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The Altar Within Summary PowerPoint Presentation
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The Altar Within Summary

The Altar Within Summary

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The Altar Within Summary

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  1. The Altar WithinSummary

  2. The Altar with in Series The Altar with in Series explored our access to the Divine. The common thread was to explore your right and authority to the Divine. The Altar Within was divided into three primary segments: Faith, Truth, and Courage.

  3. Faith Faith was a segment to help you renew or discover your connections to God through methods of belief and faith. This segment included such topics as Prayer, Soul Power, Praying the Psalms, the Holy Spirit, and Divine Guidance. What are they? How can I be a person of faith? We discussed and explored such topics as:Prayer Soul Power Praying the PsalmsHoly Spirit Divine Guidance Who is the Christ? Acts of Faith

  4. Truth The next segment was called Truth. This segement leaded up to Pride month and during it we looked in-depth at the Bible and homosexuality. We discussed and explored such topics as: Homosexuality and the Bible Video Positive Passages about Homosexuality Bulletproof Faith Perspectives on Homosxuality and the Bible

  5. Courage The last segment, Courage, focused on putting our faith and truth into action by building and maintaining good relationships and by being courageous for social justice. We discussed and explored such topics as: Courage Fear Ethical Relationships Courageous Conversations Social Justice Social Justice/Acts of Courage

  6. During the series “The Altar Within we explored the topics of Faith, Truth, and Courage. “What an AWESOME JOURNEY WE HAD IN THE WORD OF GOD.”