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Cancer Prevention

Cancer Prevention. Risk Factors You Cannot Change. Gender. Age. Family. Risk Factors You Can C hange. Diet. Cancer Screening. Physical Activity. Alcohol. Obesity. Smoking. Healthy Eating. Have healthy portion sizes Eat variety of foods.

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Cancer Prevention

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  1. Cancer Prevention

  2. Risk Factors You Cannot Change Gender Age Family

  3. Risk Factors YouCan Change Diet Cancer Screening Physical Activity Alcohol Obesity Smoking

  4. Healthy Eating • Have healthy portion sizes • Eat variety of foods Photo courtesy of the Government of Manitoba

  5. Healthy Eating • Fill half your plate with vegetables and fruits • Eat the skin on the vegetable or fruit • Pick different colours

  6. Healthy Eating • Eat less refined grains (white)

  7. Healthy Eating Choose whole grains • Rich in fibre • Healthy colon

  8. Healthy Eating Milk and alternatives • Drink 2 cups of milk or fortified beverages (soy, almond, rice) every day

  9. Healthy Eating Eat Less Salt • Do not add salt to your foods • Eat less • Salty snack foods • Pickled foods and olives • Salty condiments

  10. Healthy Eating Eat less salt • Use the % Daily Value (% DV) on the food label to see how much sodium is in the food • 5% DV or less is a little bit of sodium • 15% DV or more is a lot of sodium

  11. Healthy Eating Eat Less Salt • Make meals at home from fresh ingredients • Add flavour with herbs and spices

  12. Healthy Eating Eat less sugar • Sugar adds more calories to foods. • Cut back on the amount of sugar you add to foods • Read the food label to see how much sugar is in the food per serving. • Choose foods with less than 10g sugar per serving.

  13. Healthy Eating Foods higher in sugar: Cakes Candies Chocolate Cookies Donuts Ice cream Muffins Pastries Pies Sweetened cold and hot drinks Eat less sugar

  14. Healthy Eating Eat Less Sugar • Drink water or other unsweetened drinks • Choose foods made with little or no added sugar

  15. Healthy Eating Eat less fat • Most baked goods and many processed foods are high in fat • Deep fried food are high in fat

  16. Healthy Eating Eat less fat • 15 % or more is “a lot” • Trans fat should be zero • These types of fats increase your risk for heart disease and some types of cancer

  17. Healthy Eating Meat and alternatives • Eat very little processed meat (ham, pepperoni, bacon, sausages) • Eat less than 3 days per week red meat (beef, pork, lamb, bison and goat)

  18. Healthy Eating Meat and alternatives • Choose lean meats • Choose alternatives to red meat: fish, chicken, beans, lentils and tofu

  19. Healthy Eating Things to consider: • Eat breakfast every day • Eat meals at a table with your family • Satisfy your thirst with water • Colour your plate with fruits and vegetables

  20. Healthy Eating Things to consider: • Make half of your grain products whole grains • Prepare food with little or no fat • Choose no salt added products

  21. Be Physically Active Every step counts! • Incorporate physical activity in your daily life (work, school, shopping) • Stretch through the day • Follow the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines

  22. Canadian Physical Activity GuidelinesAdults 18-64 Years ↑Physical activity = ↑Health benefits • At least 150 minutes/week:aerobicactivity • At least 2 days/week: muscle and bone strengthening activity • May be done 10 minutes at a time - 30 minutes/day • Talk with a health care provider if you are starting a new physical activity

  23. Maintain a Healthy Weight Physical Activity Healthy Eating At least 30 minutes/day Eat fruit, vegetables and whole Grains each day Physical + Muscle & bone building activity Limit salt, sugar and fat Walking, gardening, stair climbing, swimming Limit the amount of red meat or processed meat

  24. Don’t Smoke • Avoid tobacco • Avoid e-cigarettes

  25. Don’t Smoke • Avoid second hand smoke • Avoid chewing tobacco

  26. Limit Alcohol 12 oz (350 mL) 5% Alcohol 5 oz (145 mL) 12% Alcohol 145 mL) 1.5 oz (45 mL) 40% Alcohol • Less than 1 drink per day for women • Less than 2 drinks per day for men • Alcohol = Risk

  27. Know What is Normal for Your Body • Look • Feel

  28. See Your Doctor • Call your doctor if you notice any change in your body • Regular health visits • Ask about cancer screening

  29. Get Screened Screening sees what you can't see

  30. Get Screened There are 3 Ontario Cancer Screening Programs: • Breast • Cervical • Colorectal

  31. Get Screened • Screening can find cancer early before you can see or feel it • When found early treatment can be easier and more successful

  32. Risk Factors and Cancer

  33. Questions?

  34. Thank you

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