underh llnings resa f r stora som sm n.
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Underhållnings resa för stora som små PowerPoint Presentation
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Underhållnings resa för stora som små

Underhållnings resa för stora som små

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Underhållnings resa för stora som små

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  1. Underhållnings resa för stora som små Paketresa från SEK 1540 (per person) Familjpaket från SEK2598 (2 vuxna +2 barn) I paket ingår: Hotell 2 nätter med frukost (finns möjlighet till en natt) Lunch på Lido restaurang Äventyrsbadet Transfer i Riga Största äventyrsbadet i norra Europa Transferupplysning AirBaltic från 1300 sek t/r Ryanair från 300 sek t/r Rigasealine från 600 sek t/r

  2. Äventyrsbadet Största i norra Europa Zone 1Tropical Forest Zone 2Captain Kids Land Zone 3Paradise Beach Zone 4For pleasure and contrast seekers – Shark Attack Zone

  3. Underhållning för vuxna • Zone 1Tropical ForestThe Tropical Forest aquapark zone is most appropriate for youths. Located here are four pools, slides into the Silver mines and Duke Jacob’s bridge, which leads to the adjoining Captain Kid Land.  Tropical Forest houses the Tornado lāsēns, which is the world’s third largest and the only one of its kind in Europe.

  4. Barnland • Zone 2Captain Kids LandCaptain Kids Land is the zone meant for the very smallest aquapark visitors.  Its centrepiece is an authentic pirate ship replica with water cannons.  This zone also houses the Lemon, Banana and Rope bridges, Bird rock and Monte Cristo grotto.  But its largest attraction is the Orinoco River and summer beach.

  5. Bassäng med vågor • Zone 3Paradise BeachThe third aquapark zone, Paradise Beach, is meant for those who favour ocean waves and recreation at the coast.  Almost the entire Paradise Beach territory is taken up by the Caribbean wave pool.  The artificial wave generating system can create waves up to 1.5m high.  This zone also houses a lighthouse from where you can survey the entire aquapark territory.  In the Cambazola bar you can also savour various snacks and cheese varieties.

  6. One Margueritta you can order without getting out of the swimming pool.Afterwards enjoy the pleasure of finnish, turkish and russian sauna, relax in jakuzi, water masage bed or burble pool. And on the top of it all you can swim in a warm pool under blue sky even if it is winter outside.

  7. Dyka 3,8 meter djupt The crazy ones own the worldHell of a sprint.Height -22m, slow down route – 25m, lenght – only 83 m, speed – 60 km/h!!! No comments.

  8. Rutschbanor Black holes can be found not only in the space.In the pipe Go Arabika there is no sunshine at all during the whole year only lightings and thunder. Are you afraid to go alone? Go together with a friend. Tornado Lasens is the only attraction in Europe and the third biggest in the world.

  9. Lifegards • There are 33 lifeguards in aqua park. At the same time 16 are always on duties and 14 on special locations near by slides. Most important is Tower, from where all lifeguards are controlled by video system. At the Tower is monitor with pictures from almost all Aqua Park. Every one of lifeguards has hand radio and whistle, what makes easy to work and contact in different situations. Our lifeguards are not only professionals in saving on water and first aid, but also competent to give all information about Aqua park. You will feel save in our Aqua Park!  

  10. Lido restaurang passar till alla ålder Menu

  11. Zinatnes Hotell • Hotell har 67 rum • Alla rum har wc, badrum, balkong telefon och TV • Hotellet ligger 500 meter till sjö • 2 km. till äventyrsbadet