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Stephen Chow

Stephen Chow

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Stephen Chow

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  1. Stephen Chow

  2. In fact I was an actor

  3. DaHuaXiYou is a classic • The beauty of the purple xia pretty woman and sovereign treasure staged a earthshaking love. • Whether or not we remember the words: The love which once had a sincerity put in my in front, I cherished-and I lost the time and I regret it, as painful as this. If the god can give me another chance, I will say three words to the girl: I love you. If want to fall in love with to plus a term at this, my hope is...... Ten thousand years!

  4. His success is not an accident • Stephen Chow’s acting way is not very well • At first he ran a bit player, also hosting children's program. • After these hone he finally succeeded

  5. He is Hong Kong of the movies a crowd. • His performance characteristics and wealthy individuals in the most social representative, even as a cultural phenomenon to repeated readings.

  6. He the logic and acting with a nervous, creating a "wulitou" culture, as an important part of Hong Kong culture, so his movie starring as more calendar broken box office record, for Hong Kong comedian brought another way out and peak, but he is not contented, advance continued.

  7. He's not very happy childhood, parents' divorce brought him a lot of damage. • The Changjiangqihao a star the ye directed movies from since, in fact, is that he wants to nostalgia to your father of footage of life. • Can say he in the film as his father, and XuJiao is as childhood he.

  8. His classic film

  9. Film so for years he also received many honors

  10. Thank you