facing printer offline issue with your hp printer n.
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HP printer setup | HP printer offline | HP wireless printer PowerPoint Presentation
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HP printer setup | HP printer offline | HP wireless printer

HP printer setup | HP printer offline | HP wireless printer

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HP printer setup | HP printer offline | HP wireless printer

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  1. Facing Printer Offline issue with your HP Printer? If you face any issues with HP Printer setup and Hp printer offline or any other printer related issues, our technicians are always available for you in order to get your problem fixed whether its hardware or software, does not matter. You just have to call us @ 1-866-398-3328 to get your issues resolved so that they won't occur in your device again and again in future.

  2. Step 1: Check your wireless connection • 1. Please make sure that your printer is connected to your main network as guest network might have additional security features, such as preventing printers from connecting and thus printing. • 2. Switch from wireless to a USB or Ethernet connection. It is just to make sure that the problem is not caused by your HP wireless printer. • 3. Try to install your HP wireless printer on another computer. If you have a second PC, try installing the printer driver and then try connecting the printer using the same type of connection. If the Offline status remains, then it is the printer that is the culprit. You may need to call HP support for more assistance. If the Offline status is gone, then the issue is with your first PC.

  3. Step 2: Set your HP wireless printer as Default Printer • 1. Restart your HP printer if it shows Printer Offline. • 2. Go to control panel and then Devices and Printer. • 3. Right click the HP wireless printer you have and choose Set as default printer. Make sure that there is a green check mark next to the printer after this. • 4. Now, right click the icon for your default HP wireless printer and select See what’s printing. • 5. Check for error message Printer Offline. If your HP wireless printer still shows the message or not.

  4. Step 3: Reset your HP wireless Printer • 1. Make sure your HP printer is power on. • 2. Leave your printer on, remove the power cord from the printer. • 3. Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet. • 4. Wait for at least 2 minutes. Restart your PC. • 5. Plug the power cord back onto the wall. • 6. Then reconnect the power cord to your printer. • 7. Press the power button to turn on your HP wireless printer if it is not on. • 8. Make sure your HP wireless printer is connected to the computer or the network. • 9. See if you can print now. If your HP Printer Offline status remains, you need to follow the steps below.

  5. Step 4: Update Printer Firmware • Update Printer Firmware • HP consistently discharges new printer firmware forms for its inkjet and LaserJet arrangement. The more up to date form of firmware enables your printer to work all the more easily and fix minor issues. To refresh the firmware for your printer: • 1. You can refresh legitimately from the printer. To do as such, you have to check your printer manual for increasingly point by point data since the workarounds contrast on various printers. • 2. If refreshing by means of the printer isn't working for you, there is dependably an option. You can refresh your printer firmware from the HP site. • 3. Make sure that your printer is connected with your PC. • 4. Go to HP support, at that point explore to Software and Drivers tab. Type in the model of your printer and hit Enter. • 5. Select your working framework first. At that point look down a tad to find class Firmware. Hit Download catch to get it downloaded. • 6. When the download completes, simply adhere to the on-screen guidelines to get the update introduced.

  6. Step 5: Update your HP wireless Printer Driver • If your HP Printer Offline status remains, you need to follow the steps below. • On your keyboard, click Windows key, then choose Control Panel. In Control Panel window, choose to View by Large icons and then choose Devices and Printer. • Right click your default printer, then choose Remove device. • Go to HP support – Software and Drivers. Then type in the model of your printer and hit Enter. • Choose your operating system, then scroll down a little bit to the Driver-Product Installation Software category. Then hit the Download button to get the driver downloaded. • Then follow the instructions to get your printer driver updated for Printer Offline. The support process mentioned above can be useful for New Printer Setup as well. • This will certainly help you to fix your Printer Offline issue with your HP wireless printer. But if still you have same problem then please call our support team @ 1-877- 353-6650

  7. Call us : 1-877-353-6650 Visit us : THANK YOU