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All about us and American girl dolls PowerPoint Presentation
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All about us and American girl dolls

All about us and American girl dolls

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All about us and American girl dolls

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  1. All about us and American girl dolls Descriptions of all of Peacegirlstrio3’s items

  2. Hair • All American girl dolls have unique hair made from horse hair, so we will treat it VERY carefully. • An American girl doll’s hair can be difficult to manage, so we will use ONLY a wig wire brush, and will squirt your doll’s hair with lightly water • We can do pretty much any hairstyle on your doll that you desire, so come visit our boutique today!

  3. Electronics • In our boutique we have many electronics for your doll! • We have cell phones, iPads, kindles, nook colors, and much more! • Most of the electronics we have to offer can be customized in any color or design you would like. • Our prices range from twenty-five cents to fifty cents.

  4. Doll Clothing • We might be introducing clothing to our boutique, but we aren’t sure yet. • If we do add clothing, it will all be hand-made, so it might be expensive. • Every time you add a new piece to the outfit, the price will go up by five dollars. • Also, we can do custom orders, so if you draw us a picture, we can make it! • For example, if you have a t-shirt and you want to add pants, your price will be ten dollars. However, if you have a dress in mind, it will be twenty dollars because they are a little difficult to make.

  5. Clay animals • We can make any clay animal you desire for yourself, or your doll. • Be sure to check our options of clay animals! • On holidays or special occasions, we will have a special limited time pet!

  6. Drawstring bags • At our shop, we over a bag much like a gym clothing bag for your doll to carry around. • We can do it in any color you want, and we can put any design on it that you want! • They are priced a $4.50 a piece because the materials are expensive.

  7. Ear piercing • At our boutique, we offer ear piercing for your doll! • It is one-third of the cost of ear piercing currently available from American Girl. • We take our pens and simply make a mark on your doll’s ear of where the earring should go in. Then we take our “machine” and pierce your doll’s ear, and then we insert the earrings. • At Peacegirlstrio3, we would prefer that you bring earrings for your doll, although we will be happy to help if you don’t have any.

  8. Special offers • Sometimes, we have special offers on our shop page, so be sure to check our wiki frequently! • Also, with every purchase ten dollars and over, we will give you a free exclusive item of your choice. All of our exclusive items are listed at the bottom of our shop page.

  9. Jewelry and jewelry boxes • At our shop we offer a huge variety of jewelry from bracelets to necklaces you name it! • We also offer customized jewelry boxes to keep the jewelry in! • We can make both in any color you want, and spell your doll’s name out if you desire!

  10. Food • We make can make pretty much any food you want for your doll! • From breakfast to dessert, you name it! • Depending on the food, sometimes it will take a while to make so please allow a few days before you get your food.

  11. Beauty packages • We offer a wide range of wonderful makeovers, spa treatment, Mani Pedi's, and washing the exposed skin of your doll’s face. • Makeovers include ear piercing, hairstyling, and washing the exposed skin of your doll. • Spa treatment is a Mani Pedi and washing the exposed skin of your doll.

  12. Bottle cap magnets • We use a crafting bottle cap and place a picture of your choice inside of it! • After that, we attach the magnet to the back of it. • Like doll food, please allow a few days before you get your bottle cap.

  13. Thank you! *****Please note that half of our proceeds are donated to the humane society*****