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Skills for Growth

Skills for Growth

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Skills for Growth

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  1. Skills for Growth

  2. Background • Skills for Growth is a key SDS project under two Goals - Enable people to fulfil their potential and make skills work for employers • The project aims to deliver an improved service offering built around the skills development needs of the employer and employees. • It will not be limited to services provided by SDS and will be flexible in its delivery, allowing for local and sectoral needs to be reflected in the service offered. • There are 3 phases • Customer insight and literature review (completed) • Repurpose our existing web channel (by end Feb 2010) • Development of the core offer (by end Oct 2010)

  3. Definition Skills for Growth will deliver a robust, multi-channel approach which sets out clear information and guidance channels, value propositions and progression routes which will deliver real and positive change to employers and people within the workplace. • We help businesses get the best out of their people • We help businesses focus on their peoples strength to increase performance through better motivation, engagement and retention • We give businesses greater confidence to invest in people development and focus spend and effort where it matters most • We help businesses make better recruitment decisions • We help business engage with the implications of change on their employees • We work with businesses to build greater understanding about how learning and development build to business success

  4. Phase 1 – Customer insight / literature review A comprehensive review of legacy, current and partner intelligence and policy relating to how services have been, and should be, delivered to employers and people in work: • Customer Insight – a literature review which will provide a definitive customer needs statement based on extensive existing employer and stakeholder consultation and research. • Systems and Tools - Analysis of existing web-based services, support and diagnostic tools aimed at employers. • Funding and Frameworks - Analysis of current and historic good practice to formulate options for funding and other support to employers.

  5. Phase 1 - Outputs The review highlighted ten key service principles on which we must develop our approach: • Simple, accessible information on available training; • Focused, personalised training advice and support; • Demonstration of the value of training and introduction of ROI measures; • Development of peer to peer channels of advice; • Recognition of the value of face to face intervention to sustain & measure progression. • Provision of interactive channels (web and telephone); • Funding assistance alongside focused advice and guidance; • A modified Modern Apprenticeship programme; • Unified, accessible qualification framework; and • Plain language, streamlined processes and minimised bureaucracy. The outputs from the literature review will provide a framework from which we will build product and service prototypes using a service design approach

  6. Phase 2 - Interim employer website The creation of a single employer-facing website to align with the redesign of our corporate site. This will involve a refresh of existing employer content, with key products and services mapped to our brand proposition. • Repurposing of existing offers around compelling value propositions • Integration and alignment across all SDS services • Single ‘gateway’ for all SDS employer services • Incorporate outputs from phase 1 and build in systems/tools and funding/framework applications where appropriate • Incorporate links to partner offers • Interface with TalentMap (UK Commission for Employment and Skills)

  7. Phase 3 – Develop & deliver core offer • Co-creation: Development and trialling of prototypes with service users and partners • A web-based Skills for Growth service is available for individuals and businesses throughout Scotland (not just an information portal, but a dynamic ‘toolkit’ designed to identify real needs and offer relevant solutions) • Build capacity - Support mechanisms through telephone and face-to-face channels (direct or indirect) • improved opportunities for employed customers to progress within work • new pathways to skills and qualifications through occupationally focused learning for customers • new relationships with our network of partners, including Scotland’s colleges, Scottish Training Federation, Scottish Training Action Group and Sector Skills Councils • refreshed approach to funding work-based learning • improved skills utilisation within businesses

  8. Skills for Growth and the GES sectors

  9. SDS – next steps (Service Design and Innovation)

  10. Skills for Growth is not intended to be a static solution to fix a definite problem or need. Instead it will be our shop window, offering a changing set of tools and support services that will evolve over time in line with market conditions and economic priorities.