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House Cleaning Biz 101 PowerPoint Presentation
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House Cleaning Biz 101

House Cleaning Biz 101

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House Cleaning Biz 101

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  1. House Cleaning Biz 101 Your comprehensive resource for starting a new residential cleaning business or taking your existing business to the next level.

  2. Mission Statement • The purpose of House Cleaning Biz 101 is to provide a proven road map for individuals

  3. Mission Statement • The purpose of this training program is to provide a proven road map for individuals • Starting a new residential cleaning business

  4. Mission Statement • The purpose of this training program is to provide a proven road map for individuals • Starting a new residential cleaning business • Established in the home cleaning business but wanting to take their business to the next level

  5. Mission Statement • The purpose of this training program is to provide a proven road map for individuals • Running a large, successful business but looking for some solid ideas to help them tweak their operation and run it more effectively and efficiently.

  6. The Author and Trainer My name is Gary Goranson

  7. The Author and Trainer My name is Gary Goranson I am what most people call a serial entrepreneur

  8. The Author and Trainer My sales career started half a century ago at the age of 18.

  9. The Author and Trainer I started my first business three years later and have spent most of my life in my own business and in helping thousands of others worldwide to succeed in doing the same.

  10. The Author and Trainer This pie chart illustrates the career I have had in 4 different industries

  11. The Author and Trainer You can read about my various careers on this Web site.

  12. The Author and Trainer So I won’t go into the details of my long-time business career here . . .

  13. The Author and Trainer What does all this mean to you? How can you benefit from my life experience?

  14. The Author and Trainer Over the years I have been blessed with many great successes in different businesses and industries.

  15. The Author and Trainer To succeed in business means making mistakes and experiencing failures along the way in climbing each step on the ladder of success.

  16. The Author and Trainer Trial and error is time-consuming and can be very, very expensive.

  17. The Author and Trainer My half century career and, specifically, my last two decades in the residential cleaning business . . .

  18. The Author and Trainer . . . Can save you the time and expense of reinventing

  19. The Author and Trainer . . .

  20. The Author and Trainer You can learn from all the mistakes and expensive blunders I’ve made over the years . . .

  21. The Author and Trainer And benefit from the solutions I came up with to resolve all those challenges.

  22. Market Overview • There are a lot of interesting facts about the current state of the residential cleaning industry on our Web site, so we’ll just touch briefly on some highlights here . . .

  23. Market Overview • While no business is recession-proof, the residential cleaning business has shown during the recession that it is indeed recession resistant.

  24. Market Overview

  25. Market Overview • Like one of the survey respondents said, • “People still take showers in bad times; they still get dirty. So do their homes . . . And those homes need to be cleaned.”

  26. Market Overview • Yes, unemployment is higher than it’s been in the U.S. since the Great Depression.

  27. Market Overview • Is the glass half full or half empty?

  28. Market Overview • We have clients using our program in many countries around the world where the glass is never more than half full.

  29. Market Overview • In some of those countries, much of the population is below the poverty level.

  30. Market Overview • But those cleaning business owners are succeeding because there are plenty of people in those countries with the desire and ability to have someone else clean their home for them

  31. Market Overview • Here is the U.S. unemployment rate for the 20 year period of September 1990 – October 2010

  32. Market Overview • Clearly, the glass has remained at 90% full.

  33. Market Overview • But even if unemployment rose to 20%, the glass would have plenty of potential clients who need this service.

  34. Market Overview • As the chart shows, in August 2010 there were about 140,000,000 people employed in the United States (source U.S. Department of Labor).

  35. Market Overview • At a minimum, at least 10% of working adults - or nearly 15,000,000 are still potential clients for a professional, quality house cleaning service in America!

  36. Opportunities • In today’s economy, the majority of the population that is employed is working harder and longer hours.

  37. Opportunities • When companies cut back their work force, the result is that fewer people have to do more work to compensate for the smaller staff.

  38. Opportunities • A bigger workload means less time and energy these workers have for the typical 4 to 6 hours a week it takes to clean the home.

  39. Opportunities • During a tough economy, people do tend to cut back on expenses, but not completely cut out paying for things they consider important.

  40. Opportunities • For example, they may reduce their frequency of cleaning visits from weekly to biweekly and cut the expense in half.

  41. Opportunities • Or, they may compromise on what rooms they want cleaned or agree to have certain things done on a rotational basis rather than on every visit.

  42. Opportunities • But our experience during this and earlier economic downturns has been that terminating the cleaning service is not a high priority for the segment of the population which hires outside help for household chores.

  43. Opportunities • Now, here’s the really great news!

  44. Opportunities • Ten years ago when unemployment was about 4%, the biggest challenge in this industry was finding good employees.

  45. Opportunities • That is not the case today. Run a help wanted ad in your local newspaper or on Craig’s list and you’ll be deluged with people anxious to join your company.

  46. Opportunities • Now is the best time to be building a workforce for now and for the future.

  47. Program Overview • The House Cleaning Biz 101 course is a concise compilation of step-by-step, proven business practices which you’re unlikely to find duplicated anywhere else.

  48. Program Overview • The course consists of a total of 12 ½ hours of audio-visual seminar presentations, broken into 37 individual sessions on 4 CD ROMs.

  49. Program Overview • You’ll find a detailed outline for each of the four segments on this Web page.

  50. Program Overview • Getting Started RIGHT! • This 4-session segment prepares the start-up owner with all the information needed to launch the new busines.