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  2. Table of Contents Brief Overview of DFG Brief Overview of DPCA Brief Overview of DHAC Current Operation Situation of DFG

  3. Group Structure Dongfeng Motor Corporation 66.68% Public Shareholders 33.32% 96% 40% 50% 36.44% 95% 20% 35.2% 50% 10%

  4. CV: PV: 32 28.5 Engine: 32 PV: 12 PV: 22 Brief Overview of DFG Production Capacity Unit: 0,000 Major JVs Foreign Partner Product Line (1) Dongfeng Motor Co. Ltd Dongfeng Honda Engine Dongfeng Honda Automobile Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen 1)Nissan Diesel included

  5. Layout of Major Production Facility Four Major Production Facilities Shiyan Base: CV, Auto Parts , Auto Manufacturing Equipments Wuhan Base: Headquarter, PV Xiangfan Base: LCV, Engines, PV Guangzhou Base: PV, Engines, Auto Parts and Components Xinjiang Auto Shiyan Base Xiangfan Base Shanghai Wuhan Base Hangzhou Dongfeng Honda Auto Parts Liuzhou Auto Guangzhou Base

  6. Brief Overview of DPCA DPCA was first established on May 18th, 1992. Construction established in two major stages based on an overall planning First stage investment: RMB13.1bl. Annual production capacity of 150,000 units sedans and 200,000 units engines was formed in the stage Investment budget for second stage construction is RMB 5bl, forming annual capacity of 300,000 sedans and 400,000 units of engines In January 2004, second stage construction for 300,000 units production capacity expansion project broke ground. On Oct. 27, 2006, construction for DPCA Second Plant started. Company staff number: 9,000. Company structure: 9 departments, 2 plants, 2 Brand Commercial Departments.Technical engineers: 700 with an average age of 35. 83.5% are college graduates. Dual-brand strategy Course of Development

  7. Brief Overview of DPCA Company advantages • Dual brands and a broad product line • Advanced technology • Strong R&D capability • Fine product quality • Leading-edge technology and safety • Platform-sharing strategy 1)Products technology keep pace with PSA level. Joint development of products which are more adaptable to local market 2)Wider coverage of product line – N platform, No.2 platform, No.1 platform 3)Designed shared auto parts rate exceeding 60% - largely reduced manufacturing cost

  8. Brief Overview of DPCA Operation Performance 2005 production:141,661 2005 Sales: 140,399 YoY growth: 60.92% and 57.52% Operation situation from 95-2002 Operation situation from January – October 2006 Sales from January – October 2006 Market share

  9. Brief Overview of Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., Ltd Course of Development • Time of Establishment: July 16th, 2003 • Equity Stake: DFM :HM :HMCI (50%:40%:10%) • Registered Capital: 200 mn USD • Production Capacity: 120,000 units/year • Current Models: CR- V CIVIC • Staff number: 2526 persons(by the end of September 2006) • Time of Production: February 2004 • Land Area: 690,478㎡ • Corporate Culture: • Continuously expand business scale and strive to achieve business target • Strive to improve customer satisfaction • Further improve corporate governance and closely cooperate for mutual development

  10. Brief Overview of Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., Ltd Products Briefing 1st stage construction CRV + 2nd stage costruction CRV CIVIC • CR-V: launched in May 2004, two time winner of CCTV Annual SUV Taking leading position in PRC high-end SUV market ever since its launch • Civic: Launched in April 2006, the first sedan introduced by DHAC. Well acclaimed by the market for its superb power and fuel efficiency.

  11. Brief Overview of Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., Ltd Operation performance 150.6% Sales volume 53.48% 43.6% Production volume Sales revenuer

  12. Current operation for DFG Major performance in first 19 months PV growth higher than industry average in first 10 months Remarkable market performance Aggregate sales: 595,000 units PV: 385,000 units,YoY growth34.78% High than industry average:31.68% Several newly launched models, including new Dongfeng Nissan Teana, Dongfeng Peugeot 206, Dongfeng Citroen C-Triomphe and Dongfeng Honda Civic were well received by the market and the recently launched Nissan Sylphy also became a new growth driver for the Group. Turning Around of DPCA, with Remarkably Improved Operation Improved financial performance 1-6 2006 Sales revenue YoY growth 9.8% Net profit YoY growth 68.75% Gross profit YoY growth 47.65% ROE YoY growth 7.2% In IH2006 sales volume broke through 100,000 units, recording a YoY increase of 38% and a profit of RMB190 ml, operational level remarkably improved

  13. PSA Peugeot Citroën Well Positioned PV Business Entered a Fast Development Stage Sales of PV- Dongfeng Motor Co. Ltd Total sales of PV - Dongfeng Motor Group Unit:,000 Growth rate: 19.7% 177,136 ,ooo units Industry YoY growth rate:34.75% Growth rate: 34.75% Sales of PV- Dongfeng Peugeot Citroën Unit: ,000 Growth rate: 37.65% Sales of PV-Dongfeng Honda Automobile Growth rate: 125% Unit:,000 47,071 Each JV strategically launched competitive new models directed at each sub-segment, which fastly pushed forward the Group’s PV industry. Source: Forcast of China Association of Automobile Manufactures (CAAM)

  14. Steady Revenue Growth Sales Revenue Composition of Revenue RMB million 9.9% Rapid sales growth as well as a steady pricing policy guaranteed a continuous and steady growth of the Group’s sales revenue

  15. Continuous Growth of Gross Profit PV Gross Profit Margin DFG’s Overall Gross Profit and Gross Profit Margin RMB million CV Gross Profit Margin Significant growth of the Group’s PV gross profit and gross profit margin guarantees the steady increase of the Group’s gross profit margin

  16. Robust Profit Growth DFG’s Total Net Profit Sales Growth 000’ units RMB Million Fast growth of PV sales volume and steady pricing policy guaranteed a continuously steady growth of the Group’s sales revenue

  17. Continuous Improvement of Operational Efficiency Net Profit Margin Return on Equity Improvement of operation efficiency led to steady growth of the Group’s ROA and ROE

  18. Prospect of PRC Auto Industry in 2H 2006 At the beginning of 2006, estimated annual sales growth of China’s automobile industry by CAAM was 13% , 000’ units 13% Source: Forcast of China Association of Automobile Manufactures (CAAM)

  19. 2. Outlook of DFG Sales Planning Specific Measures • Passenger Vehicles: • In the 2H, Dongfeng Nissan Sylphy, Geniss and Dongfeng Citroen T21 successively launched to the market. • Further improve localization rate and reduce cost through advancement of technology, management and central procurement, so as to improve competitive edge of our products in the market. • Commercial Vehicles: • Strengthen marketing of newly launched products • Safeguard competitiveness of old products • Promote export and expand overseas market share 000 ’units

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