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  2. Energy Resources of Cyprus “In the proposed Annan Plan, the natural resources and even the control of the creeks, that ran all year round, had been vested under the jurisdiction of the “Partnership Government”. These are the main elements that are behind the hasty itch for the accession of Turkish Cypriots to the EU, the first President of TRNC Denktas said; About a year and a half ago there was mention of the existence of rich oil and gas reserves in the south-east and the north of Cyprus between Girne and Iskenderun covering the area BETWEEN CYPRUS-SYRIA-LEBANON-ISRAEL-EGYPT. Amongst the other thing these facts were ignored and attentions were directed to other issues, Denktas said..” % 70 of the Petrol Resources

  3. Petrol Fields of Turkey

  4. Petrol exploring Areas of Turkey

  5. Geological Map of Turkey and it’s Relations to Exploration Areas

  6. Map Showing the Exploration Areas

  7. What Happened to Petrol Between TRNC and Turkey?

  8. RICH OIL FIELDS BETWEEN ISKENDERUN AND GIRNE The seismographic data’s obtained by the TPAO boat has not been evaluated until to day. It is known that 8 billion barrel of petrol exists in the waters surrounding Cyprus island. The claims of rich oil fields between Cyprus and Egypt, 50 miles out of shores and 2 miles underwater should be explored

  9. It is clear that the reason of close involvements of US and UK in the Cyprus issue, and the accession of the Greek Cypriot Administration to EU is petrol. The inclusion of Cyprus to the EU, is aiming to have the petrol reserves under the control of EU and US . In doing this they specifically focusing on; To keep Turkey out of this petrol areas To adjust their actions to the international criteria’s which already are in place in the area According to the international open seas-law, where petrol and gas exist, there should be no political problems in the area. While the current political conflict still exists in Cyprus, no explorations should be done.

  10. UK having 2 sovereign bases in the island is looking to increase its territorial waters from 2 to 12 miles, and the lack of will for a settlement was the main motive behind the unwillingness of EU and the commissioner responsible from expansion program of EU Gunter Verheugen. In reality this was the main reason behind the continued status quo , Denktas said.

  11. The involvement of the US, EU, and specifically UK’s interest in Cyprus conflict was based on Petrol. It was known by the EU member that the acceptance of the Greek Cypriots in the EU was a clear violation of the International-law yet EU opted to carry on with their decision. Petrol was the motives behind their illegal decisions. It is known that UK has bases in Akrotiri and Episkopi, and carrying out petrol explorations in the shores of those military bases. UK also considers the areas of its bases as sovereign territory, and to increase the territorial waters from 2 miles to 12 miles in order to claim share from the petrol royalties. I must ask, has UK sovereign territory in the Island and demanding to increase the territorial waters? According the UK logic one drop of oil is more important to them than a drop of blood. The real intention of the UK is to rip share from petrol.

  12. GEÇİT KALE During the years of 1960-1974 US Petrol Explorations Coy. had a oil well in the south of Gecitkale, and an oil rig in the sea of Famagusta district. After the 1974 intervention the well was closed by filling it with concrete. And the oil rig in the Famagusta sea was dismantled.

  13. US HAS NO INTEREST IN AREAS WHERE’S NO PETROL US has so much interest in the Island that sees a need to appoint a special envoy. US has no interest in areas where there’s no petrol.. But they try to hide the existence of the oil in the area. It is known that US dependence on outside petrol is 60% , but in 10 years time this amount will be 100%. Also it is known that EU imports 50% of its petrol need from outside. Petrol is a nectar for the EU and US. And Cyprus is like a boat anchored to this petrol rich Island. It is known that an American based oil company has had talks with the first President of TRNC Mr. Denktas and offered him the 50% of the oil income.

  14. THE SECRACY ON THE INSISTENCE ON KARPAS PENINSULA The hidden reason behind the proposal of Karpaz Peninsula, to be given to the Greek Cypriots in the Annan Plan, as an autonomy region, was the oil reserves between the Iskenderun and Girne. The future energy capital of the world will be Cyprus. And this is becoming an irresistible obsession for EU, US and UK. In fact the Annan Plan has been designed on the partitioning the oil fields. EU and US in partnership has prepared the Annan Plan to take the control of the oil reserves in their responsibilities. Dipkarpaz Sipahi Yenierenköy

  15. EAST MEDITERRENEAN OIL AREAS PETROL AGREEMENT WITH EGYPT There has been an agreement between Egypt and Greek Cypriot Administration on sharing the under sea petrol reserves of Mediterranean. Despite the Turkey’s protest note to Egypt in regard of the said agreement, the exploration went ahead. Countries like Israel, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon are closely monitoring the developments. GREEK CYPRIOTS DENYING, EGYPT CONFIRMING Greek Cypriot Administration is not commenting on the rich petrol areas surrounding the Island of Cyprus, even has imposed sanctions on the Greek newspapers making any reference to the presence of the petrol-agreement reached between their Administration and Egypt. On the other hand the Egyptian authorities often talking about the petrol agreement reached between Egypt and Greek Cypriot Administration.

  16. Following the meeting held on July 2002, between Egypt and Greek Cypriot Administration, the Ambassador of Egypt Omer Metwally had said; “ My government has reliable information regarding the existence of rich oil reserves in the area which lies between Cyprus, Israel, Syria and Egypt.” The representatives of Greek Cypriots, Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon had a meeting at Amman the Capital city of Jordan, in 2002, and discussed the petrol reserves issue of the region. In this meeting the Egyptian representative said that the petrol reserves around the Island of Cyprus are the richest one in the whole world. There is a huge traffic of meetings taking place between the involved countries in recent years. This new developments has been occupying the headlines of many news agencies and internet sites. Pity that the Turkish people have no idea about new developments, neither do they have information about the existence of the petrol in their country.

  17. The map drawn up by Greek Cypriot administration shows the petrol exploration area which covers the south of Cyprus. Secretly smuggled to the media PETROL G A S

  18. BECAUSE OF PETROL TRNC IS BEING IGNORED BY THE WORLD COMMUNITY Turkish Cypriots has equal rights with the Greek Cypriots on the petrol issue. Somehow they are being left out of important talks. In order to avoid the recognition of TRNC, they opt to keep them out of this new alliance. Because of this, they refuse a bi-national government in Cyprus. This is the core of their reason of their games. Turkey, instead of being careful when producing new policies for the area and particularly for Cyprus, has left the Foreign Ministry’s WEB SITE FREE FROM THE CYPRUS POLICY. No where else in the world could you find another place with strategic importance such as Cyprus. We must extract lessons from the speech made by the Greek Administrations Finance Minister, Takis Klerides in September 2002 in New York, in support of the “sea petroleum” policies.

  19. TERRITORY ARRANGEMENTS AND ANNAN PLAN There is no difference with Annan Plan and SEVR. What ever importance the SEVR has over Turkey, so has the Annan Plan for TRNC. How could the territories (soils) that has been washed with martyr’s blood could be a talking point, how could anyone contemplate giving it away? If one pay attention to the Greek Cypriots demand will be able to see that they are targeting the lands that are possessing oil.

  20. CYPRUS PETROLS IN THE MEDIA During June 2001, Under the title of Armenian, Assyrian and Hellenic Genocide there was subtitle “ Is Cyprus a petrol source of EU”. During a EU Council’s meeting the German representative Minister Rold Linkhor, stated that there has been a sanction imposed on the availability of petrol reserves in Cyprus basin. On 16th October 2001, On an Internet Web site there has been a news posting mentioning about the decision made on exploring petrol in the area covering the Cyprus, Syria, Egypt. Other than that the Speaker for the Greek Cypriot Administration Michalis Papapetrou announced that the petrol and gas exploration in the area has began in earnest.

  21. IN CASE THE WHOLE OF THE ISLAND BECOMES UNDER GREEK RULE The entire world has the knowledge that if the Island becomes under Greek domination their first move would be increasing the territorial waters from 6 miles to 12 and subsequently to 35 miles. The Greek Cypriots main objects are controlling the energy fields of the region and creation an element of threat for Turkey in the South.

  22. THE EFFECTS OF THE POSSIBLE UNIFICATION? What effect would have on our energy policies if the Greek Cypriot Administration and Turkish Cypriots TRNC re-unite and create a new territorial waters policy.? Do you know how much we will lose by letting this petrol reserves to sway away from us.? Do you know how difficult would be to secure our South coast ? IT WILL BE 13 BILLION YTL LOSS AND OUR SECURITY WILL BE UNDER CONSTANT THREAT.