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Sabre Traveler Security PowerPoint Presentation
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Sabre Traveler Security

Sabre Traveler Security

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Sabre Traveler Security

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  1. SabreTraveler Security June, 2013

  2. Drive customer loyalty Power business performance Sabre Red Value Suite Sabre Red Service Suite Sabre Red Revenue Suite Sabre Red Efficiency Suite Workflow Management Post Booking Automation Private Fare Integration Business Intelligence Developer Tools Consulting Air Car Hotel Rail Leisure Travel Policy Optimization Customer Profiles Web and Mobile Traveler Security Community Supplier Optimization Revenue Integrity Marketing Services great value great service more revenue more efficiency

  3. Sabre Traveler Security • Traveler Risk Management • The need for traveler risk management capabilities have been growing, and now even legislation like the UK’s Corporate Manslaughter Act focuses more attention on the importance of “duty of care”. • The frequency and severity of world events has grown substantially in the past few years, increasing travel risk • Business Intelligence/ Data Reporting • TMCs and corporations have many data sources to choose from with different information • Complete data coverage and timeliness of data can be issues • Sabre has a complete view of reservation data • Pre-trip and historical, ticketed and un-ticketed

  4. Sabre Traveler SecurityProduct Overview • Quickly locate travelers worldwide using Sabre booking data • Intuitive, interactive web-based application with flexible search criteria • Up-to-date traveler reservation data within 1 hour of reservation creation or update • Integrated current world events and destination risk information from eTravel Technologies • Security and broader business intelligence capabilities for pre-trip and 3 years of post-trip historical air, car, hotel, rail, and cruise bookings • Agent and corporate user secure access • Available in 6 languages – English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

  5. Sabre Traveler SecurityKey Features – Map and Search Go directly to a summary or detail report from the search box Intuitive map uses color to highlight the location and number of travelers, and countries with counts are shown on the left hand side

  6. Sabre Traveler SecurityKey Features – Advanced Search Additional search criteria provide many ways to target travelers depending on the specific situation

  7. Sabre Traveler SecurityKey Features – Map Drill Down Drill down from the world map to view more detail for travelers in the U.S. or Canada and then down to a city level list

  8. Sabre Traveler SecurityKey Features – Summary and Detailed Report Reports are available in a high level summary or detailed segment view Email traveler directly from the application

  9. Sabre Traveler SecurityKey Features – Group Email and Text Message Send a group email or text message directly from the summary or detailed report. Select travelers from a list.

  10. Sabre Traveler SecurityKey Features – CurrentEvents Dashboard Up to the minute information on events currently happening in the world, along with risk level indicators

  11. Sabre Traveler SecurityKey Features – Destination Risk Lookup Look up the risk profile for any country including ratings from other countries and recent alerts

  12. Sabre Traveler SecurityKey Features – Link to Virtually There For active itineraries, click on a link to view the reservation in Sabre Virtually There

  13. Sabre Traveler SecurityKey Features – PDF and Excel Export reports to PDF file or Microsoft Excel

  14. Sabre Traveler SecurityKey Features – Flight Threshold Notification Monitor for violations of travel policy around the maximum number of employees or VIPs on one flight and get an email notification when policy is exceeded

  15. Sabre Traveler SecurityKey Features – Corporate User Access Provide secured access to corporate customers via dedicated URL. Restrict data access to corporation only. Include your branding

  16. Sabre Traveler SecurityKey Features – Scheduled Reports • The scheduled report feature allows you to query 3 years of historical and 331 days of pre-trip data, both ticketed and un-ticketed • Run ad-hoc reports • Schedule reports to run daily, weekly, or monthly • Email reports or download to Excel or PDF

  17. Sabre Traveler SecurityKey Features – Security Reporting Trips with no Hotel report reduces travel risk by knowing which travelers might be missing some or all hotel segments in their reservation. Also be aware of possible violations to corporate travel policy that contribute to higher costs.

  18. Sabre Traveler SecurityKey Features – Vendor Negotiations and Performance Reports that help you to track vendor performance and negotiate with confidence. Monitor for compliance and set corporate travel policies with hotel rate summaries. You can even compare 3 years of historical bookings to advanced bookings.

  19. Sabre Traveler SecurityKey Features – Operational Reports Avoid debit memos and find bookings to move to preferred carriers by searching un-ticketed reservations and specific status codes. You can also search for detailed reservations based on criteria such as date range, vendor, city, or traveler name

  20. Sabre Traveler SecurityKey Features – Carbon Emissions Provide reporting on the carbon emission impact of travel by agency or corporation. View a summary of total impact in Kg or Metric Tons, or view a breakdown of segments and impact by segment origin and destination

  21. Sabre Traveler SecurityNEW – 10 Additional Reports Available Sabre Traveler SecurityNEW – 10 Additional Reports Available Moving to consolidated reporting with modules - late 2013. New reports included as a free trial until then Additional value in managing travel spend, policy compliance, and vendor management • Air Advance Purchase Detail • Air Market Pair Summary • Airline Ticket Summary • Airline Trends • Car Chain by City • Hotel Property City Detail • Hotel Property Chain Detail • Hotel Summary • Top Market Airline Summary • Top Traveler Summary

  22. Sabre Traveler SecurityKey Features – Benefits • Fast access to vital traveler information • Intuitive web interface • Reliable data, as all Sabre PNR changes and updates are automatically added to the database • No agency scan charges • Accurate and complete Sabre reservation data including pre-trip, un-ticketed data that’s not always available in back office and reporting tools • Be more proactive by tracking current events and by providing destination risk information to travelers • Easy and secure 24x7 online access • Notify travelers quickly by emailing the traveler directly from the application or using the group email/ text capability • Pro-active notification for violation of flight threshold CTP • Scheduled reports provide significant value for business needs such as security, managing vendor relationships, monitoring policy compliance, reducing/ avoiding costs, and providing better customer service.

  23. Sabre Traveler SecurityKey Features – Future Enhancements • Alert notifications on high impact world events • Real time email notification to the TMC, corporation, or traveler • Daily alerts summary • Daily email summaries of all relevant world events for that day • Risk report • Ad hoc or scheduled report of travelers by risk level • Destination risk information in POS and to traveler • Query destination information in Get There booking tool or Sabre Red Workspace, and include in the traveler’s itinerary via Virtually There • Email risk information to traveler post booking • Include non-Sabre data