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IMA CIM Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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IMA CIM Overview

IMA CIM Overview

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IMA CIM Overview

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  1. IMA CIM Overview

  2. IMA Mission “Provide a knowledge-sharing platform for business professionals where proven Internet Marketing strategies are demonstrated and shared in an effort to increase each member’s value to their organization.”

  3. Certified Internet Marketer (CIM)Review

  4. Growth in Internet Marketing

  5. Growth in Internet Marketing $77 BILLION Market by 2016 Businesses Need Expertise!

  6. Key Business Challenges Key Opportunity: Internet Marketers Earn Higher Salaries* *2011 National Salary Guide, Crandall Associates, Inc. What Internet marketing strategies do you focus on? What skill sets do you hire? Where do you find talent? How do you validate employee knowledge?

  7. What We Deliver • Internet Marketing Certification program • Successful completion earns Certified Internet Marketer • Provides education in strategies & best practices • Instructors are expert practitioners from leading companies • Six primary lesson modules • Online Learning Platform • Delivers self-paced online lesson content & testing • Cloud-based service, Five 9’s SLA, 100’s of concurrent users

  8. Program Content Six Primary Modules: Overview of Internet Marketing Online Acquisition Online Conversion Online Retention Online Analytics & Measurement Data-Driven Marketing

  9. Overview of Internet Marketing • Social media • Mobile marketing • Online analytics • Gain an overview of the business value of Internet Marketing • Learn how Internet Marketing can achieve acquisition, conversion and retention of online customers • Introduce the broad array of interactive marketing programs including: • Search marketing • Display advertising • Email marketing • Site optimization • Review the advantages and challenges as well as identify key differences between Internet marketing and traditional marketing • Present baseline understanding of the primary topics covered in more detailed examination in the other courses

  10. Online Acquisition • Designed for marketers and business people wishing to learn more about effective online acquisition strategies • Introduce effective tactics and planning for: • Search engine marketing • Search engine optimization • Display advertising • Learn key strategies that enable search engine marketing to be one of the most cost-effective acquisition methods • Understand the online ad landscape and how to integrate display campaigns into overall Internet strategy • Learn the advantages and disadvantages of various online acquisition programs • Explore emerging platforms such as social media display, mobile, and digital outdoor

  11. OnlineConversion • Provides an overview of methods, technologies and strategies for improving the performance of website conversions and other online properties • Examine how effective site optimization and personalization programs improve the relevance of content and offers for customers & prospects • Review how these programs result in increased online conversions and engagement • Address common obstacles to optimizing conversion & techniques to avoid them • Introduces the primary components of an effective online conversion program including: • A/B and multivariate testing • Audience segmentation • Experience personalization • Content targeting • Recommendations • Review methods that yield positive returns for businesses, create relevant experiences for end users

  12. Online Retention • Provides an overview of methods, technologies and strategies for leveraging online marketing capabilities to improve customer retention • Evaluate how businesses retain customers with online programs such as: • Email marketing • Online surveys • Retargeting • User generated content (ratings/reviews) • Describe benefits & challenges of online retention programs and the ROI impact across direct marketing channels • Explain key differences in retention programs and strategies in determining priorities

  13. Online Analytics & Measurement • Mobile applications • Online video • Introduce students to online analytics and measurement principles • Fully understand how to measure the performance of: • Websites • Social media campaigns • Learn how online analytics can effectively: • Identify the most profitable paths through a Web site • Determine where visitors are navigating away from a site • Assess the critical metrics to achieving successful online marketing campaigns • Address the techniques and best practices for: • Measuring and interpreting data • Developing analysis and effective reporting • Segmenting visitor information for improved experiences • Identifying the key performance indicators which can drive proven business ROI

  14. Data-Driven Marketing • Overview of how to create a culture and decision-making practices driven by data • Review key strategies and techniques for data-driven marketing that yields business performance improvements • Provide insight in determining the most effective programs for marketing investments returning the highest ROI • Measure the effects of various marketing campaigns to drive customer acquisition, increase conversion, and improve retention • Understand how to develop closed-loop marketing programs to deliver maximum efficiency of marketing spend