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Sound in Action Script

"The games of a people reveal a great deal about them.“ Marshall McLuhan. Sound in Action Script. Enhance animation and interactivity Engaging more user’s senses Establish the mood of the movie Use narration to accompany the story Give audible feedback to interactions

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Sound in Action Script

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  1. "The games of a people reveal a great deal about them.“ Marshall McLuhan Sound in Action Script

  2. Enhance animation and interactivity Engaging more user’s senses Establish the mood of the movie Use narration to accompany the story Give audible feedback to interactions Flash supports .WAV, .MP3, .AIF Sound class controls sound Start Stop Adjust sound volume Stereo effect Controlling sound

  3. sound object mySound=new Sound(); mySound.attachSound(“sound_name”); mySound.start ( seconds offset, loops); Seconds offset number that determines how many seconds into the sound it should begin playing (from the beginning 0, or from a later point) Loops how many times sound will play No parameters Flash playes sound once from the start Controlling sound

  4. mySound.start ( 0, 5); Plays sound from the beginning 5 times mySound = new Sound(); mySound.attachSound("guitar"); startButton_btn.onRelease = function() { mySound.start(0,5); } stopButton_btn.onRelease = function() { mySound.stop(); } Controlling sound

  5. Flash allows to attach many sounds to the same sound object Start function will play the most current sound attached Volume control setVolume() Racing game- control the volume of the car engine sound as the cars pass by Pan control - control of the output through the left or right speaker setPan() Pong game – control the left and right hit wall sounds from the appropriate sides Modifying sounds

  6. setVolume(percentage of the full volume from 0 to 100) 100- maximum volume 0- silence setPan(number from -100 to 100) -100 left speaker 100 right speaker 0 plays sound from both speakers equally Modifying sounds

  7. Open 02soundobject_pan_volume.fla from the Pickup folder Modifying sounds – 02soundobject_pan_volume.fla

  8. Drag the instances of the volume, left, right, both buttons on the stage and name them: volUp_btn volDown_btn leftSpeaker_btn rightSpeaker_btn bothSpeakers_btn Modifying sounds – 02soundobject_pan_volume.fla

  9. volUp_btn.onRelease = function() { mySound.setVolume(100); } volDown_btn.onRelease = function() { mySound.setVolume(20); } leftSpeaker_btn.onRelease = function() { mySound.setPan(-100); } rightSpeaker_btn.onRelease = function() { mySound.setPan(100); } bothSpeakers_btn.onRelease = function() { mySound.setPan(0); } Modifying sounds

  10. Create separate sound objects with parameters that target specific movie clips Sound objects will be applied to different movie clips so that setVolume () and setPan () could control the sounds separately Modifying sounds independently 03modify2sounds.fla

  11. clip1= _root.createEmptyMovieClip("clip1", 1); clip2 = _root.createEmptyMovieClip("clip2", 2); mySound1 = new Sound(clip1); mySound2 = new Sound(clip2); mySound1.attachSound("music1"); mySound2.attachSound("music2"); start1Button_btn.onRelease = function() { mySound1.start(0, 1); } start2Button_btn.onRelease = function() { mySound2.start(0, 1); } leftButton_btn.onRelease = function() { mySound1.setPan(-100); } rightButton_btn.onRelease = function() { mySound2.setPan(100); } Modifying sounds independently 03modify2sounds.fla

  12. More precise sound control Switch left / right speakers and stereo / mono dynamically setTransform () allows to set percentage of how much of the lefr /right channel will play through left / right speakers Properties of the sound transform object ll % value -how much of the left input plays in the left speaker lr % value -how much of the right input plays in the left speaker rr % value -how much of the right input plays in the right speaker rl % value -how much of the left input plays in the right speaker Transforming sounds 04soundtransform.fla

  13. mySound = new Sound(); mySound.attachSound("conversation"); startButton_btn.onRelease = function() { mySound.start(0, 5); } transformButton_btn.onRelease = function() { mySoundTransform = new Object(); mySoundTransform.ll = 0; mySoundTransform.lr = 100; mySoundTransform.rl = 100; mySoundTransform.rr = 0; mySound.setTransform(mySoundTransform); } Transforming sounds 04soundtransform.fla

  14. When we click Transform button Flash creates a generic object with properties (mySoundTrsnform.ll, mySoundTrsnform.lr, …) to hold the sound transformation information. This information then used by the setTransfrom () to change the distribution in the left and right speakers. Transforming sounds 04soundtransform.fla

  15. Sets desired volume level or speaker control draggable movie clip acting as a sliding controller The position of the movie clip is correlated with volume parameter of the setVolume () slider_mc movie clip groove_mc movie clip Groove_mc will limit the motion of the draggable slider_mc Dynamic sound control 05dynamicsound.fla

  16. slider_mc.onPress = function() { this.startDrag(false, _root.groove_mc._x, _root.groove_mc._y - 100, _root.groove_mc._x, _root.groove_mc._y); } slider_mc.onRelease = function() { stopDrag(); } Dynamic sound control 05dynamicsound.fla

  17. slider_mc.onPress = function() { this.startDrag(false, _root.groove_mc._x, _root.groove_mc._y - 100, _root.groove_mc._x, _root.groove_mc._y); } When user presses the slider_mc, startDrag () lets the user drag the specified movie clip and limits the position of the clip according to parameters Dynamic sound control 05dynamicsound.fla

  18. .startDrag([lock, [left, top, right, bottom]]) Lock A Boolean value specifying whether the draggable movie clip is locked to the center of the mouse position ( true ), or locked to the point where the user first clicked on the movie clip ( false ) left , top , right , bottomValues relative to the coordinates of the movie clip's parent that specify a constraint rectangle for the movie clip. Dynamic sound control 05dynamicsound.fla

  19. slider_mc.onRelease = function() { stopDrag(); } stopDrag() stops dragging setVolume(100) setVolume(0) Dynamic sound control 05dynamicsound.fla

  20. setVolume(100) setVolume(0) Correlates the y position of the slider_mc with the setVolume() globalToLocal() converts the coordinates of the slider to coordinates relative to the groove Dynamic sound control 05dynamicsound.fla

  21. Dynamic sound control 05dynamicsound.fla

  22. slider_mc.onMouseMove = function() { myPoint = new Object(); myPoint.x = this._x; myPoint.y = this._y; _root.groove_mc.globalToLocal(myPoint); } The current x position of the slider is assigned to myPoint.x onMouseMoveprovides a good way to trigger volume change based on the slider position The global coordinates of myPoint are changed to local coordinates of the groove movie clip Dynamic sound control 05dynamicsound.fla

  23. Link slider position to volume setting myMusic_sound.setVolume(-myPoint.y); updateAfterEvent(); } Groove movie clip is 100 pixels tall Hence its local coordinates range from -100 to 0 To change this range to positive value negative sign(-) is used The result is a range from 100 at tope and 0 at bottom That can be used as the setVolume parameter Dynamic sound control 05dynamicsound.fla

  24. Create sound object and play button myMusic_sound= new Sound(); myMusic_sound.attachSound("music"); startButton_btn.onRelease = function() { myMusic_sound.start(0, 10); } Test the movie When you drag the slider up and down it dynamically changes the volume Dynamic sound control 05dynamicsound.fla

  25. Internal sounds (from the library) increase the .swf file size loadSound () allows playing external sounds that can be kept outside flash movie Allows change the sound file easily Smaller flash file size mySound = new Sound(); mySound.loadSound("kennedy.mp3", true); loadSound("kennedy.mp3", true); Kennedy.mp3 name of the external sound file True streaming (true) or event (false) sound External sounds 06externalsound.fla

  26. Streaming sounds start play as soon as enough data downloads one stream per sound object long passages of music narration Event sounds must be downloaded completely before they can play require start() command to plav short sounds sound effects External sounds 06externalsound.fla

  27. mySound = new Sound(); mySound.loadSound("kennedy.mp3", true); _root.onEnterFrame = function() { image_mc._alpha = (mySound.position / mySound.duration) * 100; image_mc._xscale = 50 + ((mySound.position / mySound.duration) * 50); image_mc._yscale = 50 + ((mySound.position / mySound.duration) * 50); } Position measures the numbers of milliseconds a sound has been playing Duration total number of milliseconds in the sound Sound properties 07soundproperty.fla

  28. Modifies the image according to the sound length As the sound plays, the image slowly reveals itself When the sound ends the image is completely revealed _root.onEnterFrame = function() { image_mc._alpha = (mySound.position / mySound.duration) * 100; image_mc._xscale = 50 + ((mySound.position / mySound.duration) * 50); image_mc._yscale = 50 + ((mySound.position / mySound.duration) * 50); } (Position / duration) * 100 gives the percentage of sound that has downloaded Increases the alpha of the movie clip as the sound plays so that the movie clip begins transparent and ends opaque Sound properties 07soundproperty.fla

  29. onSoundComplete() detects the end of the sound mySound.onSoundComplete = function() { image_mc.attachMovie("end", "ending_mc", 1); } When sound ends a movie clip “end” is attached to the image_mc movie clip. The registration point of the attached movie clip was modified in advance so that it appears in correct position. Detect sound event 07soundproperty.fla

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