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Welcome to Masconomet Middle School PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Masconomet Middle School

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Welcome to Masconomet Middle School
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Welcome to Masconomet Middle School

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  1. Welcome to Masconomet Middle School "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." -- Benjamin Franklin

  2. Introductions & Overview Masconomet Middle School Main Telephone Number: 978-887-2323 • Dr. Dorothy Flaherty, Principal • Ext. 6122 dflaherty@masconomet.org • Mrs. Patricia Bullard Director of Pupil Personnel Services • Ext. 6114 pbullard@masconomet.org • Mr. Paul Harrington, Assistant Principal • Ext. 6118 pharrington@masconomet.org • Incoming Assistant Principal is Gavin Monagle, Ext. 6119

  3. Mr. Kyle Parsons Director Food Service • Ext. 6140 kparsons@masconomet.org • Ms. Gwen Lemire School Nurse • Ext. 6125 glemire@masconomet.org • Mrs. Diane Green Library Media Specialist • Ext. 6201 dgreen@masconomet.org • Mrs. Suzanne Olia M.S. Registrar/Guidance • Ext. 6119 solia@masconomet.org • Mrs. Deb Silva M.S. Secretary • Ext 6127dsilva@masconomet.org • Mrs. Michele Mathers PAC Representative info@masconometpac.org • Mrs. Kristen DeMarco Special Education PAC kandsdemarco@gmail.com • Mrs. Lisa Teichner Tri Town Council www.tritowncouncil.org • Mr. John Bermudez Masconomet Education Foundation www.MasconometEducationFoundation.org

  4. Join at www.MascoPAC.org

  5. School Hours • First Day of School: • Grade 7, Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014 • Grade 8, Thursday, September 4th, 2014 • Student Report Time: 7:35 a.m. • Students that report after 11:00 a.m. will be marked tardy-absent • Student Dismissal Time: 2:15 p.m. • After school extra help: Monday-Thursday 2:20-2:50

  6. Attendance/Tardy • It is critical that students are in school and on time in order to achieve their fullest potential. • Students are considered tardy after 7:35 a.m. and must report and sign in at the main office. • A student tardy more than 3 times during a trimester will meet with Mr. Monagle and may receive a detention. • Reporting a student absent: • Please call (978) 887-2323, press 0, then press 2, then 1 to reach the middle school absence line.

  7. Communication • Guidance counselors will review the many modes we have to communicate including but not limited to parent coffees, open house and team meetings. • Calendar Handbook • Open Door Policy • Principal’s Weekly Update • Proper E-mail Address • Superintendent’s Monthly Update

  8. Grade 7: Daily Curriculum One Period of the following core subjects: • English • Math • Science • Social Studies • Foreign Language • Spanish, French, Chinese • Learning Lab One Trimester of the following subjects: • Art • Health • Geo-Lab Grade 7 students alternate physical education and chorus or band all year long but may be pulled from 1 trimester of physical education for a study hall.

  9. Summer Math Camp For incoming 7th graders, both programs will be offered each of the following weeks: August 11-15 and August 18-22 If you pre-registered, you will receive additional information via email. If you would like to register, contact Denise Tenanty at 978-887-2323 x6221 or dtenanty@masconomet.org

  10. Grouping & Team Assignments • Heterogeneously Grouped • One exception: Honor’s Math in which your child needed to take a math placement test and results are available this evening from Ms. Tenanty • Random Assignment • Special Circumstances • No Friend or Team Request • Build circle of friends: Three towns becoming one community • Build adaptability and flexibility • Team Letters Mailed Home in August

  11. Progress Reports and Reports Cards • Parent Portal • Provided on a Trimester basis • Provides time to improve grades between progress report and report card time • Available On-line • Dates in calendar handbook and reminders in the principal’s weekly update • Open portal eliminates the necessity for progress reports as you may now monitor student progress on an on-going basis

  12. Rules and Discipline • District Philosophy • Masconomet is a school and students are here to learn • Respect, restraint and responsibility are the foundations of this code of conduct • Calendar Handbook • Code of Conduct • Offenses and Consequences • Meeting with student(s),phone call to parents, office/lunch detention, after school office detention, meeting with parents, in-school suspension, out of school suspension, in- school counseling, restitution, recommendation of out of school counseling, possible notification of police, expulsion

  13. Most Frequent Questions • Can students bring cell phones? • Yes, but they must be left in their lockers during the day. No other electronic devices permitted and may be taken if observed. Students bring these items at their own risk. • What do you do about bullying? • The district takes bullying very seriously and does not tolerate any form of bullying. Each complaint is investigated fully and proper consequences dispersed up to and including notifying police. An anti-bullying curriculum is taught in health class and students are instructed on actions that are and are not considered bullying. Students also are provided with grade-wide assemblies. We maintain strong communication with parents and encourage contact if students are reporting something at home that we are not aware of at school. • No Touch Rule

  14. Most Frequent Questions Cont. • What is the dress code? The dress code is based on neatness, cleanliness, modesty and safety. • No hats • Hats , coats and backpacks (when not medically necessary) may not be worn during the day and need to be placed in lockers. • Provocative placement of words or illegal activities are not allowed • No under garments may be visible • Straps need to be a minimum of 2” • Skirts and shorts must be a reasonable length (mid-thigh) • Place hands by side and needs to be at least as long as the longest finger tip.

  15. What are the consequences for violating the dress code? • Verbal warning • Confiscation of the item • Removal and/or changing the item • Parent contact to bring a change of clothes • Oversized Masco t-shirt provided, if the student chooses to wear • Being sent home to change • Office detention

  16. Please DO NOT use the main school entrance during morning drop off or afternoon pick up for traffic flow and student safety reasons. Traffic • Drop Off/Pick Up at Beginning or End of Day • Middle school uses the parking lot to the left of the school. Students may enter or leave through the side doors adjacent to the staff parking lot • During the day use the front of the middle school. Students being dismissed should bring a note to the office at the start of the day. At dismissal they can wait inside at the doors and exit when their ride arrives. Without a note, the person dismissing a student must come into the office.

  17. Afterschool Activities and Fun • Open Library • Excels Program • Community service projects, cooking, guitar, robotics, • Improv, writing, sports, jewelry making, games, conditioning, etc. • Student Council • School Newspaper • Math Team/Future Cities Club • Dances sponsored by PAC and student council • Student/Faculty basketball and volleyball games • Masco Jr. Idol • Spring Musical

  18. Lockers & Summer Visits • School Tour for students on Thursday, June 12th, 2014 • Practice locks, have students practice on a dial lock over the summer it alleviates lots of apprehension for the first day. • Special locks for students with specific learning needs. • Stop in and visit and tour as often as your child may need over the summer

  19. Pupil Personnel Services • Special Education -- contact • Director of Pupil Personnel Services: Ms. Patricia Bullard, 978-887-2323 x 6114 • Asst. Director of Special Education, Mr. Brad Denton, 978-887-2323 x 6114 • Program Coordinators • MS Principal or Asst. Principal • Nurse • Guidance -- contact info to follow • Title I – contact through Pupil Personnel Office

  20. Title I • Title I services are determined each year once the district receives notice of funding. • Currently, Title I money funds two part time teachers, one ELA, one Math, who provide supplemental, remedial services for students identified as eligible. • Eligibility for services is based primarily on MCAS performance but also may be by teacher referral.

  21. Special Education • Services for students who have been found eligible for special education services after appropriate evaluation and Team meeting with determination of need. • The goal is always to provide instruction in the least restrictive environment and with the proper supports for the student to make progress. • Academic Services • Inclusion Classes: support may be by general education teacher, special education teacher and/or tutors • Learning Center Classes: Pull out, small group instruction in ELA and Math for students with more intensive needs

  22. Special Education (con’t) • Learning Lab: pull out, small group services to assist students with mastering concepts presented in their academic classes, and to provide instruction in skills referenced in the IEPs such as writing, reading, study skills, or organizational skills. • Learning Resource Center: substantially separate programming for students with the more intensive needs including, academic, social, and behavioral.

  23. Special Education • Specialized Counseling Services • Adjustment Counseling • LICSW, School Adj Counselor • Behavioral and Mental Health Support • LICSW, contract LMHC • Support by Autism Specialist • Contract Licensed Psychologist

  24. Special Education (cont) • Therapies • Speech and Language Therapy • Staff Speech Pathologist • Occupational and Physical Therapy • Contracted Occupational Therapist and COTA (Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant ) • Contracted Physical Therapist, if needed

  25. Special Education (cont) • School Psychologists • Conduct all initial and revaluation testing for special education • Provide consult to administration and staff • Review all outside evaluations submitted for consideration • Assist in providing Professional Development

  26. Communication • Program Coordinator/teacher contact • Required Special Education Team meetings • Other team meetings as needed • Parent Conferences as needed • Email or phone • Contact us with your concerns • Website- www.masconomet.org

  27. Introduction to the Guidance Department • Rob Beardsell • Jessica Goldberg • Kristen LeBlanc • Academic, career and social/personal counseling • Facilitate transition • Student advocate • Communication with team teachers/home

  28. Guidance Programming

  29. Grade 7 Programs • 6th Grade Parent’s Night • 6th Grade Student Visit • Orientation Day • Fall Classroom Presentations • Introduction to Guidance • Organization • Parent Morning Program with Guidance • Small group transition meetings • Spring Classroom Presentation • Study Skills/Test-Taking Strategies

  30. Grade 8 Programs • Learning how to Think: A Metacognitive Skill Building Curriculum • Parent Morning Program with Guidance • Technical/Agricultural School visits • Parent Course Selection Night • Course selection group meetings

  31. Agenda/Assignments • End of the day homeroom • Tool for parents to oversee homework completion

  32. Communication • Team meetings/teacher contact • Email • Contact us with your concerns • Website- www.masconomet.org

  33. Welcome To MS Middle School • Drop off • Offices • Core Classes • Electives • Lunch, Gym, and Chorus

  34. Drop Off

  35. Main Office

  36. Guidance Office

  37. Nurse’s Office

  38. 1st Floor Computer Lab

  39. Auditorium

  40. 7 Red & Blue Hallway

  41. Heading Upstairs

  42. 8 Red & Blue Hallway

  43. 2nd Floor Computer Lab

  44. Library

  45. 8 White Hallway

  46. Back Downstairs

  47. 7 White Hallway