top 7 benefits of epoxy warehouse flooring n.
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Top 7 Benefits of Epoxy Warehouse Flooring PowerPoint Presentation
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Top 7 Benefits of Epoxy Warehouse Flooring

Top 7 Benefits of Epoxy Warehouse Flooring

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Top 7 Benefits of Epoxy Warehouse Flooring

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  1. Top 7 benefits of epoxy warehouse flooring.

  2. Untreated floors may begin to erode and create cracks and potholes that will eventually cause damage to forklifts. Warehouse floors installed with epoxy or urethane cement systems will provide a much smoother and equipment friendly atmosphere than untreated floors, saving you money on repairs and avoiding the stress of dealing with such pesky issues. - Equipment Protection -

  3. - Dust Proofing - • Heavy traffic over untreated floors will produce a dust that is both unsanitary as well as unappealing visually. • This coating of dust is unavoidable with uncoated floors, and may contaminate or damage your products. However, this problem becomes obsolete once treated with an epoxy or urethane cement flooring system

  4. - Prevent Load Spillage - • By coating your non-treated concrete floors, you will turn the surface into a non-porous area, protecting the concrete from damage. - Repairing damaged concrete and applying epoxy flooring will also create a smoother surface that is more even and less likely to facilitate load spillage.

  5. - Employee Safety - • With a much more sanitary and well lit work environment, employees will have less health concerns and a brighter area to enforce a more positive staff. • Employees can also benefit from a more slip resistant floor leading to a direct decrease in accidents on the job • Epoxy flooring can also be used to help designate and delineate work space

  6. - Aesthetics - • Epoxy flooring can also provide a more attractive work environment. • With a wide variety of colors and sheens an epoxy floor can brighten up any environment leading to an increase in employee morale.

  7. - Cost/Time Effective - • Epoxy is a quick and relatively simple option that ensures you will not have to close down your work space for any extended periods of time • Epoxy Warehouse Flooring is also an incredibly affordable option • Also as a bonus, epoxy is known to be an environmentally friendly flooring solution for people who find themselves worrying about costs to our planet as well as their pockets, a true win-win

  8. - Ease of Maintenance - • A non-porous epoxy coating will prove to be incredibly easy to clean and maintain. • This can lead to reduced maintenance costs