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Learning From, Learning Through and Learning With Technology PowerPoint Presentation
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Learning From, Learning Through and Learning With Technology

Learning From, Learning Through and Learning With Technology

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Learning From, Learning Through and Learning With Technology

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  1. Learning From, Learning Through and Learning With Technology Presented by: Audrey NG, Neil Cornett and Amy Wright

  2. Agenda Digital Education Technology How technology can be used as a mind tool in support of learning in Grade 7 History Grade 7 French Immersion Topic to study (choices given) Research phase Field Trip (virtual) Blog / Scrapblog (Collaboration) Oral presentation (digital slideshows, display boards, etc)

  3. Digital Education Technology VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) classed software Has voice + video capabilities Founded in 2003 (Luxembourg) Intra-Skype communication is free Connecting to landline or other device costs money Well over a half billion registered users worldwide May 10, 2011, Microsoft acquired Skype for $8.5B

  4. Critical Examination of Skype Advantages Convenient (weather, geographic location etc.) Cost Effective Can facilitate different student choices Disadvantages Uncertainty around future of Skype Training required for curator

  5. Skype as Mind Tool Grade 7 History (French Immersion) Description of Assignment Research Phase (1 week) Field Trip (1 day) Discussion (blog/scrapblog) (2days) Presentation (20 minutes/group)

  6. Internet Research Phase Choice of Personalities 1.    Isaac Brock (major general) 2.    Tecumseh ( Shawnee chief) 3.    Laura Secord ( private individual) 4.    Charles-Michel de Salaberry ( militia organizer) 5.    Henry Proctor (general) 6.    John By (lieutenant-colonel) Research Questions Laura Secord as a person Importance of her role in battle of 1812 Associations with her name today

  7. Virtual Tour via Skype Interaction with Curator Field Trip Phase

  8. Blog / Scrapblog Comment on experience Share ideas Address questions Discussion Discussion Phase

  9. Discussion - Blog Questions • Laura Secord • If her husband was not hurt, do you think Laura Secord would have been the hero she is? Why? • How did her actions (making a detour and walking 20 km for 20 hours so as not to get caught) lead to the winning of the battle? •  Why do you think it took many years (1860) for her to be recognized as a hero? What does that say about the role of women in society in those days?

  10. Discussion - Blog Questions • Tecumseh • During the American revolution, many Shawnee villages were destroyed by the Americans. Tecumseh realized that the natives had to unite to survive. How important was that decision? • Do you think the Shawnee people made the right choice to be the allies of the British? Why? • What do you think would have been the outcome of the battle if Tecumseh had not died?

  11. Presentation Phase Presentation Options: Digital Slideshows Display Boards Posters

  12. Discussion Question This presentation has suggested that Skype can be used as a mind tool to help students learn by bringing a field trip in the classroom. What are other ways in which Skype might be used as a valuable educational tool?

  13. References Bain, C.M. , DesRivieres, D. (2007). Canadian History 7. Pearson Education Centre. Toronto, Canada. Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum. Retrieved on May 20,2011 from website: