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Marquette University Graduate School New Student Orientation August 21, 2008 PowerPoint Presentation
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Marquette University Graduate School New Student Orientation August 21, 2008

Marquette University Graduate School New Student Orientation August 21, 2008

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Marquette University Graduate School New Student Orientation August 21, 2008

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  1. Marquette University Graduate School New Student OrientationAugust 21, 2008

  2. Marquette University – Then & Now Jesuit Education & Ecumenism Graduate School Information Student Groups of GSO and PFF Dr. Bill WienerVice Provost for Research & DeanGraduate School

  3. Founded in 1881 by the Society of Jesus which itself was established in 1540 by St. Ignatius Loyola University is named after Father Jacques Marquette (1637 – 1675), a Jesuit missionary and explorer Name of the University

  4. Early History The first college building stood at the corner of 10th and State Streets until the 1970s

  5. Initially Marquette had nine faculty 77 students $60-a-year tuition Modest Beginning

  6. Early Graduate Programs Graduate programs almost as old as bachelor’s programs Two years after first B.A. graduates, first master’s graduates (1889) First doctorate awarded in 1916

  7. Marquette Campus TODAY

  8. Graduate Statistics at MU 39 Graduate Programs 17 Ph.D. Programs 4 Professional Doctorates 31 Certificate Programs 11,500+ total students 3,549 graduate/professional students 515 doctoral students 650+ full time and 450+ part time faculty 24% of our students go directly to graduate/professional study

  9. Structure of the University There are 12 Colleges/Schools in the University of which the Graduate School is one College of Arts and Sciences College of Business Administration College of Communication School of Dentistry College of Education College of Engineering College of Health Sciences Law School College of Nursing College of Professional Studies Graduate School Graduate School of Management The Graduate School has no faculty of its own but works with all faculty and Colleges/Schools

  10. Graduate School Units Graduate School Office of Research and Sponsored Programs Office of Research Compliance

  11. U.S. News & World Report ranked Marquette University 82nd among the top national universities in the country in the magazine’s 2008 edition of America’s Best Colleges. Marquette was once again one of only 23 universities recognized for service learning under “Programs to Look For.” Marquette University is recognized in the 2009 “368 Best Colleges” published by the Princeton Review. Marquette University ranked among the top 10% of institutions whose undergraduates go on to complete the Ph.D. What is Good about MU

  12. Marquette’s Carnegie Classification The Carnegie Foundation has classified Marquette as a comprehensive doctoral research university with high research activity 4,321 colleges and universities 278 of these are doctoral institutions 103 are classified as high research Marquette is classified as a doctoral research institution with high research

  13. Student-Centered Cura Personalis Teacher-Scholar Model Individual Attention Support from Faculty Academic Excellence What You Can Expect

  14. Founded by the Jesuit order of Catholic priests Education should develop intellect, moral, and spiritual character Transformational education Formal mission statement expressing our value commitments emphasizes excellence, faith, leadership, and service We seek to make our actions the test of our convictions Jesuit Education

  15. Students of other faiths enrolled at Marquette adds to our identity as a Catholic university Enrich us as a university Help us to consider questions that we might otherwise not consider Give the university community a wider perspective In turn, we try to assist students of other faiths to engage more deeply with their own particular tradition Whether you are a believer or not, you will have the opportunity to get an understanding of this phenomenon and how it works Ecumenical Outlook

  16. Location of the Graduate School The Graduate School Holthusen Hall 1324 W. Wisconsin Ave. Room 305

  17. Graduate School is there for You What We Do: Support for Graduate Students and their Departments

  18. Support for Departmental Recruitment Viewbooks Ph.D. Visitation Program Attendance at Fairs Recruitment

  19. Paper and Online Applications Common Deadlines for Financial Aid Consideration: February 15 for Academic Year November 15 for Spring April 15 for Summer Some departments have application deadlines that can be earlier than the general dates above! Admissions

  20. 300+ Graduate Assistants 20 hours of work required: Teaching (TA) or Research (RA) or Combination (GA) Graduate School Sponsorship for an ACADEMIC YEAR Stipend of $12,820 to $18,400 Tuition Scholarship of up to 18 credits for the year: $15,120 Graduate Assistantships

  21. Maintains Student Records Graduation Audits Thesis and Dissertation Review Graduate School Reviews Theses and Dissertations after they are Approved by each Student’s Committee Provides Help with Formatting and Consistency Workshops on Formatting Development of ETD Program Records Function

  22. Office Location: AMU 137B Mailbox # in AMU Lead Center: 81 Phone: (414) 288-7836, (414) 288-5957 ext. 2 E-mail: Web site: GSO’s Roles Advocating for students Facilitating inter-departmental communication Providing a social network Graduate Student Organization (GSO)

  23. Dean Attends Many GSO Meetings Graduate School Staff Member Serves as Liaison GSO Members Serve on Various Committees of the University GSO Meets with University Leadership Council Support of the GSO

  24. Office Location: Graduate School, 305G Phone: (414) 288-5957 ext. 1 E-mail: Web site: PFF Program’s Roles Providing graduate professional development opportunities, e.g. workshops, seminars Creating an awareness of issues affecting the future of higher education Developing the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the job market Preparing Future Faculty (PFF)

  25. Active Role in Review of Graduate Policies through University Board of Graduate Studies Examples Academic Standing Incompletes Graduate Repeat Course Policy Continuous Enrollment Leaves of Absence Shaping of Graduate Policies

  26. Graduate Dean Reviews Requests for Exceptions to Policies Extensions of Time Continuous Enrollment Others as Requested Consideration of Exceptions

  27. Assist with difficulties experienced by students Open door policy Pizza with the Dean Mediation

  28. Administer an External Review Program Continuous Improvement Model Program Review

  29. Contact Graduate School Personnel

  30. Clinical Services Health Education Dr. Carolyn SmithSenior Physician Student Health Service

  31. Walter Schroeder Health Sciences & Education Complex Location: 545 N. 15th Street Phone: (414) 288-7184 Fax: (414) 288-5681 E-mail: Web site: Hours: Mon.-Thurs., 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Fri., 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Optional participation Pay $136 per semester Pay on a fee-for-service basis Appointments required Student Health Service – Clinic

  32. Student Health Service – Clinical Services • Primary/acute care clinic • Women’s health care/physicals • Suturing/minor procedures • Allergy shots, vaccines, TB testing • Confidential STD & HIV testing • Sports medicine • Lab services • Dietician services • Travel clinic

  33. All newly admitted or readmitted students required to comply with MU immunization and TB screening policy Proof of immunization required for MMR, chicken pox, tetanus Failure to comply will result in a medical hold preventing future registration Form available on SHS Web site Student Health Service – Health History Form

  34. Location: 707 N. 11th Street, Suite 130 Phone: (414) 288-5217 Web site: Health Education programs, such as: Women’s and Men’s Health Relaxation, Yoga, Nutrition Credit Card Debt, Gambling Awareness Health Promotion Activities, such as: Great American Smokeout Shoo the Flu National Nutrition Month Student Health Service – Center for Health Education and Promotion

  35. Student Health Insurance Plan Ms. Kelly McCoyDirector of Student ServicesWisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities

  36. Do you have insurance from your employer or are you still covered under a parents’ plan? At what age are you no longer eligible for insurance, even though you are a full-time student?  Ages range from 19-25. Check YOUR Policy. You also want to check to see if you have network coverage while attending classes at Marquette.  Many HMOs exclude coverage outside their coverage area. Evaluate Your Health Insurance

  37. If you are uninsured or out-of-network, you should consider purchasing the UHCSR plan offered by Marquette University Student injury and sickness insurance plan underwritten and administered by UnitedHealthcare StudentResources                 Information available tonight, at , or by calling 1(888) 302-6182 Brochures also available at SHS You can enroll online at or by mailing in the enrollment form Consider UHCSR

  38. Covers all items at SHS and MU Neighborhood Clinic at 100% (no co-pays or deductibles) Most covered services in the UHCSR network covered at 80% Most covered services outside the UHCSR network covered at 60% Covers immunizations and vaccinations received at SHS Has $500 of prescription drug coverage Student Insurance Plan Benefits

  39. 3 plan options for different levels of insurance coverage 15K Basic Plan is $668 annually or $167 a quarter Students who purchase the basic plan can also purchase: Option 1 Optional Major Medical (additional 35K) is $431 annually  OR Option 2 Optional Major Medical (additional 235K) is $677 15K of coverage is $668, 50K of coverage is $1099, and 250K of coverage is $1345 Plan Options

  40. Questions? If you have any questions about the Marquette Student Insurance Plan by UHCSR, please contact Kelly McCoy at (866) 924-2848 or

  41. Libraries, Resources & Services Ms. Rosemary Del ToroLibrarianRaynor Memorial Libraries

  42. Ms. Kathy Lang Chief Information OfficerInformation Technology Services Exceptional customer service (Help Desk) Technology leadership (CheckMarq, e-mail, labs) Quality products and services (D2L) Proactive planning (IT Web site, Alert Messages)

  43. IT Services Help Desk Cudahy Hall, Second Floor 1313 W. Wisconsin Next to Raynor Library (414) 288-7799

  44. CheckMarq Student Records, including online registration, grades and schedules, change of address Student Financials – Bursar account Guest Access

  45. eMarq Outlook Web Access(OWA)

  46. Password Reset

  47. Password Complexity • Maximum password age of 180 days • Minimum password age of 2 days • Maintain a password history of 2 passwords and not allow reuse • Must be a minimum of 8 characters • Three of the following four categories: • English uppercase characters (A through Z) • English lowercase characters (a through z) • Base 10 digits (0 through 9) • Non-alphabetic characters (for example, !, $, #, %)

  48. Desire2Learn