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Enterprise Content Management in DWP PowerPoint Presentation
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Enterprise Content Management in DWP

Enterprise Content Management in DWP

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Enterprise Content Management in DWP

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  1. Enterprise Content Management in DWP Jacqui Leggetter Corporate IT

  2. DWP structured to target services to customer needs Two key customer groups in DWP • Pensions Disability and Carers Service • Job Centre Plus • Providing services to 20m customers

  3. JCP Customer contacts by paper- receive 219million pages per yearsend 117million pages per yearPDCS Customer contacts by paper- receive 27 million pages per yearSend 80 million pages per yearCurrently hold over 50 million paper files in remote storageWe transfer paper between over 500 sites including a secure central paper remote store

  4. The Impact of Paper on Departmental Operations Indirect costs attributable to the inefficiencies imposed on business operations in dealing with paper Significant barriers to a establishing a virtual operating model and improving customer service due to a reliance on access to physical documents • Handling paper adds significantly to the Departmental cost base, degrades customer service, increases operational risk and presents significant barriers to the establishment of a virtual operation Suboptimal operational performance due to the absence of clear corporate operating accountability and services poorly structured to drive performance improvement Direct costs attributable to the operating functions that support paper handling Legislative non compliance and audit qualification due to the ineffective enforcement of policy and standards and an inability to locate documents Breaches of customer and Departmental confidentiality through the loss and unauthorised disclosure of documents

  5. Key Drivers for ECM Information security Remove constraints of paper based administrative processes Reduce costs Improved Legislative compliance Improved customer service Shared information/single view of the customer Enables e:channels and self-service Share information cross government

  6. Delivery | Roadmap The required capabilities and competencies should be developed through an approach that establishes proven services and usage models prior to wide scale adoption Phase I 2008Q1 Establish the Document Management capability & get fit for Adoption • Establish the framework for delivery and operation, including sourcing. • Establish a single architecture and standard models for delivering solutions across electronic and paper repositories. • Establish a common information schema and standards. • Establish enterprise scalable operational services for paper and office documents through a ‘pilot & learn’ approach carried out by path finding initiatives. • Undertake business readiness programmes in each agency to get fit for Document Management adoption. Authorise Phase I 2010-2017 Phase II Leverage the Document Management capability across agencies • Extend the use of Document Management capabilities across agencies that demonstrate their readiness to adopt. • Extend the use of Document Management capabilitieswithin the path finding agencies. Authorise Phase II 2012 onward Phase III Enhance the Document Management capability • Enhance capabilities across other media and channels. • Extend utilisation to OGDs, partners & citizens. • Integrate maturing technologies (Digital asset & rights management). Authorise Phase III

  7. High Level Technical Solution for pensions Incoming post 1221 Customer FIMS DWP Notification DRS Scanning & Indexing Workflow LOB System/ PTP CAM Specialist case worker views images SDC Output with Barcode

  8. DRS Logical Architecture Supports all user interface options Siebel,CAM Light, Bespoke, Portal, MS Office etc Enables “menu” approach with no product lock-in Supports all inbound capture scanning

  9. Our approach Driven at executive level in the business Start small – 1 business area Review business processes and content retention Build foundation for re-usable strategic shared service Early proving through product lab tests Future-proof design Staged deployment Create a business strategy ensuring ECM enables improvements where the business need it to Create an IT strategy that underpins the business strategy Part of the wider DWP Enterprise strategy

  10. Remove contacts that add no value to the customer or the Department 1 Direct contacts to the most cost effective channel that meets the customer need 2 Remove inefficient document generation and access from operational processes 3 Apply ECM practices to the documents that remain 4 Enterprise Content Management in DWP • The ECM response deals with the documents the Department deems it necessary to produce and handle …it should be executed in conjunction with strategies that tackle the root cause of paper

  11. Target Operating States Full Paper Removal Capability Departmental capabilities and solution models developed by 2011 and being deployed under a co-ordinated plan across all areas of the business (this includes the delivery of all scanning & indexing services and a document enabled CAMLite • The core lines of business have established an overarching objective to remove all unnecessary paper from business operations by 2014 …with significant progress made by 2011 The strategic goal will not be achieved by simply applying technology to the operations we have today; this would merely automate bad practice and shift the problem. Each area of the operation needs to be considered in its own right and unnecessary documents, their realisation in paper form and bad practice designed out through fundamental process review prior to the application of technology. Emergent Automation Capability Ground work for enabling the business with document driven straight through processing completed by 2011

  12. 1 3 4 5 2 Enterprise Content Management: Potential Benefits • The benefits of the ECM solution for DWP fall into five main categories • Improved Security of Data as a result of no longer needing to generate and move around the country large quantities of paperwork containing sensitive personal information • Improved Customer Service due to quicker and more efficient processes. This will also give rise to additional efficiency benefits (e.g. unnecessary progress-chasing calls are avoided) • Direct Financial Benefits arising from savings on the contracts for the movement, storage and retrieval of paper documents. • Enabled Efficiency Benefits arising as a result of more efficient paperless processes being introduced into BDCs and elsewhere. Gartner research shows that organisations typically achieve 20% to 40% efficiency improvements when a complete ECM solution is delivered. For the DWP, even a 10% efficiency improvement in the paper-intensive processes would result in a significant saving. • Reduced Carbon footprint as a result of the reduction in paper documentation and the need to move it around the country