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Beginner Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Beginner Guide to Affiliate Marketing

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  1. Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing -


  3. Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing About Hi Guys, The vision and mission of is to create 10,000 bloggers and train them to earn $ 100 per day in the next five years. The Team strives to train you on: How to Start Your Blog and Viral Marketing Strategies for Your Business. Learn How to Get Traffic from Search Engines with step by step instructions. We help you Make Money Online and accomplish a Rich Internet lifestyle. If you are someone who is passionate about technology and Internet marketing we will help you start your blog and train you to make money with it. In this eBook – The Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing, we will share everything we have learned over the time, since 2004 with our experiences into building, breaking, failing and succeeding in internet marketing and blogging. All that we have learned so far, is created into content and published on – Where we focus on the Blogging Niche which is around the theme of Make Money online, SEO, WordPress, Affiliate marketing, and Internet marketing. We are social so feel free to Join us on Facebook, Twitter and subscribe to us on email to stay updated.

  4. Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing How to use this eBook? In this eBook, we have shared all our experiences & learnings that we have gathered from 2004 until so far. We will be helping you understand everything about The Basics of Affiliate marketing, Get started with affiliate marketing & Tips and Tricks of Affiliate marketing. The most important thing is, you need to start practicing every day. You can focus on any number from day one, and my suggestion is to start with earning your very first $ from Affiliate marketing. Most of you will just read this eBook once and forget about it. Many of you might not even read through it fully, but a small percentage of you readers will read it to the end and then start experimenting with various methods explained by us, possible tweak and twist them with your creativity and come up with your own successful formula. Those are the guys who will champion our mission and make a rich lifestyle for themselves. Practice makes perfect and there is no substitute to hard work. Regardless, we are sharing all our secrets which helped us make over $ 300,000 and still counting.

  5. Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing What is Affiliate Marketing ? Think of it this way. Your neighbor needs to buy a laptop from a shop that’s good with customer service. You refer your cousin’s laptop shop to him and your neighbor makes the purchase from there. Your cousin realizes this and offers you money for referring him a customer. The above scenario is what affiliate marketing really is. As an Affiliate you get paid a commission whenever you refer someone to any online product and when a person buys the product based on your recommendation. The commission amount varies from $ 0.1 to $10000, depending on what product or service you promote or recommend. Incredible isn’t it? Now you must be thinking - How the hell will the company know the recommendation and sale came from me? How do companies track the record of who is sending the traffic and who is making sales? Actually, there’s a very simple method for it called URL Tracking. Affiliate URL is a unique link given to you by Affiliate Company or Product Company, which is used to keep a track of all the traffic and sales you are making via your Website or other promotion techniques. Back in the old days, Affiliate programs simply let the buyer answer the question who referred them and then matched it with Email id or referral details, and accounted for affiliate sales. Thank God the industry has simplified it with Affiliate URLs  Simply put, all you have to do is recommend products and services to your people as an affiliate marketer. Let’s simplify it for you with simple steps: 1.)Think of which products or services you’d like to recommend. 2.)Go ahead and find companies offering affiliate program in those products or services category. 3.)Sign up for their programs and get your unique affiliate url tracking link. 4.)Write about it in your blog, offer help in communities related to it and slip in your affiliate link in the conversations. If your readers buy anything with your affiliate link, you will get a commission out of it. 5.)$$ Kaach-ing . Enjoy the money rolling in. Yep, I know what you are thinking. What if the person I recommended does not make the purchase immediately? Do I lose my commissions? Well, affiliate programs have their own set of Terms of Standards (TOS), and they specify the cookie period in their TOS. For example, some affiliate programs offer 30 days cookie timeout period. This means when you recommend a visitor, a cookie is stored in their laptop

  6. Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing automatically and every time the same visitor visits it for a 30 day period, the website will remember that the visitor was referred by you. If the visitor makes a purchase within 30 days of his first visit after your recommendation, you get paid. Below is the terminology that is often used in Affiliate Marketing. Make yourself acquainted with it:   Affiliates: Publishers like you and me who promote and make the sale for them. Affiliate marketplace: Marketplaces like Shareasale , CJ, Clickbank, works as central exchange for affiliate programs in different niche. Signup on any of these and you can sort and select through various affiliate programs offered by thousands of companies. Affiliate software: Companies use Softwares to create an affiliate program for their product. Ex: iDevaffiliate is one such company that you can use to create awesome affiliate programs. Affiliate link: It’s a special URL given to you to promote so that the company can track sales and referrals and give you commissions for your rightly earned money. Affiliate ID: Some affiliate programs offer a unique ID, which you can add to any of their webpage on the product site with Y O U R affiliate ID to track sales and commissions earned by you. Example: 2 Tier affiliate marketing: popularly known as Sub-affiliate Commission in this type you recommend others to join affiliate programs, and you will get a commission out of it, when sub-affiliate make sales. More like MLM (Multi-level) marketing. For example, for the iDevaffiliate software, my sub-affiliate link is : Landing pages: A unique product sales or demo page to increase the sales. Most of the programs that you will be promoting, have many landing pages for you to choose from.  Link clocking: Turn your ugly looking affiliate links into human readable links. Example: Turn to seo Custom coupons: Many Programs let affiliates create custom coupon, which is also used to track sales. Also, custom discount coupons help you to increase affiliate sales.    Example : Use "BLOGGING50" promo code on DreamHost and enjoy a $96 discount on any of the yearly or two yearly hosting plans. Remember all those coupons you see online, most of the time these coupons are affiliate coupons, which generate a commission for the affiliate promoting them. So next time when you make a purchase, remember there is a blogger making money out it 

  7. Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing Features that should be present in an Affiliate Program Affiliate marketing is one of the most successful methods to make massive money online. We have signed up as an affiliate with hundreds of affiliate programs and we have realized one thing, that every affiliate program has something unique about it. They have different terms of service and policy, different payouts, different promotion restrictions etc What do we love to see in any affiliate program? Multiple Payment options: Many leading affiliate networks like CJ, clickbank don’t offer payment via PayPal. However Shareasale does and so it’s one of my first choices. If you live in India, you know that the best possible way to get money from offshore companies is via PayPal. I would love to see PayPal as one must have payout method. Apart from PayPal, wire transfer is another option that I love in an affiliate program. Custom link option: An option to create a custom link for any page using your affiliate URL is something we’d love more affiliates to offer. This feature is something which elegant Theme affiliate program offers. Custom Discount coupon code: You will not imagine the number of searches that happen on google with the “brandname + Coupon Code”or “Product + Discount Code” keywords. Trust me, just go to google adwords and see the search volume for any of the products and services you love. Custom Discount Coupon code is one of the most awesome things any affiliate program could offer. For example, I created coupon codes:iloveblogging for Hostgator and Blogging50 for Dreamhost. Unfortunately, very few affiliate product offers an option to create custom discount coupon. Let’s hope they are reading this eBook eh? Email updates: As God Father Said: I will make you an offer you can’t refuse. Hold on though! What if I never heard about that offer from you? Frequent update about flash sales, special festive offers through a newsletter are a must for any good affiliate program.

  8. Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing What You Need to Get started with Affiliate Marketing? The aim of this eBook is to get beginners in affiliate marketing start up. So without further ado, let’s get you started with affiliate marketing. Here’s things you will need: Promotion List: List building is one of the most important steps that will make or break an affiliate marketer. Do you have enough social recognition? Are you an influencer in a particular segment? Do you run a blog for that community? Well actually the first thing that you need to have is a blog and social recognition for it. Imagine it like this, if you have an eatery on a railway station, you will have no problem getting customers to buy food items from you. In simple words, it means being at the right place at the right time with the right product or service. A blog for affiliate marketing does just that for you. So what are you waiting for? Start Your Blog Right Now! Right product with the right marketplace partner: Let’s go to our previous example again. You own a canteen at the railway station. What will sell more at a canteen? Food items or Web Hosting Packages? Obviously food items right? The key is to pick a product the right product to be promoted in the right niche. And when you promote a product, think will you be buying the product yourself? If you don’t believe in it, don’t sell. Your recommendations should be geared towards gaining trust from your readers and helping them with reliable products and services so that they come to you again and again and consume more of what you recommend – which eventually makes you money. We at follow the same principle and do not recommend products which we do not think are of quality. Take a look at the kind of products we are promoting. We promote web hosting services, domain registration services, seo tools, social media tools, wordpress theme designs etc. We know those are the services that an affiliate marketer reading this ebook will need and that’s why we are promoting them. You should also make sure you select the best product based on your niche. Or else you might get thousands of clicks on your affiliate link but your conversion rates will be very bad. Here is a useful guide to learn how to pick good affiliate products for your blog.

  9. Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing How to Pick the Right Affiliate Product for Your Blog? Most of the Newbie affiliate marketers’ fails to earn from affiliate marketing for only one reason: because they never pick the right product to promote. Being Successful in affiliate marketing is not easy, but it's not hard either. All you need to do is be persistent, pick the right product, keep promoting it and strive to succeed in affiliate marketing. Here we share some tricks to choose the right affiliate product to promote. Start with Affiliate Marketplace: Start with products listed at marketplaces like Click bank, ShareASale, Commission Junction. Check the top 100 affiliate programs at ShareASale and join them. Also keep in mind your niche before joining the programs. Suppose you are in the webhosting niche, then check out out blog post: The Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs - A Comprehensive Guide For Bloggers and do join these programs. You may get paid different amounts through marketplace and through their own affiliate program Most of the online products have their in-house affiliate program. For example, HostGator has their own affiliate program and also has a program with CJ marketplace. If you choose the product through CJ Marketplace, you get flat $100 per sale but if you enroll with HostGator Affiliate Program, you make 50$ to 150$ per sale depending on the volume of sales you do for them every month. You can use this Google search hack to find the affiliate program: " affiliate". Or "Product name + Affiliate Program." This way you will be able to figure out which are the best affiliate programs in your niche and also it will help you choose whether to go with the affiliate program from a marketplace or directly from the company.

  10. Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing How to Promote Affiliate Products on Your Blog So you clearly must’ve selected an affiliate product to promote by now. Let’s get started with Affiliate marketing tips to promote Affiliate products: Review post: Who doesn’t love reading reviews about the products and services they are just above to buy. A review article introduces the product to your blog readers, and at the same time your opinion, guides will help them to understand, why they should be buying it. There are few things that you should always remember, when writing a review post for your affiliate product: Be Honest in Your Review. Review and Recommend only products that you will use yourself. Use Technology to your advantage. Like the Author hReview plugin to add star- rating on your blog post. Example: We’ve posted SEO Profiler Tool Review here Blog post promotion: Another way is by using affiliate links to your blog post. For this, you should always write targeted-post. For example, when you are writing about “How to increase your Facebook Posts Reach in 7 Simple Steps”, you can add a line at the end saying: I recommend MassPlanner Software. (Your Affiliate link). How-to articles: "How To" articles always perform great in search engines. Example: How To Recover from Google Panda Update/Penalty ? Use Coupon Codes: Believe it or not, money saving is always the biggest marketing tactic to lure people to buy something immediately. Remember the promo codes we mentioned before? Use "BLOGGING50" promo code on DreamHost and enjoy a $96 discount on any of the yearly or two yearly hosting plans.

  11. Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing Or Use "iloveblogging" promo code for Hostgator and get 25 % Discount on your hosting plan. Use Banners on the sidebar: Banner advertisements work great when you have targeted visitors coming to your blog. For us, we place banner ads for: Themes, Plugins, Hosting, Services and so on. Go check and see how we are using banner ads in the sidebar to earn money.

  12. Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing How A Blogger Can Increase Affiliate Sales? Affiliate Marketing sounds like an easy way to earn online, which it is, but you’ll have to compete with other affiliate marketers, and many of them fail. The successful ones though, reach large amounts of income yearly. Want to try to make money with leads? Read on and see what and what not to do with your affiliate marketing business. Affiliate marketing requires serious marketing and networking skills. One easy way to earn is by staying invisible (Identity less websites) and drive traffic through PPC, Search, Banner and make sales and other way is create a blog, share useful information, earn people trust and give them something that they can't refuse. This actually sounds simple, but to road to a six-figure affiliate marketer is not easy and in the process you will learn many things. I have listed below some tips that I can give you right away to help increasing your affiliate sales. Tips to Increase Affiliate sales: Build Social Profile Your social profiles will be one of your most useful assets to make money online. Users want to talk to you or see social proof before trusting you and buying from you. Just like a recruiter will ask for your CV, Recommendations and sniff on your linkedin, facebook and twitter profiles before hiring you. A prospective buyer will first check for social proof to see if you are trustworthy and your company has a profile on all of the social channels and what people are saying about you. If you can afford it, Buy MassPlanner which is free for 5 days trial. Get Massive Traffic with SEO Traffic is the blood of an internet business and SEO is one of the most important contributor to traffic. Great content, amazing keywords and doing the right marketing with proper on page and off page SEO will result in having your site visible in search engines. Try the trial version of SEMRUSH or Join the SEO Training Program to start making money with organic FREE traffic.

  13. Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing List of Best Affiliate Programs that we promote and you should try them too: Webhosting: Everyone is going online so you just can’t go wrong with trying to sell it. Webhosting affiliate programs are incidentally also one of the most money making programs for a huge majority of affiliate marketers. Try these:  Join The Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs Join WpEngine Affiliate program : $200 minimum/Sale SEO: If they need webhosting, they are definitely going to need SEO. We trust these affiliate products: SEMRUSH SEO University Course

  14. Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing FAQ About Affiliate Marketing: Here are some of the most common questions asked by newbies related to Affiliate Marketing. Is affiliate marketing harmful or illegal? No, it’s neither harmful nor illegal. On the contrary it will make you money when you are sleeping and help you achieve with living the dot com lifestyle Affiliate Marketing and AdSense: Can we use both? Yes, you can but remember Affiliate Marketing works better than AdSense ;) How to find Affiliate link for any product? Use the affiliate marketplace like ShareASale, CJ, Clickbank that is free to use and you can go ahead and create a free account. Or google “Product name + Affiliate Program” Is it important to have a Blog for Affiliate promotion? No it’s not at all important. However that’s the only sane and long lasting way to make money online. With PPC offers, advertising etc you will always be struggling with optimizing campaigns, minimizing your spends, finding new programs etc and it will eventually become a huge headache. How much it cost’s to join an affiliate program? It is absolutely FREE. Qualification to become an Affiliate marketer: Anyone can be an affiliate marketer. ANYONE. Just remember to use the tools we have suggested here. Buy them and start working on our advice and your job is half done. The rest half is upto you. How much money one can make from Affiliate Marketing? The SKY is the limit. Experts make over a few million dollars every year.

  15. Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing Alright, I understood what Affiliate marketing is all about but how do I get started: We’ve covered everything you need to know in this guide. Now Buy a domain and hosting, Setup your Blog, Signup for shareasale and just get started already. BEST OF LUCK !