we r the company who will protect your family n.
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Deep Cleaning Services Dubai PowerPoint Presentation
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Deep Cleaning Services Dubai

Deep Cleaning Services Dubai

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Deep Cleaning Services Dubai

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  1. We’r the company who will protect your family,home and business Elite Xpress Cleaning and pest control services is a certified and licensed company which offers a comprehensive range of pest management services in Dubai and quality products to residential, commercial and industrial clients. The main objective of the organization is to provide a reliable and affordable Pest Control in Dubai and offer cleaning services for residence as well as business owners. About us Elite Xpress is a Cleaning & Pest control company providing professional pest elimination and cleaning management programmes across United Arab Emirates. We recognize the importance of quality service and trust. Whether your need is that of a commercial, industrial, property management, healthcare, food establishment or home, Elite Xpress provides specialized pest control and cleaning solutions to a variety of markets. And our services are available 24 hour a day 7 days a week. EliteXpress pest control service has declared war against pests, pest harborage, and diseases caused by it. With our services, you can control, manage and eliminate pest problems at your home and workplace. The whole process is divided into four steps step one inspection this includes inspecting your property and local area that is likely to hold water for more than four days such as rain barrels old tires clogged gutters etc. To reduce breeding grounds the next step is reducing the breeding sites for pests the team will help you identify breeding sites and eliminate them they will also create drainages in the areas that collect standing water for a long time. step 3 control once the pests are eliminated the next step in the process is control the technician will strategically place the product to eliminate the standing water the products are not harmful to aquatic animals and human beings.

  2. Services Pest Control RESIDENTAL PEST CONTROL SERVICES IN DUBAI AND ABU DHABI: Dubai’s harsh desert environment is an ideal environment for many unwanted home invaders including desert scorpions, a variety of ant species, pack rats and many other unwanted desert invaders. EliteXpress can provide a pest management program to repel those unwanted past. Our goal is to provide a pest free environment for your family and to that end we have developed a powerful approach which provides maximum control with minimal material usage in your living space eliminating pests outside before they become a problem. Our licensed technician will start by treating pest harborages, treating areas where pets live, direct application to wall mounts and other evidence of activity targeting pests harbourage areas and trailing areas that pests frequent. Our technician will then apply a chemical barrier around the exterior of the home, the technician will concentrate on areas pests can potentially enter into the house like entryways, windows, garages and structural gaps. High Rise Façade / Glass Cleaning. Facade and Glass Cleaning is a daunting task which needs years of experience and professionalism to execute to perfection. Our licensed technicians and cleaners along with the correct equipment get the job done everytime. No matter how high the glass or facade we can get there to clean it sopt free. A/C Duct Cleaning & Sanitization. When our licensed personnel comes to your home to perform a duct cleaning our technicians arrive at your house with our vans in a trailer in the back of the trailer is a compressor that will be used to clean the docs throughout your home we unload our portable help of Acts system and begin to connect it to the main trunk line of your doc system. Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning. EliteXpressCleaning takes pride in giving you the best hood cleaning serviceavailable. Our service technicians are trained in the latest grease removal and hood cleaning techniques to ensure that your kitchen exhaust system is as grease free as possible from roof-top to cook-top. We make sure that you are getting the best kitchen exhaust cleaning / hood cleaning services that you deserve.We have the experienced staff to do the cleaning the right way and to ensure compliance. Contact Us Address:-12 Alltihad Street, Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates Phone :- +97142287778 |