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FLIPPING YOUR CLASSROOM. Flagler County Schools Tech Expo June 12, 2012. What is Flipping The Classroom?. Why should I flip my classroom?. 1.  Flipping your classroom makes differentiating instruction easier.

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  1. FLIPPING YOUR CLASSROOM Flagler County Schools Tech Expo June 12, 2012

  2. What is Flipping The Classroom?

  3. Why should I flip my classroom? 1.  Flipping your classroom makes differentiating instruction easier. 2. Flipping your classroom can help you gain valuable instructional hours better spent helping students apply and demonstrate knowledge, and practice skills correctly with your assistance. 3. Flipping your classroom can allow you to ensure that all students, regardless of Internet access at home, can practice using 21st Century skills and technology in the classroom to interact with concepts, rather than listening to lectures. 4. Flipping your classroom with videos and vodcasts can help students with learning problems, especially reading difficulties, access the curriculum at home, at their own pace. 5. Flipping your classroom solves the problem of student and parent confusion with homework concepts and students do not waste time practicing concepts incorrectly, but have the opportunity for guided practice with the teacher. 6. Students who are absent do not miss out on important information.

  4. Benefits Expected Unexpected • More class time for skill application with rigorous activities • Students could work at own pace and watch video multiple times if needed • Students would have unlimited access to videos to review before quizzes, tests and breakout sessions • Parents can view videos and help students at home • Absent students never miss instruction

  5. Problems Expected Unexpected • Students without internet connection or computers • Solution – teachers can put videos on DVDs or flash drives • Many students complained that they couldn’t do “homework” in the car anymore because they needed to be around their computer

  6. How do I create the videos that my students will watch? • ConnecOpen the PowerPoint or Keynote presentation you wish to create a video with. • t your interwrite pad or open your interwrite software and use a mouse to annotate over slide show when you need to • Open Quick time, go to file and select new screen recording. • When ready click the red record button and then quickly select the slide show icon at the bottom of the page. Quick time is now recording your voice and interwrite annotations. • When finished, click the stop recording button at the top of your page, or click the command and “Q” key together. • In Quick Time, go to the file menu and save and name your recording. • Upload to your website

  7. How do I create DVDs of my lessons for students without computers or internet connection? • Save video to desktop • Open iDVD • Choose New project • Name & Save Your project; click create • Choose a Theme from the options on the right menu • Drag your video or videos from your desktop into the workspace (When you see the green plus sign you know it is correct) • Rename the Title and any subtitles • Add pictures or icons into the rotating drop zone • Insert DVD • When ready to burn DVD, click the gray pinwheel at the bottom right of the page

  8. FAQs and hints that allowed flipping to work for me. • How do I make sure that my students are really watching the videos as homework? • Create guided notes that students have to complete while watching video • Give a quick 3-5 question quiz the class period after a video is assigned to watch • What if the students don’t watch the video? • I have 3 classroom computers that I make the students put on a set of headphones and watch video instead of doing to activity which they learn very quickly that they would rather do the peer activity

  9. FAQs and hints that allowed flipping to work for me. • What if a student doesn’t have computer or internet connection • Create DVD to loan to students • What about re-teaching a concept or if students didn’t understand? • In my guided notes I create sections that I call “Your Turn”, in my videos I tell the students to complete the “Your Turn” questions on their own and we will go over those in class the next day. I use the “Your turn” questions to re-teach the concept.

  10. FAQs and hints that allowed flipping to work for me. • Can I just use videos that I find on the internet? • Certainly you can, however I have found that using outsourced lectures does not change how my class is taught. On the other hand, if I create my own videos several important things occur between me and my students. • Trust – with students • Accountability – with students, parents & administration • Teacher Empowerment

  11. A Deeper Look – Resources for Flipping Your Classroom • http://www.flippedclassroom.com/ • Create your own whiteboard videos and courses with WizIQ for free. • Educational Vodcasting sites and networks can assist you with flipping your classroom. • www.youtube.com

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