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Mortgage Investments Melbourne PowerPoint Presentation
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Mortgage Investments Melbourne

Mortgage Investments Melbourne

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Mortgage Investments Melbourne

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  1. Equity-One™

  2. Returns Equity-One™ offers speculations which give settled enthusiasm to financial specialists looking for better execution in an anchored and straightforward condition. Contributing with Equity-One™ means you can get your advantage month to month, quarterly, or every year. Premium is attributed direct to your financial balance and you get month to month articulations enumerating your profits.

  3. Terms Terms can be from 2 months up to 5 years. With the vast assortment of speculations on offer, you can talk about the venture term which suits your necessities.

  4. Security The security and wellbeing of your venture is a high need at Equity-One™. As of late the security of your well deserved capital has never been more critical. As Equity-One™ is a Mortgage Fund, the assets contributed are straightforwardly loaned to borrowers who as a byproduct of the advance offer a home loan on property. We call this "security property". One trademark which stands Equity-One™ out from other home loan reserves is the capacity for financial specialists to straightforwardly pick the security property whereupon an advance is anchored. You, the financial specialist, have the decision to settle on the choice whether to put resources into a particular home loan anchored by a particular property.

  5. It's that basic and straightforward. All through the Global Financial and Banking Crisis, it is exactly this control and security that speculators have delighted in and has prompted the development of Equity-One™.Equity-One™ isn't a pooled contract support. Your venture isn't "blended" with others in a pooled or unitised structure. Other home loan reserves which are organized in this way can't particularly detail where their speculator's assets are straightforwardly lent.Equity-One™ Mortgage Fund likewise prides itself on having NO DEBT.

  6. Contact Us Equity-One™ Level 13, 256 Queen St Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Fax. (03) 9602 3566 Phone. (03) 9602 3477 Mail:-