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Pre-screening Procedures PowerPoint Presentation
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Pre-screening Procedures

Pre-screening Procedures

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Pre-screening Procedures

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  1. Pre-screening Procedures BP Wellness Center As part of joining the BP Wellness Center, everyone must undergo a pre-participation screening in the form of a fitness assessment and fitness consultation which is performed by qualified and trained Wellness Center staff members.

  2. There are many reasons for performing pre-activity fitness assessments. These are described in detail on the BP Wellness Center website under “membership.” Please read and become familiar with all information and explanations provided. You will be asked about them often. Why Perform a Fitness Assessment BP Wellness Center

  3. The process for enrollment in the BP Wellness Center is described in detail in the Wellness Membership SOP document. Membership Enrollment Process BP Wellness Center

  4. Currently, those eligible for Wellness Center Membership include: Fulltime BP employees BP employee spouses BP onsite contingent workers (contractors with assignments lasting more than 6 months) BP Onsite Service Providers BP interns and intern souses BP retirees WL4 tenants Transferring members from other comparable BP Wellness Programs Membership eligibility is described in more detail in the Membership SOP document Membership Eligibility BP Wellness Center

  5. Membership Flowchart Are You? BP Employee or BP Spouse Under 40 BP Employee Or BP Spouse Over 40 OR BP Retiree WL4 Tenant Contractor (Contingent Worker) and Onsite Service Provider Health Background Information Sheet(HBI) AND Physician Release Form Does your Contract have you on Campus for 6 Months? Health Background Information Sheet (HBI) Health Background Information Sheet (HBI) AND Physician Release Form Yes No Turn Paperwork Into The Wellness Center Health Background Information Sheet (HBI) and Physician Release Form And Contractor Form Need to have a minimum 6 month contract to join the BP Wellness Center. Schedule Assessment On-line Or With Staff Fitness Assessment Test WELCOME TO THE WELLNESS CENTER! Consultation and Orientation With Personal Trainer BP Interns are handled in a slightly different more abbreviated way.

  6. Pre activity paperwork includes: The Health Background Questionnaire The Physicians Clearance Form Contractor (contingent worker) Form Intern PARQ Description of form purpose are described within each form. Click on Membership Tab on BP Wellness Center website to see forms. Preactivity Paperwork BP Wellness Center

  7. Once appropriate paperwork is completed and Submitted (to the WL4 or Helios Wellness Center Admin) by the potential member, a fitness assessment is scheduled. In most cases we will forward the member via e-mail link to our on-line scheduler. The link will only be accessible to employees with bp network accounts. The schedule recognizes people by their nt user id. The scheduler is not accessible outside of the bp firewall (spouses and some contractors will need to be scheduled by us face to face or by telephone). Scheduling Process BP Wellness Center

  8. Occasionally we have employees trying to use the Wellness Center(s) without going through the screening process. It is one of our key responsibilities as Wellness Staff to enforce the membership policy. Politely confront the individual and inform them that they must be a screened member in order to use the BP Wellness Center (even the showers and locker rooms). The pre-screening is part of the BP HSSE policy. If the individual is unpleasant or rude please immediately inform your supervisor or BP security if necessary. Unscreened Employees BP Wellness Center

  9. The fitness assessment process will be discussed in the next module. Fitness Assessment BP Wellness Center

  10. As of August 2009 we will begin using a visitor policy for bp employees and contractors from other facilities outside of Houston. For clarification, we do not have a guest policy. Please become familiar with the Visitor SOP andVisitor PARQ. Visitors BP Wellness Center