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Representation Study

Representation Study

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Representation Study

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  1. Representation Study How different Artists are shown.

  2. MCR / Gerrard Way • Soldier uniform, Looks tough/forceful. • Lines across chest make it look like a ribcage, Skeleton resemblance. • Skin is made very pale, around some of the eyes they look dead. • The group is tightly formed together, represents either power or friendship. • Gerrard Way is wearing black gloves,

  3. MCR/Gerrard Way Cont. • Black suit anmd a Red tie. It makes the group look like they’ve returned form a funeral. • Black eye make up and pale skin makes the band look like they WERE the ones that the funeral was for. • The only colour in the actual photo is the red on the ties and the scarf, can make it look like a bloody noose. • Person to the left of Gerrard has a skeleton glove. • “My Chemical Romance” Is written in a hasty/scratchy font. Looks like a sketch almost. Like as if it’s part of a notebook. • Person with the Skeleton soldier uniform is marching underneath the title, almost as if the soldier Is complying with the title.

  4. MCR/Gerrard Way Cont. • Big image of spider looks gothic. • The centre of the spider is in front of the sun, making the abdomen emit this big glow over what appears to be a desert. • “Fabulous Killjoys” and the pink text of “Danger Days” makes the cover appear very flamboyant and outgoing. • Desert scene, appears barren with sand and a hill. Makes the atmosphere appear lonely and harsh. • There’s nobody in the image itself, it makes the background appear to be even more barren, it allows the atmosphere to be more apparent.

  5. Hollywood Undead • From left to right: -J Dog is wearing a gasmask, and his eyes look like they’re burning, Gives him the look of an arsonist. -Danny has a gold mask with the Holy cross on over the eye, can symbolise holiness. -Kruzz has a two-face mask, symbolising menace with one side and agony with the other. -Funny man ironically has a mask which makes him look miserable. -Johnny 3 tears has a giant blue three coming out of his eye, in the tear look. It joins with the tail of the bird on the opposite side of his face. -And Charlie Scene looks like he has gone through no effort at all and is just wearing sunglasses and a hat. • Bird is carrying a grenade. This can symbolise: • -War • -Rebellion • -Violence • Bird is before Palm Trees = California

  6. Hollywood Undead Cont. • Bland red background. The scarring on the red paint makes it look like the front cover of a book. This goes with the “Notes from the Underground” moftif. • Eagle holding a grenade may represent patriotism but almost like that patriotism can hurt others?