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  2. Essential terms: A web hosting service is a type of internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their own website accessible via the World Wide Web. A domain name identifies a website (i.e., HTML stands for "Hyper-Text Markup Language.“ This is the language that is used to write web pages. When you upload, you are sending a file from your computer to another system (in this case, storing it on your website). Not even close!

  3. Search and compare to find the web hosting service that’s right for you

  4. Some questions to • ask yourself when • considering a site: • What are the terms? • What does it cost? • Are there ads? • Is the usage of HTML mandatory or optional? • How much file storage space is there? • What is the maximum file size that I can upload? • Do I want a transferrable domain name?

  5. This is BPRO’s • web hosting • service. • BPRO’s domain • name is • HTML is optional • Larger file storage and upload capacity • Must pay

  6. EarthLink’s TrellixSite Builder does (most of) the work for you

  7. BPRO PD 11 and BPRO PD 16-17 both use this web hosting service. • It’s FREE • HTML is required • Less file storage & upload capacity • No transferrable domain name

  8. OrgSitesusers do all the work themselves Example of HTML entry What your site’s visitor sees

  9. OrgSites provides its users with a quick reference list of the most common HTML codes and handy links to external HTML resources

  10. Most hosting sites will accommodate .htm files created using Microsoft Word

  11. They provide users with the ability to manage their web pages …

  12. … and to store files …

  13. … and graphics …

  14. … plus they offer other useful features

  15. It’s not difficult to build a basic website using HTML. Like any language, HTML can get complicated… but you don’t have to go there! You can say that I’m a “septuagenarian” Or I can just say that you’re a “seventy-something” instead…

  16. And even if you choose a site that doesn’t require HTML, you can use it to jazz things up a bit

  17. You might just want a scrolling marquee… or a dropdown menu… or to insert a special feature provided by another website. Web templates such as EarthLink’s don’t provide you with these feature options. You must use HTML. And none of these enhancements are difficult.

  18. The marquee, for example: The HTML Code: <font color="#FFFFFF"><marquee bgcolor="#0101df" direction="left" loop="40" width="100%">See Conferences page for Fall 2011 conference information! ......... Check out our new Forum and "Like" us on Facebook! ......... Join BPRO or renew your membership now!</marquee></font> To add this, I googled “html code for scrolling marquee”, found an example of the code, copied and pasted it to the website, and then personalized the colors and text. Not hard to do at all!

  19. Once you’ve chosen a web host and created an account, it’s time to start building (from this point on, let’s assume you’re using an HTML-only site)

  20. Decide what kinds of information you want to display on your Homepage and enter the text. You can dress things up later on as you become more accustomed to working in an HTML format.

  21. [Discussion of HTML code list]

  22. HTML entry: This is my first attempt.<br/>So far, so good. Displays as: This is my first attempt. So far, so good.

  23. HTML entry: This is my <b><i>first</i></b> attempt.<br/>So far, so good. Displays as: This is my first attempt. So far, so good.

  24. HTML entry: <font color=“0000FF”>This is my <b><i>first</i></b> attempt. So far, so good.</font> Displays as: This is my first attempt. So far, so good.

  25. A few of our friends <br/> Helps with horizontal alignment DFASDFSDF[i.e., when text to the side of a picture is a little higher than the picture itself] Table Helps with horizontal display Simple table without borders: <table> Begin table <tr> table row <td> table data [insert html text or picture link here] </td> end table data <td> table data [insert html text or picture link here] </td> end table data </tr> end table row </table> end table Internet Helpful for finding html code to copy, paste Search and adapt for our needs [i.e., Google]

  26. Another valuable friend is “View+ Source”, which enables us to see a web page’s HTML.

  27. “View + Source” was used to view the HTML on PD 11’s homepage. The page includes a simple table containing images. Each image is a link; each image also displays the agency’s telephone number instead of its file name.

  28. Best advice: • Try it • Look at the result • Make any necessary adjustments • Always remember that we learn by trial and error and that perseverance pays off!

  29. IN SUMMARY: Weigh the pros and cons, select a web hosting service, and proceed to unleash your creativity upon the world!

  30. Fall Conference 2011 Roanoke, Virginia Presenter: (434) 455-5645 Glenn Custer