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Learn How to Use the Law of Attraction PowerPoint Presentation
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Learn How to Use the Law of Attraction

Learn How to Use the Law of Attraction

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Learn How to Use the Law of Attraction

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  1. Learn How to Use the Law of Attraction Learn How to Use the Law of Attraction For those who aren't familiar with the Law of Attraction, it is the use of positive brain vibes or positive thoughts to achieve positive things. Of course, some of you reading this will think “what rubbish”. But just stop a second to really think this one. For example, if you have suffered a recent loss, you know that immersing yourself in work and positive activity will lighten the loss. If on the other hand, you spend time dwelling on the loss, you end up wallowing in self-pity and the loss becomes bigger and weighs heavily on your heart. You do agree to this don't you? Well, research scholars call this the law of attraction. You think crazy thoughts, either nothing happens or bad things happen. You think positively, and you will achieve – maybe not every time but certainly more enough times to make a happy difference. Learning how to use the Bob Proctor Law of Attraction Learning how to use the Bob Proctor Law of Attraction How do you think people who have made lots of money get to such wealthy state? A tiny percentage of them are born rich but the vast majority have gotten there because they did things differently and it all started with a high self-esteem; their mind telling them that “yes they can”! These rich folks weren't born with a different brain – they simply learnt to train their brain into accepting challenges and in the process, they ended up doing so many different things that there was very little they could not do or achieve. Does this mean they just rush in and start doing whatever using the laws of attraction? Of course not! They evaluate whatever they want to get done but way they do it differs and this is where the laws of attraction come into play.

  2. For example, if they wanted a loan from the bank, they would start thinking on how they can make the bank give them loan whereas, most other folks would start thinking, “why will the bank give me a loan – what do I have?” The first approach is positive and attracts a positive outcome. The second approach presupposes the applicant is somehow unfit to get a loan i.e. a negative approach and invariably leading to a negative outcome. By learning how to use the Law of attraction and channelling positivity through your mind, your entire approach to a challenge changes and so does your way of going about it. The “why” is replaced by “how”; “how can I do it?”, “how can I get there?” and so forth. You no longer see obstructions instead, you start seeing pathways and start figuring which one to select. There is no longer an “if”, instead, you now have “which path to select”. Simply put, learning to use the law of attraction is not some hocus-pocus magic; it is learning how to retrain our mind into doing things in a manner than bring success more times than it brings failure. Now let’s see if you get this right – at you will find a course on how to use the Laws of Attraction. Do you have to pay – yes you do but if you try and did not succeed ask them for a no questions asked 100% refund and you don't even have to return anything. What do you lose? Why wait? It's a win-win situation for you. If it does not work, you lost no money and gained some experience for Free. But if it works? CONNECT WITH US