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  1. MATCH FIXING • 07 October 2011 SAFA requested FIFA to investigate suspected match fixing in matches that took place before the 2010 FIFA World Cup • The investigation commenced on 01 March 2012 when the FIFA Head of Security, Mr Chris Eaton and his assistant, Mr Terry Stearns interviewed persons of interest in SA • Mr FIFA and Mr Stearns left FIFA in July 2012 • The matter was reported to the Hawks and a file handed over to them in July 2012 • The Hawks advised SAFA that a formal criminal complaint should be laid after receipt of the report from FIFA • The NEC of SAFA decided on 07 December 2012 upon receipt of the report, the President of SAFA should establish a Task Team to process it • The report compiled by the two gentlemen was submitted to SAFA on 14 December 2012 • The Emergency Committee of SAFA (EMCO) which comprises the President, 4 Vice Presidents and one NEC Member met on 15 December 2012 and decided to put the people mentioned in the report on special leave. • A case was opened with SAPS on 17 December 2012 and their investigation is still ongoing with the support of SAFA

  2. MATCH FIXING • The NEC met on 04 January 2013 and decided to reverse the decision of the Emergency Committee on grounds that the EMCO did not have authority to take such decisions and further, that the decision violated the rights of the affected people without due process. • The NEC also decided that the report should be processed by the Legal and Security Committees of SAFA • The two Committees met on 09 February 2013 and recommended to the NEC that a Commission of Enquiry should be established to investigate the matter. • The NEC had a special meeting in April 2013 and accepted the recommendation of the two Committees to establish a Commission of Enquiry • SAFA met the Minister of Sport and SASCOC immediately thereafter to brief them about these developments • SASCOC recommended to the Minister that the matter should be investigated by an independent Judicial Commission of Enquiry • At the time of the meeting with SASCOC and the Minister, it was revealed that SASCOC had received a dossier which documented alleged corruption and maladministration at SAFA

  3. MATCH FIXING • The Minister has made various media utterances wherein he indicated that the envisaged commission would investigate match fixing and the allegations contained in the said dossier • The statements from the Minister caused FIFA to write to the Minister and SAFA to warn against possible interference in football affairs • SAFA places it on record that it did not complain to FIFA about Government interference in football. • Mr Michael Garcia, the Chairman of the Investigatory Chamber of the FIFA Ethics Committee informed SAFA in January 2014 that the Chamber will take over the investigation • President JG Zuma announced in March 2014 that he will not establish a Commission of Enquiry because FIFA would be investigating the matter • SAFA has handed over all the documents and information requested by Mr Garcia • The President of SAFA, Dr Danny Jordaan travelled to Zurich in April 2014 to request Mr Garcia to expedite the investigation because the delay is adversely affecting the image of the Association and its ability to generate revenue • The investigation has not commenced in spite of repeated pleas from the Association • The new NEC of SAFA is committed to ensure that the matter is concluded expeditiously