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Your Day-to-Day Business Bookkeeping Solution PowerPoint Presentation
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Your Day-to-Day Business Bookkeeping Solution

Your Day-to-Day Business Bookkeeping Solution

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Your Day-to-Day Business Bookkeeping Solution

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  1. CBS Your Day-to-Day Business Bookkeeping Solution Presented by: James M. Sworzyn, CPA, P.C. Click to Continue

  2. CBS is a full featured bookkeeping system equipped with everything you need to accomplish your daily bookkeeping tasks – and does not burden you with unnecessary, overly complex accounting functions. Click to Continue

  3. An easy to use, cost effective solution, designed to work with you and with the software we use in our firm. Generate and record checks quickly and automatically Monitor account balances any time Produce valuable management reports CBS Modules CBS CheckWriter CBS PayCheck CBS Accounts Payable CBS Accounts Receivable Click to Continue

  4. CBS is ideal software because it is: • Customized- We tailor CBS to serve your precise business needs. • Easy to Use- To handle your day-to-day bookkeeping needs effortlessly. • Integrated– Designed to enhance the partnership between our firm and your business. • Supported - You rely on our firm as your technical partner. Click to Continue

  5. CBSisCustomizedto your business needs • We determine the CBS modules that best suit your accounting needs and your capabilities and add new modules as your needs change. • We set up your chart of accounts and vendor accounts with account numbers. • We tailor data entry with dropdown menus for common, recurring data you use frequently to save you time. Click to Continue

  6. CBSis integrated - designed to enhance the relationship between our firm and your business. • CBS works with the software we use in our firm. We customize it to serve your firm’s needs best. You get everything you need – and nothing you don’t. • Your transaction data flows directly into our software – there’s no possibility of transcription errors or loss of data. • If you run into a question or a problem, you call us – not a faceless 800 number. • We update CBS to grow as your business needs grow – it’s truly designed to grow with you. • We both work together to gain a more accurate and thorough understanding of your business picture. Click to Continue

  7. CBSis Easy to Use– You’re producing checks in no time! • Print professional-looking checks in one step. • Access checking account balances instantly, any time. • Produce custom management reports in a few keystrokes. • When you have a question for us, simply attach an electronic note. Click to Continue

  8. CBSisSupported– our firm is your technical partner • We install your system, customize it to work best for you, and help you get started using it. • We review your data before processing it, to ensure accuracy and consistency, with your business plans in mind. • We provide technical support whenever you need it. Click to Continue

  9. CBS/ASP– Using the Internet for Ultimate Convenience… • With CBS/ASP, access your CBS software via your private portal on our website 24/7 from any location. • We can access your transaction data for processing at any time. No data transfer is necessary. • We set up, upgrade and troubleshoot your software online – justlet us know and we can begin helping immediately. • Software updates are automatic and instant – you’re always using the most up-to-date version of the software. Click to Continue

  10. HowCBSWorks • We determine the CBS modules and capabilities that will serve you best, and set up your system accordingly. • You enter transaction data, and send data to us at the end of the processing period. We review your data and notes, answer your questions, make necessary adjustments, and produce financial statements and reports. Click to Continue

  11. You write checks, recorddaily transactions. You attach electronicnotes with questions. We prepare financial statements, provide analysis and advice. Your Business Send transaction data to our firm viaemail, diskette, orthe Internet. Our Firm Wereview transactions,answer questions. Your data transfers directly to our system – no transcription errors. Click to Continue

  12. CBSSpecial Features Electronic Note – for questions or issues for your accountant Management Reports – use these reports to: Make informed decisions Monitor checkbook balances Keep track of cash flow • Online Help Searchable PDF user guides Step-by-step procedures to help you perform specific tasks Click to Continue

  13. CBSCheckWriter The basic module for CBS: Automates check writing and monitors checking account balances. Record all account activity quickly and easily, including bank deposits, debits, credits and transfers. Maintain running balances. Choose from 14 different cash flow management reports. Print checks individually or in batches with or without reports. View multiple checking accounts at one time while working. Add information on-the-fly during data entry for new accounts, employees and vendors. Much more! Click to Continue

  14. Using CheckWriter, you can also: Choose from predefined check layouts or customize your own. Print one or multiple checks instantly. Include MICR encoding, firm logos, and signatures on your checks. Review all amounts onscreen before printing your check. Use the online check register to quickly recall any transaction. List vendors as payees to quickly produce checks. Click to Continue

  15. CBS - CheckWriter Checkbook Click to Continue

  16. CBSPayCheck – Quick and easy payroll processing – With CBS PayCheck you can: Print checks directly from the data entry window. Customize checks to accommodate employees who want to withhold amounts at higher rates. Review all calculated amounts onscreen before printing your check. Update benefit accruals on-the-fly. Click to Continue

  17. CBS PayCheck- Update Benefit Accruals Click to Continue

  18. WithCBSPayCheck you can also: Define deduction items based on the total number of hours worked. Set up templates of default information to facilitate setting up new employees. Find specific transactions or view all transactions through the onscreen context list. Produce 11 different payroll reports. Forward time-sensitive payroll information to your accountant instantly. Much more! Click to Continue

  19. CBSAccounts Payable Manage cash flow more effectively with an ongoing and complete picture of your payables. With CBS Accounts Payable you can: Automate your accounts payable system to minimize data re-entry to save time Maintain a complete record of current open balances, including what’s been paid and what’s owed. • Automatically track payroll liabilities (when using CBS Accounts Payable with CBS PayCheck). Designate fixed expenses as recurring payables for automatic notification of payment dates. Click to Continue

  20. CBS Accounts Payable– Payable Distributions Data Entry Click to Continue

  21. CBSAccounts Payable also allows you to: Record payables, track cash requirements, and produce aging reports. Handle vendor-issued credit memos. Accommodate handwritten checks and cash payments after-the-fact. Override pre-calculated information at any time to accommodate special circumstances, such as a change in discount amount. Choose from 6 cash flow management reports Much more! Click to Continue

  22. CBSAccounts Receivable Automate your invoicing and statement processes to ensure more timely collections with CBS Accounts Receivable. With CBS Accounts Receivable, you can: • Edit transaction records and account information, remove customer payments as needed, and enter invoices and cash receipts after-the-fact to maintain accurate accounting of all sales activity. Automate your receivables to reduce repetitive tasks and reduce work hours. Enter pending transactions for review before accepting the data as “final.” Produce up to 12 management reports, including aging schedule, customer ledger, and transactions list. Click to Continue

  23. CBS Accounts Receivable– Receivable Data Entry Window Click to Continue

  24. CBS–The ideal, easy to use, day-to-day bookkeeping software for you… Helps you organize and manage bookkeeping information easily Saves you time and enhances productivity • Offers advanced Internet options for maximum efficiency • Is custom designed and supported by us, your accounting firm and technical partner Click to Continue

  25. CBS Manages Your Bookkeeping So you Have More Time to Manage Your Business. Click to End