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Fixed Interest Investments Melbourne PowerPoint Presentation
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Fixed Interest Investments Melbourne

Fixed Interest Investments Melbourne

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Fixed Interest Investments Melbourne

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  1. Equity-One™

  2. Investment

  3. Returns Equity-One™ offers investments which provide fixed interest to investors seeking better performance in a secured and transparent environment. Investing with Equity-One™ means you can receive your interest monthly, quarterly, or annually. Interest is credited direct to your bank account and you receive monthly statements detailing your returns.

  4. Terms Terms can be from 2 months up to 5 years. With the large variety of investments on offer, you can discuss the investment term which suits your needs.

  5. Security The security and safety of your investment is a high priority at Equity-One™. In recent years the security of your hard-earned capital has never been more important. As Equity-One™ is a Mortgage Fund, the funds invested are directly lent to borrowers who in return for the loan offer a mortgage on property. We call this "security property". One characteristic which stands Equity-One™ out from other mortgage funds is the ability for investors to directly choose the security property upon which a loan is secured. You, the investor, have the choice to make the decision whether to invest in a specific mortgage secured by a specific property.

  6. It's that simple and transparent. Throughout the Global Financial and Banking Crisis, it is precisely this control and security that investors have enjoyed and has led to the growth of Equity-One™.Equity-One™ is not a pooled mortgage fund. Your investment is not "mixed" with others in a pooled or unitised structure. Other mortgage funds which are structured in this manner cannot specifically detail where their investor's funds are directly lent.Equity-One™ Mortgage Fund also prides itself on having NO DEBT.

  7. Contact Us Equity-One™ Level 13, 256 Queen St Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Fax. (03) 9602 3566 Phone. (03) 9602 3477 Mail:-