lasalle by rileigh dickson and morgan murray n.
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LaSalle By Rileigh Dickson and Morgan Murray PowerPoint Presentation
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LaSalle By Rileigh Dickson and Morgan Murray

LaSalle By Rileigh Dickson and Morgan Murray

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LaSalle By Rileigh Dickson and Morgan Murray

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  1. LaSalle By Rileigh Dickson and Morgan Murray

  2. La Salle La Salle was born in France on November 22, 1643. He is from Roueny, France, and he went to Jesuit schools. His real name is Robert Caverliver (which means Knight)

  3. Who Is He and What Did He Explore? La Salle is a French explorer. He found the Mississippi River, and claimed the entire valley of Mississippi for France! Now won’t that be cool? Then he also discovered Louisiana! La Salle was sometimes called “the father of the Louisiana territory”.

  4. LaSalle Journey La Salle’s journey began when the king of France asked him to find a route to the ocean. This is one of the many journeys. He started in France, got to the southern end of Lake Ontario, then he went across Lake Erie, then through Strait of Detroit next he went across Lake Saint Clair then across Lake Huron, and finally reached Green Bay on Lake Michigan.

  5. The New World • La Salle’s crew had never seen a raccoon before they went to the “New World” • When LaSalle got to the New World he built his own fort.

  6. LaSalle’s Friends The Indians • In 1681 he met with Miami Indians La Salle became friends with the Iroquois Indians

  7. Interesting Facts About LaSalle • He enjoyed nature and science • Rene Robert Caverlier, Sieur de LaSalle arrived in what is now the city of South Bend in 1679

  8. LaSalle The Fur Trader He became interested in fur trading. Some animals such as beavers, raccoons, foxes, squirrels, bears, and rabbits were probably some of the animals he hunted.

  9. Some Cool Facts About LaSalle! • LaSalle made friends with different Native Americans. • The last time the Griffin ship was seen was the last time anyone had ever seen it! • In 1684-87 in the West Indies LaSalle felt sick, and many of his own men deserted him. That is so sad.

  10. Death of La Salle • Murdered by his crew in 1687 • His crew shot & killed him. • After La Salle’s death his crew stripped La Salle & took his belongings. • He was killed in Texas.