solar energy n.
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Solar energy

Solar energy

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Solar energy

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  1. Solar energy By, Veronica Simpson

  2. I will use solar energy. The energy I'm going to use for the school is solar power. Solar energy is used to generate light and heated water. Solar energy will be good for the school. Its cheaper to use and it saves energy. If we use solar energy it will also be good for the environment. I choose solar energy because I feel it will be a good way to make the school be a more environment friendly place.

  3. Solar Panels The material I will be using to make solar energy will be solar panels. Solar panels are made from renewable energy. They are environmentally friendly. Solar panels use light energy form the sun to produce energy.

  4. Changes I think the changes of the school will be good. I will first view the areas that will need the solar panels to be installed. The areas I would like to put the solar panels at would be the roof of the school. People will probably noticed the different look of the roof but they will know it’s a good thing. As we know school districts around the united states have low budgets due to the economy, The solar panels saves energy and produces good energy which is cheaper. So one good change for the school and district is that the electricity bill will go down.

  5. Pros and cons of solar energy Pros Cons You get cleaner energy. Zero use of fossil fuel. The ability to put the solar panels anywhere were there is sun light. Cost of energy bills each month go down. Cost of installation. When the power source isn't around which would be the sun. Cost of maintenance.

  6. TVHS before and after. Before After