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Jamie Milliff Block 8B IED

Principles of Design: Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. Jamie Milliff Block 8B IED. Elements. Line Color Value Texture Form Space. Principles. Balance Emphasis Contrast Rhythm Proportion Unity Economy. Aurora’s Tiara. Lines.

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Jamie Milliff Block 8B IED

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  1. Principles of Design: Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Jamie Milliff Block 8B IED

  2. Elements • Line • Color • Value • Texture • Form • Space

  3. Principles • Balance • Emphasis • Contrast • Rhythm • Proportion • Unity • Economy

  4. Aurora’s Tiara

  5. Lines This tiara uses clean diagonal and vertical lines with two curved lines. The diagonal lines form the outer edge give a feeling of movement without making it busy. The curved cutouts add a dimension of innocence, or softness that epitomizes Aurora. Lastly, the most noted line is the vertical line running directly through the center of the crown, drawing most attention to itself and representing dignity and strength.

  6. Color / Value / Texture Aurora’s Tiara is gold, a warm color that exudes extravagance and wealth. Gold is usually a dark color, though the metal texture reflects light, making it seem lighter in areas. This makes the crown shine and seem to have a more intense color.

  7. Balance Because the tiara is completely symmetrical, there is a formal balance. The tiara itself is literally divided in two by the vertical line down the center which doubles as a centerline.

  8. Disney showed Aurora with both a pink and blue dress, but the most commonly displayed is the pink. Aurora’s Gown Aurora’s gown was created by the three good fairies. Originally, it was created blue, but Flora (pink fairy) and Merryweather (pink fairy) got into a dispute over the color, and was changed often between pink and blue.

  9. Color / Value / Texture Blue is a cool color, which can call be calming and relaxing. Pink, on the other hand, is a warm color that captures energy. It is also a favored color among young girls. The value varies throughout the gown, from a dark bodice, to a lighter skirt, and to even lighter pink/blue and white accents. The texture is very light cloth that resembles silk in nature and design.

  10. Balance Aurora’s gown has formal balance, since if you were to split it down the middle, each half would be identical. This creates unity. The color choices also contribute to unity. Each shade of pink/blue is the same color, but has a different value.

  11. Aurora’s Castle

  12. Rhythm The rhythm of Aurora’s castle is random, since all the spires are placed at seemingly irregular intervals. Because the rhythm maintains a random pattern, there seems to be a specific type of unity.

  13. Lines The castle is mostly composed of vertical lines. This fits with the image presented by the king and queen (Aurora’s parents), representing dignity, strength, and pride.

  14. Color / Texture The colors of Aurora’s castle in Disneyland is pink, blue, and gold. This helps bring in the color dispute of Aurora’s gown. Pink holding excitement, and blue creates a relaxing and calming tone. The texture varies between stone and stucco, both being rough, which absorbs light.

  15. Maleficent

  16. Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather

  17. Spinning Wheel

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