sheikh fisal s museum n.
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Sheikh fisal’s museum PowerPoint Presentation
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Sheikh fisal’s museum

Sheikh fisal’s museum

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Sheikh fisal’s museum

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  1. Sheikh fisal’s museum By: Acacia Nikiel ;-D

  2. Beginning the day • 5c and 5d went to Sheikh Fisals museum on the 21st on Thursday on october at 8:30am by bus, Because our U.O.I unit is about the past and that’s why were here to learn more about the past ! I hope sorry I know itll be amazing!

  3. Arriving • First Mrs. Duncan talked to us about the museum on our carpet in our classroom. Then we got on the bus with our snacks!{so we wouldn’t make a mess in the museum} Eventually we arrived at the museum!! We started to look around but it’s a huge place so some of us got lost { me Kira, Regina, Laura were some of them} but we found our way again! There was so many things to see { I brought my camera and I was kind of taking too many pictures} (but hey there can never be too many pictures)

  4. choosing • Then Mrs. Lindstrom talked to us about our favorite things in the museum but how can I choose three things in the WHOLE museum! When we were walking back suddenly two guys pulled out water for us to see I took a picture about every five seconds . They pulled out water from the deepest well. Then two girls came and brought us to the fossil room .

  5. pictures • There were some rooms that were SPOOKY because some kids said there were ghost S-:! In one room there were mannequins that filled the room. Some people said they moved. I had to choose three objects in the whole museum so I chose the ocean things the keys and the well and this is how I found them…..

  6. The well • When we were walking there were two wells I chose them and a took lots of pictures of them. They were beige brown with some wood at the end

  7. The ocean things • Next we were walking through the water ocean and sea area and I spotted beautiful sealike objects and I love the sea so I had to choose them

  8. The keys • Me and Kira were walking through a part of the museum and we saw a bunch of keys they reminded me of alice in wonderland

  9. The well

  10. The ocean things

  11. The keys

  12. The end • That’s the end of my power point • THE END