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  2. PRODUCTS • FlexiPos • FlexiF&B • FlexiWare • FlexiMobile • flexiPos(Basic) • flexiF&b(basic) • FlexiHO

  3. flexiPos • FlexiPOS is a highly successful point of sale system offering the command and control businesses need to manage your operations more efficiently with local data storage, high processing power, networking capability and rich graphical user interface. FlexiPOSempowers your store operate without difficulty at time of server downtime as it is engineered to adopt offline mode by default when the network connectivity is lost. FlexiPOS provide scope to do transactions through different methods like Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Value Added Service (VAS) and Point-Of-Sale (POS) solutions at retail.

  4. flexiF&B • Flexi F&B is designed to provide comprehensive POS and back office management solutions for the Food and Beverage industry specifically hospitality– restaurant, fine dining, food court, take-away, home delivery, bars, ice-cream parlors, bakery or sweet shops. FlexiF&Bprovides you an integrated wireless tableside ordering and payment, online booking, inventory management and control, mobile management capabilities and robust back office management POS software solution which helps you focus on your bottom line by increasing revenue and cutting down operation costs. Flexi F&B integrates seamlessly with loyalty platforms, meaning you can turn their repeat business into rewards automatically. 

  5. flexiWARE • FlexiWareis designed to cater to the requirements of a Warehouse. You may connect Flexiware to the FlexiPOS software to synchronize data between stores and the warehouse. All master creations, Purchases, Receiving, bar-coding, transfers, consolidation of sales, generation of pick list and MIS is generated from this product.

  6. flexiMOBILE • eRetailFlexiMobilelatest software of its own kind and a boon to Restaurant business software in hyderabadeRetailFlexiMobile is a Restaurant Billing Software developed to keep the owners/managers and customers happy as manpower will be minimised and time taken for giving orders will be marginalised. FlexiMobile- Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) application used through mobiles and tablets to give orders from the customer’s table to kitchen in no time.

  7. Flexi POS(BASIC) • FlexiPOS-Basic is flexible Point of Sale for Standalone stores, Mon & Pop stores, Mini-supermarkets etc which need basic version with necessary options. FlexiPOSdesigned to work on online and offline capabilities to ensure that your billing and store operations function seamlessly enabling software not to suffer from sever down hassles. FlexiPOS-Basic allows doing billing quickly and less waiting time to customer.

  8. flexiF&B(BASIC) • FlexiF&B-Basic food and beverages POS software is exclusively designed keeping in mind the changing trends in the hospitality sector in mind. FlexiF&B-basic is an appropriate POS solution for any business in the Food & Beverages -restaurant, fine dining, food court, take-away, home delivery, bars, ice-cream parlors, and bakery or sweet shops. FlexiF&B-Basicprovides you multiple service options like Fine dining, Take away and Delivery. This product is basically tailored to meet basic requirements and is not designed to take care of inventory. This product can be upgraded to FlexiF&B as and when you are ready to maintain recipe and inventory.

  9. flexiHO • eRetail has an effective solution through its efficient FlexiHO Product Information Management application designed to integrate your Head office / corporate office to your retail chain, extensions or franchises. Using FlexiHo, you can manage all the information and functions including purchases can be made centrally from the head office with the receipts made at the warehouse. FlexiHO can be connected to the FlexiWare ( eRetail’s warehouse management solution ) which in turn is connected to FlexiPos store software and even if any extra applications pop up system will be updated automatically. FlexiHO provides a strong backbone as the data is synchronized from all the stores and warehouse and available at a single point in Head office and enabling uniformity while creating new products.