cu s favorite hobby n.
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Cu’s favorite hobby

Cu’s favorite hobby

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Cu’s favorite hobby

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  1. Cu’s favorite hobby By: Cu Nguyen

  2. Playing Hockey • I enjoy to spend my time playing recreational hockey. • This sport has been a passion of mine since I was young. • I believe every person in Vancouver should play.

  3. How hockey has affected my life Growing up I have always looked for an outlet to spend my energy on. There were a lot of sports I have enjoyed throughout my life but nothing came close to the excitement and enjoyment I received from playing hockey. Looking back at my past, I still envy others for having the opportunity to play in hockey leagues. My family didn’t have much money so my playing days were mostly with local friends at a local park or alley. We didn’t have much gear but it was always fun. It taught me a valuable lesson, succeed in life and everything will be yours in the future.

  4. Recreational activities during a week

  5. How to excel at hockey The first thing you need to do to get really good at hockey is to make sure you practice all the time. The second thing you need to do is to be in good, physical shape. The third thing you need to do is to play frequently. The fourth thing you need to do is to be dedicated at getting better.

  6. Reasons to play hockey • Hockey keeps you active. • Hockey can make you new friends. • Hockey is fun. • Hockey keeps you in great shape.