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Electrical Energy Trivial Pursuit PowerPoint Presentation
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Electrical Energy Trivial Pursuit

Electrical Energy Trivial Pursuit

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Electrical Energy Trivial Pursuit

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  1. Electrical Energy Trivial Pursuit Featuring the SOL’s 4.2a, 4.3 a-e Created by Miss Whiteoak Clover Hill Elementary 2002

  2. Directions • Read each question and the four choices. • 2. Click on the answer you think is correct. • 3. If your answer is wrong, TRY AGAIN! • 4. Then click on the screen to go to the next page.

  3. Question 1 Dry cell batteries are the main source of electrical power for ______________. flashlights fluorescent lamps computers toasters

  4. Question 2 Which of the following supplies energy to a car? Dry cell Circuit breaker Fuse Wet cell

  5. Question 3 Which of the following produces electricity by changing chemical energy into electrical energy, so it can be used to do work? Solar panel Generator Electromagnet Dry cell battery

  6. Question 4 Magnets are attracted to objects made of _________. copper brass aluminum iron

  7. Question 5 Which measure the strength of an electric current? Ohms Volts Amps Watts

  8. Question 6 If an object has a negative electrical charge, it has _____. The same number of neutrons as protons The same number of protons and electrons More electrons than protons More protons than electrons

  9. Question 7 Which of the following could be done to make an electromagnet stronger? Use fewer loops of wire in the coil. Use more loops of wire in the coil. Decrease the current. Overlap the loops of wire.

  10. Question 8 The amount of electric current flowing in a wire depends on the number of _______. Free protons passing though it Free neutrons passing though it Free electrons passing though it Free atoms passing through it

  11. Question 9 Who was the British doctor who discovered he could make amber beads repel each other and called what he saw electricity? William Gilbert Benjamin Franklin Thomas Edison Lewis Latimer

  12. Question 10 In Benjamin Franklin’s famous kite experiment, he proved that lightning is ______. alternating current direct current static electricity short circuit

  13. Question 11 In a parallel circuit___________________________. electrons move along a single pathway electrons have two or more pathways on which to travel all lights go out when one light is removed short circuits do not occur

  14. Question 12 What is a switch-like device that protects electrical circuits from excess current? Fuse Generator Battery Circuit breaker

  15. Question 13 The filament in a light bulb causes traveling electrons to slow down because it is _________. Long, thin and coiled A wide piece of tungsten Protected by glass An insulator

  16. Question 14 What happens to the three light bulbs in a series circuit if the switch is opened? All bulbs light up. The center bulb lights up. The first bulb goes out. All bulbs go out.

  17. Question 15 Which item is a good conductor of electricity? Rubber Glass Copper Pencil lead

  18. Question 16 A resistor in an electrical circuit changes electrical energy to _______. Heat energy Mechanical energy Chemical energy Solar energy

  19. Congratulations Click ESC to exit the game.