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Joshua Buchholz

Joshua Buchholz

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Joshua Buchholz

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  1. Venkatasai Prakhya Joshua Buchholz Industries Turn Up

  2. We started three years ago We have the newest materials, safer for customer We sell sports equipment for all sports We make our equipment with only the best and most durable material. We are Turn Up Industries. We’ve been running for three years we created our company to bring good sporting goods to all the young athletes in the world. Our materials are top notch and are perfectly safe and durable. Although we are a fairly new company, we have gotten many good reviews and many recommendations. All about the Company

  3. Competitors Nike, Adidas, Under Armor, Reebok, and Puma are all competitors of ours. The reason we have such a fierce rivalry with them is because they sell the same products as us. We are always trying to be better then them and that’s why we try to make better equipment and have better prices then them. We usually get great reviews telling us how our products are better and more fairly priced. We may not be a major company like some of our competitors but we still consider ourselves to be better then them.

  4. Products Here are just some examples of what our products look like. Our products are known for being fairly priced but also being the best in quality. We only make our products out of the best materials. Our products are ones that can last for generations and can be passed down from family to family, we take pride in that. We have a lifetime guarantee on our products because we know that when they leave the store that person can trust that we gave them the best quality product we possibly could. The customer is always our number one concern and that’s why they usually end up satisfied.

  5. The Turn Up Enforcers are all black, lightweight, and extremely durable. The Enforcers boost your jumping ability. The Turn Up Destroyers are light weight, have amazing grip on the baseball field, and are long lasting. The Turn Up Tight Fit T-Shirt comes in grey, black, red, and blue. It’s made with new technology that keeps you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. The Turn Up Baseball Pants come in grey, black, and white. They come with or without elastic bottoms. They’re stretchable and durable. The Turn Up Soccer Ball Pro doesn’t deflate in the cold. It’s stays inflated for a long time and doesn’t pop. The Turn Up Elites come in small and large. They come in red, blue, black, green, and orange. The Turn Up Racket is made with new, durable string. It’s comes in all different sizes from kids to adults.

  6. - • Age ranging from kids to adults • Sizes for everyone • They boost your abilities • Comfortable • Fair prices • Durable

  7. Turn Up Sale!!! • BUY ONE GET ONE FREE • Turn Up Enforcers • Turn Up Elite Football Pads • Turn up Voodoo BBCore Bat • Turn Up Soccer Ball Pro • Can be bought by people of all ages

  8. Imaginary Place, Aberdeen Township, NJ

  9. Trust our products, and you will become a better athlete • If for some reason you are not satisfied with our equipment, you will receive your money back, no questions asked • Our products are long lasting, durable, affordable, and most importantly safe Thank you for taking the time to watch our PowerPoint. We hope you consider buying from us as we would love to supply you with the best sports equipment