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  1. Welcome! HR Forum April 12, 2006 Human Resource Services University of Florida

  2. Today’s Agenda • Graduate Student Health Insurance • ePAF Update • Performance Management – Reminder & Reports • Short Work Break for 9 & 10 Month Employees • Faculty & Graduate Assistant Summer Appointments • Student Employees • Visa Status Report

  3. Graduate Student Health Insurance - General Updates

  4. ePAF Update

  5. ePAF Implementation and Training Update

  6. ePAF Project Training and Security • 500 with New Security at Present • 100 in Training This Week • Make-up Sessions Next Week • Old Security Inactivated After Next Week • DSA’s – Bridges Will Continue to Enter ePAF Roles • DSA’s - UF_HR View/Inquiry Role Available for Others • Level 1 Approvers – all in by Monday

  7. ePAF Project Update on Activity and Feedback • 1100 ePAF Actions Entered to Date • Feedback Very Positive • Work Continues • Matching Benefits Records and Empl Records • New Hires Populating Personal Data Date • Security Being Addressed

  8. ePAF Project Future Enhancements • Add Salary Plan Search to Worklists • Change Leaving Current Job Checkbox to a Radio Button (avoid errors) • Check Box on Address Page – Default Mailing Address from Home Address

  9. W-2 Distribution Process

  10. W-2 Distribution Process • Distributed over 35,000 W-2s in packets to the departments (sorted by dept ID and social security #) • Departments were provided a letter with their W-2 packets discussing the procedures for requesting duplicate W-2s • In summary, W-2s may be requested from University Tax Services by completing the W-2 or 1042-S Duplicate Request Form (FA-UTS-W2DUP)

  11. W-2 Distribution Process • This form is found on our website at: Finance and Accounting Forms • How to read your W-2: • View in PeopleSoft your last paycheck or earnings statement for the end of the calendar year (December 23, 2005). • Review the year-to-date cumulative tax balances found on your last paycheck or earnings statement to your W-2. • Your W-2 will balance to your year-to-date earnings statement. If they do not, please call or e-mail University Tax Services at 392-1324 or e-mail

  12. W-2 Distribution Process • OFA-FA Tax Services – Forms. The W-2 instructions may be found on the IRS website at: • W-2Cs or Corrected W-2s will only be issued after thorough research and when adjustments are necessary.

  13. Performance Management

  14. Performance Management • Due Date • Reports • Default Letters  • Feedback

  15. Short Work Breaks for Nine and Ten-month Employees

  16. Short Work Breaks A Deans, Directors, and Department Chairs memorandum was distributed in March. Nine- and ten-month employees—including graduate assistants, faculty, and TEAMS—will be automatically placed on “Short Work Breaks” in the myUFL system for the summer semester.

  17. Short Work Breaks • Effective date of the break is 5/16/06 for nine-month and 6/9/06 for ten-month employees. • Please review your employees’ data by Thursday, April 13, to ensure that there are no pending or future dated rows and that any terminations are entered by this date.

  18. Short Work Breaks • The process will be completed the weekend of April 15. • Reports are available via Enterprise Reporting. Navigate to Public Folder > Human Resources Information > Workforce Information. • Additional instructions may be found in the April InfoGator and on our web site.

  19. Faculty and Graduate (Grad) Assistant Summer Appointments

  20. Faculty and Grad Assistant Summer Appointments • To reduce the departmental workload, these will be processed via a Summer Job Review file that will be available to departments the week of April 17. • Data on the Job Review file will include salary and other information for current 9- month faculty and graduate assistants.

  21. Faculty and Grad Assistant Summer Appointments • Departments will have until May 1, 2006 to review and update the data. • The departments will be able to change the following: • FTE – salary will adjust accordingly • Title (for graduate assistants only) • Department ID

  22. Faculty and Grad Assistant Summer Appointments • Departments will also need to indicate the term (A, B, or C) of the appointment. A termination row will be applied at the same time the summer job row is applied in job data. • The appointments will be applied into myUFL the weekend of May 7.

  23. Faculty and Grad Assistant Summer Appointments • Appointments for new employees or for existing employees that are appointed for only a portion of a term will need to be entered into ePAF. • Distributions for the summer jobs will need to be completed once these jobs have been applied to job data.  

  24. Faculty and Grad Assistant Summer Appointments • An instructional guide will be distributed later this week. Some important dates to remember: • April 17 – Summer Job Review file available to departments. • May 1 – all changes to Job file must be completed by departments. • May 6-7 – appointments applied to job data

  25. Student Employees

  26. Student Employees Student Employees Are: • Both graduate and undergraduate students enrolled half-time and working <33 hours per week • Exempt from FICA - Current FICA exemption is through 5/18/06 - Eligibility for FICA exempt status is determine each semester based on enrollment

  27. Student Employees How many student employees are there? • Spring 2006 Student Assistant 3,500 Federal Work Study 1,100 • Summer 2005 Student Assistant 1,400 Federal Work Study 775

  28. Student Employees Work Permits • Now Available Student pick-up Phone Student Employment 392-0296 • Salary administration plan • Summer 2006 5/19/2006 through 8/10/2006

  29. Student Employees • If you have a current student employee that is eligible to get a work permit for summer 2006: - No Action Required • If you have a current student employee who will not be working during the summer they must be terminated: - Termination effective 5/18/06  In ePAF “Change Employment Status”

  30. Student Employees • If you are hiring a student that: - Was terminated by another department - Is returning to your department after not working the summer term  In ePAF “Hire An Employee” • If you have a current student employee that will continue working during the summer, but will not attend summer school: - They must be changes to OPS through Processing & Records  In ePAF “Edit Existing Job”

  31. Student Employees Paperwork Requirements • A new application and paperwork are not required if it has been less than one year since the employees last assignment through processing and records • A new application and paperwork are required if the employee has never had an assignment through processing and records

  32. Visa Status Report

  33. Visa Status Report • A Deans, Directors, and Department Chair memorandum was distributed in March. • A separate memorandum was sent to departmental HR managers that have employees in this category along with a custom report for their area.

  34. Visa Status Report • The report may also be accessed online: myufl/enterprise reporting/access reporting/human resource reporting/workforce information/VISA status expiration report by department. • Updated paperwork for VISAs listed as expired or close to expiration are due to the HR core offices by April 24.

  35. Visa Status Report • Departments are asked to run these reports quarterly and send the appropriate paperwork for employees whose VISA status is within a month of expiration to the following areas: • Academic Personnel: P.O. Box 113005 • Recruitment and Staffing: P.O. Box 115002 • Student Financial Affairs: P.O. Box 114025

  36. Thank you for attending!andGoGators!