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Housing simplified. PowerPoint Presentation
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Housing simplified.

Housing simplified.

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Housing simplified.

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  1. Housing simplified.

  2. WHY A Q-HOUSE? • To increase homeownership opportunities for minority and low-income families. • To provide dignified housing. • To decrease rural homelessness. • To develop an environmentally suitable housing type. • To increase energy efficiency and conservation in housing. • To redefine 'low-income housing' and its communities.

  3. WHAT IS A Q-HOUSE? Q-House is an affordable, attractive, easily assembled, and environmentally suitable housing type for farm workers and low-income families. Q-House © Naylor and Chu 2003

  4. WHAT IS A Q-HOUSE? • Pre-manufactured materials include steel shells, in-fill panels, • kitchen modules and bath modules delivered as a 'kit-of-parts'. • Various combinations of 'kit-of-parts' allow you to create a single family home as well as dorm-type homes, community centers, place of worship, emergency shelters, and schools.

  5. WHAT IS A Q-HOUSE? • You can design your own house with its flexible floor plan, movable interior partitions and choice of windows, doors, materials, decks and accessories to suit your family’s needs. • Stands on either permanent or temporary foundation. • A structure that can be built by the home-owner or the community in a fraction of the conventional construction time.

  6. Existing pre-manufactured components • doors • windows • modular kitchen and bath • accessories • Extruded steel as exterior shell • various radiuses and lengths • durable to wind and heat • 30 year warranty Pre-fitted in-fill walls Assembled by homeowner or community • Proven sustainability methods • materials • passive heating and cooling system • greywater recycling system • composting toilet system A SIMPLE CONCEPT OF A Q-HOUSE Q-House combines existing ideas and proven structures to create a new concept for low-income housing type.

  7. CREATING A COMMUNITY A community is about a playground, a park, a garden, a multi-purpose center, and mostly a safe and comfortable place for a family to feel a sense of belonging. A community is created with a combination of various shapes and sizes of a Q-House.


  9. MATERIALS: Interior • MATERIALS • Light wood paneling • Light wood floors • Colored kitchen & bath modules • Painted wood moveable partitions • Stainless steel cable railings

  10. vanity sink heating unit low-flow toilet water heater linen/storage washer/dryer bath/shower MODULAR BATH UNIT Pre-fabricated and self-contained modules are delivered to the site for immediate hook-up.

  11. MODULAR BATH UNIT You choose the colors and items for these pre-manufactured bath units to suit your needs.

  12. stainless steel sink gas or electric stove wood cabinets flip-down eating bar MODULAR KITCHEN UNIT Both kitchen and bath modules can be situated anywhere within the floor plan.

  13. MODULAR KITCHEN UNIT You choose the colors and items for these pre-manufactured kitchen units to suit your needs.

  14. FLOOR PLANS Within the same space, you can add more rooms and bathrooms. 2 bedrooms and 1 bath Q-House © Naylor and Chu 2003

  15. FLOOR PLANS Movable interior partitions allow flexibility to suit your specific needs. 3 bedrooms and 1 bath Q-House © Naylor and Chu 2003 Q-House © Naylor and Chu 2003

  16. FLOOR PLANS By expanding the second floor you maximize square footage 4 bedrooms and 2 baths Q-House © Naylor and Chu 2003

  17. ENERGY Passive heating and cooling Ridge-and-soffit venting Solar water heating Gas water heating system Energy efficient appliances Photovoltaic panels WATER Composting toilets Pervious landscaping materials Greywater system Harvested Rainwater Xerlscape SOLID WASTE Compost system Home recycling SUSTAINABILITY • BUILDING MATERIALS • Paints, finishes, adhesives • Wood treatment • Dimensional recycled lumber • Insulation • Reusable wood flooring • Recycled floor coverings • Engineered sheet materials • Engineered siding and trim

  18. SUSTAINABLE DESIGN: Energy PASSIVE HEATING AND COOLING • Insulated glazing for minimal heat loss at night • ‘Low E‘ coatings on glass which limits solar gain during a hot day • Ceiling heat exhaust • Cross ventilation

  19. SUSTAINABLE DESIGN: Energy PASSIVE HEATING AND COOLING • Orientation of the house for solar gain in winters and shading in summers. • Insulated floor, roof and walls • Operable louvers, over hangs and window coverings

  20. Grey water sources Pre-treatment Dispersion Soil-box planter Irrigation SUSTAINABLE DESIGN: Water • Grey water system • Composting toilets • Harvested rainwater ENVIROLET TOILETS GREY WATER SYSTEM

  21. SUSTAINABLE DESIGN: Materials Q-House is demountable and reusable. It is built with as much green materials wherever possible. Bamboo flooring Recycled-content ceramic tiles Recycled glass countertop Formaldehyde-free veneer panels Recycled vinyl Pre-cast concrete Low toxicity carpet Recycled plastic lumber Recycled cotton insulation Recycled truck tires Recycled paint Recycled rubber Natural linoleum floors Cork flooring

  22. 1. Place adjustable steel footings on level site. 2. Place steel guides with pre-hung joist hangers. • Place plywood truss joist ASSEMBLING PROCESS

  23. 4. Place batt floor insulation 6. Erect pre-manufactured corrugated steel shell ribs 5. Apply plywood flooring and exterior decking ASSEMBLING PROCESS

  24. 7. Insulate interior walls and ceilings 9. Assemble exterior in-fill walls & architecture detail 8. Place pre-manufactured kitchen and bath modules and interior partitions ASSEMBLING PROCESS

  25. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS • How durable is the Q-House to cold, heat and wind? • How much does a Q-House cost? • Does the exterior steel shell and the 'lofty' interior provide coolness in the summer and heat in the winter? • Can I build a Q-house on my own? • Does the Q-house meet local building codes?

  26. CONTACT INFORMATION Naylor and Chu Architects 1415 Jackson Street San Francisco, CA 94109 Tel: 415.749.6500