wait a minute mr taxman n.
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Wait a minute Mr. Taxman!!! PowerPoint Presentation
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Wait a minute Mr. Taxman!!!

Wait a minute Mr. Taxman!!!

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Wait a minute Mr. Taxman!!!

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  1. Wait a minute Mr. Taxman!!!

  2. As one of the people of this nation you have the legal right to know whether you have an obligation to pay federal and state income taxes, and while many deem such avoidance as being immoral or socially reprehensible, its legality cannot be disputed. When tax legislation is interpreted correctly, it more times than not demonstrates that most people are not legally required to pay taxes. That is a mouthful, but it is true.

  3. Those who hold public office often show provide their tax returns to the public which are broadcast on television for everyone to see as evidence that they pay taxes and so should everyone else. The truth is if you hold public office, are employed by the U.S. government or live in Washington D.C, then you are legally obliged to pay federal income tax. However, if you are like millions who are not employed by the government then there is a strong possibility that you don’t owe any federal income tax.

  4. How do I determine my federal tax liability? Tax laws can and often are intentionally written in such as to be misleading. On top of that the federal tax code is extensive and complex. This was not done by accident but rather with exacting accuracy which is why nearly all so-called “tax professionals”, are really nothing more than rubber stampers. Some companies and individuals avoid paying their taxes using questionable if not completely frivolous methods which quickly get them in trouble. The taxing agencies are quick to dismiss tax returns they receive which are counter to the “norm and unless you know how to handle their “pushback”, you can find yourself in no mans land fast.

  5. How can I determine how much I really owe? To do this you need someone who really understands the federal tax code through and through. Most if not all “tax professionals” cannot point to any one place and say “this is the part of the code that requires you to pay federal income tax.” The reason is they just don’t know. This is a sad but true fact. The system is “rigged” against you ever finding out the truth and the sooner you realize this the quicker you can find the truth.

  6. Seek professional help to stop paying your taxes and recoup what you have already paid: Tax professionals, such as ourselves, who understand the truth behind the tax system, do not participate in moral or legal arguments with tax agencies or protest about individuals’ obligations to pay taxes. We have one path, which is the real cornerstond e which determines tax liability. It is the Achilles heel of ALL TAXING AGENCIES in the U.S.

  7. We represent our clients and advise them of exactly what they are required to pay help them to stop paying taxes that they need not pay. Not only do we help you to stop paying federal and state income taxes that you never lawfully owed, but they will assist It’s advisable to seek help from a professional tax service rather than going it alone. While it may be your legal right, the knowledge and experience that a tax professional can offer and share with you, is highly valuable and will ensure that you don’t end up fighting unnecessary battles with the IRS.

  8. End Taxes 4 Ever offer professional tax service to our clients to ensure they are only paying the amount of taxes owed and remaining in full compliance with both State and Federal income tax laws. Our tax experts have discovered that nearly all Americans are not just overpaying on income taxes, but in the vast majority of cases they lawfully required to very little if anything at all. We guide individuals in how to legally stop paying taxes, remain in full compliance with the income tax law and get the biggest tax refund that the law allows. Do you want to know which tax company gives the biggest refund, contact us now by visiting our website .