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Why right now is the best time to own a gym franchise PowerPoint Presentation
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Why right now is the best time to own a gym franchise

Why right now is the best time to own a gym franchise

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Why right now is the best time to own a gym franchise

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  1. WHY RIGHT NOW IS THE BEST TIME TO OWN A GYM FRANCHISE There has never been a better time to own a gym franchise than right now. A bold statement, but most definitely a true one. The reasons for this are numerous, but fairly intuitive. If you just sit down and think about it, you could probably list a few reasons, yourself. But you don’t have to do that, because this article will do it for you, so read on and discover why right now is the best time to own a gym franchise. POPULARITY This one is probably the most obvious: popularity. Our parents and grandparents –for all their great qualities– did not prioritize active and healthy lifestyles. Part of this is cultural, and part of it just came out of necessity; as more and more of us took up sedentary office jobs, we needed to find other ways to get our blood pumping. For many socioeconomic and demographic groups in the United States, individuals who do not regularly attend a gym are the outliers. According to Statista, U.S. gym memberships have increased by 22 million since 2000 and in 2015 over 55 million Americans had a gym membership. For aesthetic reasons, there is a cultural expectation that we take care of ourselves and take pride in our appearance. Furthermore, as we learn more about the human body, we now know the enormous advantages to working out and exercising regularly. Lastly, for many of us, going to the gym is just fun. With such a large portion of the population working out and looking for gyms, you’d be foolish not to invest and own a gym franchise, and nobody offers a better gym experience than Energy. DIVERSITY Apart from just being popular in general, fitness and gym memberships are popular to some degree across a myriad of demographic and social groups. Gym attendance is popular among people of various ethnic

  2. WHY RIGHT NOW IS THE BEST TIME TO OWN A GYM FRANCHISE backgrounds, income levels, ages, and genders. Furthermore, it’s not as if everybody does the same thing at the gym either. Gyms don’t just attract muscle-bound weight lifters and fairweather New Year’s resolution makers any more. Runners, crossfit trainers, yoga practitioners, health consciously elderly, and everybody in between make regular use of gym facilities, so a gym is a great investment because it is a needed facility in every community. And with its broad appeal, Energy Fitness is always a wise investment if you’re looking to own a gym franchise. FINANCING We at Energy are not the only ones who have noticed this massive surge in gym popularity over the years. Banks and financiers have noticed as well. One of the key problems every entrepreneur faces when looking to purchase a franchise is securing the financial backing to do so. But with a gym franchise, this is not normally as big an issue. Banks are perhaps likelier to give a loan to somebody looking to buy a gym franchise because they know that it is a relatively safe and often wise investment; they’re confident of getting a return on their investment. And with a trusted brand such as Energy Fitness, securing a loan is that much easier. Even if you have the capital saved up yourself, if bankers see a gym franchise as a safe choice, then so should you. To learn more about owning a gym franchise, click here.