use the horse heavily for hunting and fighting.

  21. Catholic Church Religion of many of the Spanish explorers. After discovering the “New World” many missionaries came to convert (change) the Native Indians from their beliefs to learn about God and join the Catholic Church.

  22. The 3 Gs God – The spread of Christianity Gold – Acquire as much gold as possible Glory – To become famous and celebrated

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