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  2. Istituto Istruzione SuperioreGiovanni FalconePalazzolo s/O Brescia Italy State vocational and technical school specializing in • Administration and Business • Tourism • Graphic Design and New Media • Social and health studies

  3. Giovanni Falcone Itwasfounded more than 30 years ago and in 1997 itwasdedicated to Giovanni Falcone, the Italian magistrate who, on May 23, 1992 waskilled, together with hiswife and three of his bodyguards, by a dynamiteexplosionplacedbeneath the motorway from Palermo Airport .

  4. Whereis Palazzolo? Palazzolo s/ Oglio, Palazzolo upon Oglio, islocatedbetween Brescia and Bergamo twohistoricaltowns in the North of Italy, not far from Lake Iseo and the famous area called Franciacorta, made of gentlehills, covered with vineyards and olive trees .

  5. Lombardy Palazzolo sull’Oglio,takesitsnamefrom the riverwhereitislocated, the rivercomes out of Lake Iseo, oneof the mostimportantlakes in Northern Italy.

  6. Somethingaboutit Thistownwasbornalong the river Oglio. Palazzolo was a fundamental industrial centre of Italy at the end of the 19th century. The Tower of the People, thatis the symbol of the townwasbuiltbetween 1813 and 1830 and istoday the secondhighestcircular Italy's tower, after the Tower of Pisa.

  7. Lake Iseo Lake Iseo or Lago d'Iseo or Sebinois the fourthlargestlake in Lombardy. The lakeisalmostequallydividedbetween the Provinces of Bergamo and Brescia. Thisis an industrialised part of Italybut the area isalsoone of outstandingnatural beauty. In the middle of the lakeis Monte Isola (or Montisola), the largestisland of anylake in southern Europe

  8. Our area

  9. Letpicturesspeak(sincewords don’t come easy)

  10. Villas, nature and… much more

  11. A touch of nature to introduce ourschool. Ourschoolissurrounded by a beautiful garden, full of plants and flowers. Students, teachers and all the people who work here can follow the seasoncyclesofthesenaturalelements and appreciatetheircolours and smells. Lessons in the open air are evenpossibleespecially in spring and earlysummer.

  12. Typeofschool Our school is a • State vocational and technical secondary school organized as follows: • Two-year course (1st and 2nd year). • Third year course-with qualification (3rd year) only for IeFP courses. (Istruzione e formazioneprofessionale, region partly-funded courses)) • Two-year course (3rd and 4th year) for Tourist, Business, Social and Graphic designers courses. • A fifth year course with a final diploma for all of them.

  13. Ourschool

  14. Ourmission ( notimpossible)Our aim is to pursue and warrant the satisfaction of pupils, of their families and the community, helping to coach human resources capable to answer the requests of the area, offering a culture oriented service and evaluatingeach individuality.Keeping in mind the success of a formative system and looking forward to continuous improvement, our school has several projects dedicated to the students among which we note:1) Success of formative Education 2) Foreign Languages and culture 3) European Project4) Sports project 5) Skills and training 6) Orienting, help & improvement

  15. Human Resources • Headmaster • Administrative General Manager • 126 Teachers • 19 of them are dedicated to students with disabilities normally integrated in the classes. • The teachers are also responsible for many services in order to organize services and assistance to run the complete operational activities of the school. • Technical and administrative employees (ATA) • 32 people are in charge of administration and school services

  16. Facilities Great hall • Sport hall & Gym • Library with 4000 books • 4 Computer halls • 2 conference rooms • 2 Multimedia lab • 2 PC&MAC graphic design Lab • 1 Music lab • 1 Photo lab • 1 Science lab • 230 Computers available for students, 44 Laser & Ink-Jet Printers • Computers and audio/video devices are connected to an internal net and connected to the WEB

  17. Courses • In order to satisfy the requests of the areawe offer courses for four different fields: • Administration and Business • Tourism • Graphic Design and New Media • Social and health studies • Sports courses

  18. General Timetable    32 hours a week, from Monday to Friday    8.30 a.m. to 2.00 p.m 8.30 a.m to 1.00 p.m. (Saturday)    2.10 p.m. to 3.40 p.m. (once or twice a week for optional activities or for Sports oriented classes) Evening courses for adults

  19. Subjects • Italian • History • Maths • Science • Physics • Law • Economics • Geography • Foreignlanguages ( English, French, German, Spanish) • Psychology • Graphic design • Physicaleducation • Art

  20. Qualifications On theirfifthyear, studentsundergoa State Exam, according to theircourse and theyget the “Diploma di Maturità” thatenablesthem to haveaccess to Universitycourses. Mostourourstudents, though, find a job at local companies.

  21. Optional courses • Courses of Italian for foreign students according to individual starting levels. • Courses for disabled students (music, painting, pottery, cooking, bricolage, gardening etc). • Personalized courses for disabled students • Supplementary lessons (supporting courses, individual extra lessons, individually assisted study). • Optional courses in different areas: sports activities, acting, dancing, theatreactivities.

  22. Actors and actresses……from IIS Falcone

  23. Anyone can be a protagonist Schoolyear 2007-2008 Actingour play “ Bar libero”

  24. Some optional activitiesourstudentslike a lot. Visits to companies for the Business Course students(School year 2008-2009) Visits to cities of art (Verona) Colere Week on Snow La Spezia Stage Velico

  25. Language stagesabroad(England, Spain, France) Colchester, March 2007

  26. Comeniusprojects During a visit by teachers from Bulgaria and Romania on a Comenius Exchange project (2008)

  27. Siviglia 2013 Colere 2013

  28. Colere 2013 Siviglia 2013

  29. Visitsby foreignpartners …to be continued…