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  1. Privatize Molly Rooney

  2. Opening Sequence • Typing slide one: “we all use it…” • Move cursor back to before “use” hit the space bar two times and have “Ab” appear to make it “abuse” • Write out slide three: “A CMC Production directed by Molly Rooney” • Image of Fabebook logo with light going across it • Typing slide four: “What happens when future employers see this…” • 1 second clips of inappropriate Facebook pictures being shown big then thrown down like cars into a bunch of small pictures • Have the collage of all the photos shatter • Write our slide five: “Privatize.” • This sequence runs from 0:00 - 1:04

  3. Introduction/ Inciting Incident • Scene 1: Video of me at my computer browsing on Facebook, pan video around me and zoom into screen shot of Facebook • “This story is about people like me who are about to enter the real world in just a matter of time. Many of us have had Facebook pages for years and have not been conscious about the content we post on our profiles. This documentary is about my realization that there can be many consequences about what is posted on Facebook and once it is posted, we cannot escape it…” • 1:04 – 1:26

  4. Introduction • Facts, statistics, and chartsabout Facebook users • Throw out rapid information and have the facts pile up on the screen • After 1 year of facebook there were 5.5 million users… as of Feb 2012 there are 845 million (Benphoster) • Pie graph from on age demographics on Facebook • 1:26- 1:56

  5. Act 1: Autoethnography • Scene 2: Video of the computer screen and me navigating around my Facebook Page • I never really partied until Sophomore year of college when I stopped playing varsity softball (click on picture of me playing softball) and became single after a 3 year relationship (click on picture of me and my boyfriend). Originally, I just had Facebook to keep in touch with friends from home (click on picture of friends from home), but I soon was using it as a way to try to make my ex-boyfriend jealous (click on picture of me with other guys). My Facebook page changed dramatically from when I was in a relationship to when I was single. I even remember making my profile pictures to try and make him jealous, either with a bunch of other guys (show picture from fox day of me with 5 guys) or with guys he had met when visiting and not particularly liked (Show picture of me and Rob) or of me partying and having fun (Picture from white party). I eventually got over trying to make him jealous, but I continued to post picture of partying all through college (Show pictures of parties). I love posting funny pictures and seeing peoples response (Show Gasparilla photo with 30 likes and fox day photo with 27 likes) I have never really thought about future employers looking at my page because I made my page private when I first started using Facebook, but now I realize that may not be enough. (Show privacy settings) • 1:56- 2:56

  6. Act 2: Why Girls Use it/What they post • Scene 1: Why do “we” use Facebook? • Show graph of how many females in the US use Facebook • Quote from Samantha Rosen- “It’s a good way to keep in touch with people. There are definitely people that I would never be able to keep in touch with without Facebook. Like my ex… he lives in Australia and I would never talk to him otherwise” • Show pictures of a Facebook IM with her and her boyfriend “Hey, how are you I miss you?” “I’m great, the surf has been unreal.. How’s school going?” • Quote from Samantha Rosen- “Facebook is also a great place to post photos. It’s like a digital scrapbook of all your memories. I love that I can look back on my four years of college through Facebook pictures • Show pictures of Sam with friends from college • 2:56- 3:36

  7. Act 2: Why Girls Use it/What they post • Scene 1: Why do “we” use Facebook? • Quote Courtney McCullough, “I started using Facebook in College because it was the cool thing to do, but yeah it has changed a lot for me now. I use it for my work, it is a great way to share information and get the word about your companies events out. I update my status about 9 times a day. We also use Facebook and Twitter to find interns and new employees. Since our company is a social media based company we look for people who are advanced in their social media sites.” (show examples of her posts as B roll) • Quote from Shawni Ogle “ I basically jut use it to keep in touch with friends and post pictures from all the parties I go to. It’s a great place to share photos from all the fun things you do at school” (show party pictures) • 3:36- 4:06

  8. Act 2: Why Girls Use it/What they post • Scene 2: What girls post on their pages • Interview with Bennett Blue “I definitely have some regrets of what I used to post on Facebook. I did not start thinking about future employers until this year so the past two years I have posted some pretty inappropriate things. I was once mad at an ex boyfriend and made my status “fuck all y’all”.. I still am embarrassed about it to this day.” (show image of status) • Interview with Shawni Ogle “All my pictures are of me partying with my friends at school. I used to have more with my boyfriend, but now that we broke up I have a lot more pictures of drinking and partying.” • 4:06- 5:06

  9. Act 2: Why Girls Use it/What they post • Scene 3: An expert’s opinion on why girls act the way they do on Facebook • Interview with Women’s Studies teacher “My little nephew wanted to take a picture of a “facebook face” with me. I didn’t know what he meant, but when he showed me a kissy face I realized that a “facebook face” means sexy face. Many of my friends are older and we use Facebook to share funny videos or messages, but the younger girls seem to share pictures of themselves more. All my nieces profile pictures are of their big hair and them making funny faces. It is important for girls to look like they are “fun.” That is what it is all about. • 5:06-5:45

  10. Act 3: Privacy • Scene 1: Privacy changes on Facebook • Show Article “Facebook Privacy Changes” and highlight important segments like “Most people are unaware that Facebook’s privacy settings are constantly changing” “Facebook recently made a change that changed everything posted on Facebook to Public, this means that anything you post is now available to the Facebook network. Anyone that has a Facebook can now see your content.” My voiceover reading as these quotes are highlighted. • Interview with Courtney “I definitely block my pictures and posts from people. Even though I’m 23 and its totally legal for me to be drinking, I would just feel weird having my parents seeing pictures of me doing Keg Stands.” • Interview with Shawni “I had no idea that everyone could see my pictures! That’s crazy! • 5:45- 6:45

  11. Act 4: Corporations use of Facebook • Scene 1: Corporations on Facebook • Interview with my Dad in office “Facebook is new to us, but we have made a Facebook page for my company just because everyone else has.. We are trying to stay up to date” (Show image of their facebook page) • Interview with Gordon in office “Our company revolves around social media, so of course we have a Facebook page. Our Facebook page is constatly changing to make sure it is always attracting prospecting clients. We got the new Timeline layout the first day we heard about it. We are always up to date with the newest web designs.” • I am Interviewing with Michael from the Golf Channel next week on Aprii 17th and he will be telling me how and why they use Facebook. • 6:45- 7:35

  12. Act 4: Corporations use of Facebook • Scene 2: Corporations monitoring on Facebook • Interview with my Dad in his office- “We would sometimes browse applicants Facebook pages if it was a close decision between two candidates. We would see how they portray themselves on their profile. Pictures of excessive partying are definitely a turnoff to corporations. But I honestly never really looked into Facebook too much until we had an incident at the office. One of our employees was reported making harassing statuses about another employee on his Facebook. We looked deeper into his page and found that he had also been posting negative statuses about our own company. Needless to say he was fired immediately. Now, we look more into applicants statuses.. Are they vulgar? Emotional? Rude? We do not want to have an incident like that again” • Interview with Gordon in his office- “Yes, we do look at Facebook profiles when trying to decide on a candidate. We look to make sure they are mature enough to work in our company” • 7:35- 8:45

  13. Act 5: Consequences of what happens when the public and private sphere’s collide • Scene 1: Sphere’s merging • Discuss Forbes article “The Great Facebook Employee Password Non-issue” • Highlight text and voiceover read from myself “On March 20, Fox News reported that a few government agencies were requiring employees and applicants to turn over Facebook username and password information.” • I am going to do on the street interviews on Sunday April 15thon Park Avenue asking people how they feel about this… is it fair? • 8:45- 10:00

  14. Act 5: Consequences of what happens when the public and private sphere’s collide • Scene 2: Applicant’s not getting hired • I am going to do some research and use case studies as examples of job applicants not getting hired because of their Facebook profiles. I saw a show on TV once where they were analyzing people’s profiles and showing them why they would not be hired so I am going to try and find that. I am going to highlight important information in these case studies. • Interview with my Dad, “I just recently had a female applicant apply who had a mohawk haircut, with lots of crazy hair colors and piercings. There were many pictures of her partying and doing inappropriate things. She just didn’t look like someone I would want representing my company.” • 10:00- 10:45

  15. Act 5: Consequences of what happens when the public and private sphere’s collide • Scene 3: Employees fired over Facebook • I already know there are many examples out there of employees getting fired because of Facebook so I am going to find quite a few examples and examine them. • Interview with my Dad, “No employees should ever bad talk your company. That results in an immediate act of termination. I also do not want any of my employees harassing other coworkers via Facebook. It is simply inappropriate.” • 10:45- 11:30

  16. Conclusion • Video of computer screen with Facebook with my voiceover • “This year I really cleaned up my Facebook profile. I changed my name to Molly Elizabeth to make it harder for future employees to find me. I have also gotten back together with my boyfriend and my pictures are more conservative. I have pictures of me and my friends hanging out by the pool (show pictures) and pictures from Easter with my boyfriend and his family. I have also made privacy changes to my profile. Now whenever I am tagged in a photo or post I am asked for approval from Facebook before it is posted to my wall. (Show the review section) This allows me to censor how I am perceived on Facebook. These changes have seem to pay off because I was finally offered a full time position at RP Interactive. Although I have received a full time job now, it is still important for me to remember the possible consequences of the content I put on Facebook, because once it’s there I cannot escape it….” • 11:30- 13:00

  17. Ending Sequence • Play intense music with my facebook profile rapidly appearing on multiple computers, turn into a globe, fade to black • “Privatize.” appear in Facebook font • 4 seconds of blackness • Typing “Tips on how to privatize” • Typing “Change your name” • Typing “Add profile review” • Typing “Customize your photo albums” • Typing “Allows read the new privacy policies” • Typing “Be Aware” • 13:00- 15:00

  18. “On my honor I have not given, nor received, nor witnessed and unauthorized assistance on this work.”