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SiS.Net Ljubljana, July 2nd 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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SiS.Net Ljubljana, July 2nd 2012

SiS.Net Ljubljana, July 2nd 2012

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SiS.Net Ljubljana, July 2nd 2012

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  1. SiS.Net Ljubljana, July 2nd 2012 Presenting NCP Capacities and best practices - Capacities NCP – Portugal - Ricardo Migueis| GPPQ (FCT)

  2. FCT – Foundation for Science and Technology Public Institute under indirect state administration, endowed with administrative and financial autonomy and own heritage. Mission • Continuously promote the advancement of scientific and technological knowledge in Portugal, • Explore opportunities that become available in any scientific or technological domain to attain the highest international standards in the creation of knowledge, • Stimulate their diffusion and contribution to improve education, health, environment, and the quality of life and well being of the general public.

  3. FCT – Foundation for Science and Technology Mechanisms to achieve its mission • Development, funding (public open calls) and evaluation of institutions, networks, infrastructure, scientific equipment, programs, projects, and human resources in all areas of science and technology, • development of international scientific and technological cooperation agreements and other forms of support in partnership with universities and other public or private institutions, in Portugal and abroad.

  4. Science and Technology in Portugal – Portuguese Funding Agency (FCT) Internationalization of the National Scientific and Technological System Support to the participation of the scientific community in Multilateral Programmes and Scientific Networks, in International Organizations, as well as in joint projects or undertakings part of scientific and technological cooperation agreements or bilateral agreements between Portugal and other countries and institutions. European Union Programmes • FP7 Programmes • ERA-NET; • Joint Programming Initiatives (JPI): • Joint Technology Initiatives • Initiatives under Article 169 of the EU Treaty

  5. GPPQ – Portuguese FP7 Promotion Office • Created by the Ministry of S&T and Higher Education (2007) • Integrated under FCT– Fundaçãopara a Ciência e a Tecnologia(Ministry of Education and Science) • Promotion of the Portuguese participation in FP7 • Support, advice and assistance to Portuguese participants • Coordination of the activities of the Portuguese Delegations to FP7 Programme Committees, European Technological Platforms and Joint Technological Initiatives • Support the promotion of bridges, dialogue and partnerships between Portuguese and international institutions

  6. GPPQ – Portuguese FP7 Promotion Office 12 full time professional NCPs coming from the academia and industry/business with knowledge of their respective R&D&I sector, players and available capacities in Portugal Aveiro GPPQ coordination | NCP Coordinator Cooperation People Ideas Capacities Lisboa Oeiras Évora Legal&Financial

  7. GPPQ – Portuguese FP7 Promotion Office Support to the Portuguese community Callidentification Participationopportunities, distributionofdocumentation Idea check Face to face meetings, E-mails, phonecalls Consortiumbuilding Map PT potential per call ; Partner search & partner expertise promotion ‘Translation’ ofdocuments, training & workshops, proof-readingofproposals, supportontheapplicationprocess Proposalpreparation Contractnegotiation Supportonadministrative andcontractualissues Reporting, exploitationofresults, contractchanges, etc Project management 7

  8. How the PT NCP prepare the participation for every call Organisation of specific actions - I Thematic meetings & Roadshows (map and support) National Info Day(s) Practical workshops Targeted to special needs (Azores, Madeira)

  9. How the PT NCP prepare the participation for every call Organisation of specific actions - II National partners /co-organisers: • National Delegates to the Programme Committe • NCP from other relevant Themes, • Offices under other Ministries • Thematic Clusters (ex. Health Cluster Portugal) • Industrial Associations • Regulatory Agencies (Infarmed for IMI) • Universities, R&D Institutions (e.g. support offices, OTIC) • Enterprise Europe Network (Sector Groups) • Any other relevant stakeholder. (Azores, Madeira)

  10. GPPQ – Portuguese FP7 Promotion Office National Support Structures Projects FCT TransnationalCooperation FCT ScientificCouncils ETP PT Mirror Groups Researchers NationalThematicExpertGroups Poles & Clusters IND SME EEN sector groups Universities National Institutional Support Structures Otherstakeholders Support to NationalDelegations R&D Inst. Researchers ProgrammeCommittee | JointTechnologieInitiatives

  11. GPPQ – Portuguese FP7 Promotion Office Promotion of all funding opportunities FP7 targets cooperation between European Players on 10 different themes having independent vertical programmes Societal Challenges People Cooperation 10 Themes FP7 Strategy H2020 Strategy Industrial Leadership H2020 will require further cooperation strategy among NCPs Capacities Ideas Excellent Science Multidisciplinary internal GPPQ task-forces with a common approach on cross-thematic areas (joint efforts/actions: bilateral meetings, sessions, mapping players) (ex. AMR topics in Health, KBBE, NMP, SiS) HORIZON2020 will instead address Societal Challenges, Industrial Leadership and Excellent Science in a multidisciplinary approach

  12. GPPQ – Portuguese FP7 Promotion Office Dedicated website ( • Monthlynewsletters • (Information on the latest news and tendencies • Portuguese success stories, E-mail distributed and placed on the website) • Catalogues • Calendar of events • PT Guide for proposal preparation • Etc.