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Bitcoin MLM Software - New Way to Gain High Profits for Distributors PowerPoint Presentation
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Bitcoin MLM Software - New Way to Gain High Profits for Distributors

Bitcoin MLM Software - New Way to Gain High Profits for Distributors

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Bitcoin MLM Software - New Way to Gain High Profits for Distributors

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  1. Bitcoin MLM Software New way of commission payment By, Epixel MLM Software®

  2. What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is one of the first digital currency created in 2009. It has gained much popularity all over the world. It acts as a separate entity and is not issued by banks or governments. The technology that supports Bitcoin is Blockchain, a distributed, decentralized, and public ledger.

  3. Technology has advanced and businesses are going international. It resulted in a rise in the number of global online payments. The unique feature of Bitcoin has made it the most accepted payment medium over fiat currencies. Cross-border payment, transparency, and security are the advantages offered by Bitcoin payment. Using Bitcoin as payment option

  4. The increasing popularity of Bitcoin has made many business sectors to adopt it as a payment medium. MLM industry is among such business sectors. With the integration of bitcoin in MLM software, MLM companies are able to upgrade their business reach. Epixel’s expert blockchain developers have introduced a decentralized payment integration with complete security by integrating the most popular Bitcoin API. Epixel also provides a new way of commission payment for the distributors. By using Bitcoin, distributors receive an investment opportunity. Bitcoin MLM Software

  5. Package upgrades Purchase subscriptions Transferring funds in real-time Commission payments An investment opportunity Trade with other altcoins How Bitcoin can be used? Bitcoin becomes a single solution for all the transactions in your system. You can easily integrate BTC for 1 4 2 5 3 6

  6. Features of Bitcoin MLM Software BTC wallet: A dedicated wallet to store the private key of your bitcoin which then matches with the public key of recipient to complete a successful transaction. BTC Automation: To ensure high security and authenticated transactions, our system is coded in a way that both sender and receiver of BTC transactions get automated notifications in the connected devices. Encrypted process: The entire BTC core and BTC in the wallet are encrypted with strong passphrases which cannot be cracked without verification.

  7. Features of Bitcoin MLM Software BTC as a single solution: By integrating BTC API in your MLM business, you can pay and transact bitcoin as a single payment gateway process. Agile BTC records: The entire bitcoin transactions are recorded in the distributed ledger system with high transparency among the network. Error & third-eye alert: The business admin will get immediate notifications for transaction errors as well as any attempt of BTC transaction manipulation.

  8. Opportunity For Distributors Bitcoin is still the largest cryptocurrency despite the heavy competitions. Thus, getting paid in Bitcoin offers distributors an opportunity to get higher earnings. They can transfer the Bitcoin to an external wallet and trade it.

  9. Advantages of Bitcoin Integration 01 02 03 No/less additional transaction charges Highly secured Quick payment 04 05 06 Trackable payment history No limitations Pay from anywhere 07 08 09 Decentralized financial transactions Global transaction No middleman interference

  10. Why Epixel Bitcoin MLM Software Epixel has been providing software solutions to top MLM companies for a decade. Our expertise in MLM industry combined with the talent of our blockchain developers assures a best in-class Bitcoin MLM Software. Apart from bitcoin integration, Epixel Bitcoin MLM Software has all the essential features to run an MLM business successfully. To learn more about Epixel Bitcoin MLM Software, visit:

  11. Thank You, Epixel MLM Software® Email : Phone : +1 248 534 9346 Website: