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Egyptian Writing, Science, and Math PowerPoint Presentation
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Egyptian Writing, Science, and Math

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Egyptian Writing, Science, and Math
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Egyptian Writing, Science, and Math

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  1. Egyptian Writing, Science, and Math By: Robin Chacko Mackenzie King And Brianna Rigsbee

  2. Egyptian Writing • There are 3 types of Egyptian writing: -Hieroglyphics - Hieratic - Demotic • Egyptians wrote on Papyrus; whichis a paper like material that grows along the banks of the Nile.

  3. Hieroglyphics • Ancient Egyptian writing uses more than 2,000 hieroglyphic characters. • Hieroglyphs could represent the sound of the object so they could represent an idea associated with the object. • A modern type of hieroglyphic writings would be a rebus. • A rebus is a picture puzzle that can be “sounded out” by reading the sounds symbolized by the pictures. • Hieroglyphic writing is like a picture puzzle.

  4. Hieratic • The Hieratic script was invented and developed more or less at the same time as the hieroglyphics script and was used in parallel with it for everyday purposes such as keeping records and accounts and writing letters. • It was used until the 26th Dynasty, though by that time, it was only used for religious texts, while the Demotic script was used for most other purposes.

  5. Demotic • The Demotic script got it’s name by Herodotus. • It was developed from a northern variant of the Hieratic script in around 660 BC. • The Egyptians called it ‘sekh shat’ (writing for documents). • The most recent example of writing in the Demotic script dates from 425 AD. • The Demotic script was used for writing business, legal, scientific, literary and religious.

  6. Rosetta Stone -Rosetta Stone is a flat, black stone. -It was founded in the 1800’s by a French Scholar named Jean Champollion. -Hieroglyphics, Demotic script, and Greek were carved into the Rosetta stone. -The Rosetta stone software was named after the originalRosetta Stone. -The Rosetta Stone was found in a small village in the Delta called Rosetta (Rashid).

  7. Science • Egyptian scientists were generally most interested in observing natureand practical engineering. • Egyptian physicians believed in kinds of magic • Became skilled at observing symptoms, diagnosing illnesses, and finding cures. • Egyptian doctors prescribe plants as medicine – such as anise, castor beans, and sacrum.

  8. Math • The Egyptians had a decimal system using several different symbols • The Egyptians developed mathematics partly in response to practical problems they faced • Scholars develop geometry in order to survey land. • They developed a calendar that included 12 months with 30 days in each month

  9. Pictures Egyptian Math Egyptian Science Egyptian Writing

  10. More Pictures Rosetta Stone Egyptian Writing Demotic

  11. Sources We Used • • • • • The World Book of History