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Social Media Monitoring Company Dubai PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Media Monitoring Company Dubai

Social Media Monitoring Company Dubai

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Social Media Monitoring Company Dubai

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  1. Social Media Monitoring Company Dubai BEST IOT SERVICES IN DUBAI We have a platform with IOT services with end-to-end solutions simplified for the customers. A very compact system of transferring without human-to-human human-to computer interaction; is proliferating in the technological world. It solely works over the network and involves interrelated digital machines, devices, and objects. Internet of Things called IOT is the cutting edge service of the time. It is the future of data centers that is reducing workforce. IOT services include decentralization, Social Media Monitoring Tools Company Dubai, load balancing and cooling. contemporary data and computing About IOT Assigned with an IP address and has the ability of data transfer over the network; IOT has so many functionalities such as biochip transponder into animals, automobile tracking, enhancing retail experiences and more. It caters MEMS (Micro- Electromechanical systems), wireless technology, micro services and the internet convergence. It has broken the storage tower and tears down the OT (Operational Technology) and IT (Information Technology). IOT analyze the unstructured auto- generated data for insight. Internet of things has made data handling accurate while reducing cost. Imagine computers that know everything for capturing and analyzing data! It is practical for the retail sector, transportation, building management, energy and smart cities, healthcare, and agriculture. Advantage of IOT The future of IOT has much to offer. The financial aspect of it is its biggest advantage. IOT will be seen in common households and businesses.

  2. Monitoring the performance in the health sector like hospitals, can be beneficial to keep record of the patients progress report. Analysis can be done to improve treatment. Implanting a chip can track anything of choice in the sectors of life; like security, finance, health, transportation, and others. Retail stores can use this technology to target their customer when entering the store. When an application and IOT (beacons) are combined, messaging and target marketing can be very powerful. Any message can be notified to the customer. All the information is recorded on the internet, allowing you to analyze when needed. It is also a functional tool for the household, automobile and home security. Security systems connected with phones allow the individual to monitor and control on the go. IOT allows machine to machine communication. It is commonly referred to as inventory control to re-order, to track a shipment, locations, security level and much more. The tracking feature is really beneficial for improving everyday life. IOT saves a lot of time and money of monitoring manually and replacing labor. Visual and obvious output convinces the customers as IOT serves the society in appreciable manner. Our Approach With cloud computing and connecting networks we meet your needs. Generating data with the sensors, analyzing and controlling in real time is what IOT has to offer the customers. We are providing platforms, APIs and tools to build IOT applications to connect with the machines and assist in life. We develop and customize IOT applications for your business. Embedded Systems As a leading provider of embedded systems technology solutions Provider Company, we deliver cutting-edge product and application development beyond traditional enterprise software offerings. Our in-house team of engineers has dominated embedded software and application development for all major platforms. Our Solutions We always emphasized on creating sophisticated interactive consumer products for our customer in UAE And all over world. Our team has expertise in development of

  3. embedded systems and for building custom mobile applications with fully integrated embedded systems. Our areas of specialization include ►Embedded Systems Designing ►Application Development and Integration in Time Fully Integrated Solutions We have provided seamless integration between the mobile application and the environment of the integrated system that ensures physical stability of high- performance robust features such as GPS, remote monitoring and control products shipped. Our talented team has deep experience in developing social applications and deployment, we can create applications for embedded, which can be fully integrated with the major social networks. Our Expertise If you are developing products and customized solutions that requires storage in embedded devices, implementation of the device driver or software for digital television, card reader and medical devices, Enterprise mobility has the relevant experience and skilled engineers for it. Below you will find a selection of our storage experience: ►Windows, embedded Linux, Mac OSX and Android Drivers ►Digital TV software's (like Java TV, Sage TV) ►iPhone, Android, and Windows hardware Integration ►Card readers -POS devices integration ►iPhone/Android/BB integration with Racing equipment ►Integration of Healthcare devices (heart rate monitor, running/tracking) ►Implementation of In flight entertainment systems